On an Island

"Can't you just, do your thing so we don't have to waste our time with fishing rods?"

A gaping mouth appeared on the orange haired digimon. He shut his eyes and swung his head away.


"Oh I get it, you'd rather I starve to death."

"I can't believe you Joe. Expecting me to call on my sea friends whenever you're feeling peckish. I find that quite insensitive."

Joe's eyelids lowered. "Fish are fish Gomamon."

"Well if that's how you really feel." The digimon was almost whimpering.

Joe warmly smiled because he had almost forgotten how much personality these creatures had, how human their emotions were. It was like having a pet, only he could tell you what he wanted and what he was feeling. Joe closed his eyes merrily. No, not like a pet at all.

Gomamon felt a gentle hand rub the top of his head and opened an eye.

"You're right Gomamon, that was insensitive. Besides, if I'm hungry, I should work for my own meal."

"Huhhh?" He stared in bewilderment as his human companion set off down the river side. "Hey Joe! Wait up Joe!"