The lions looked in awe at all the things that they passed on the moving floor. Even the moving floor amazed them. There was flashing lights and giant machines everywhere that didn't even look like they were made byhumans, let alone used.

"Let me introduce myself first." The man, who in front of him, said. "My name is Mortu, the Head of this company."

By this time, they were off the moving floor and in front of a big doors.

"By now, you're figuring out that we not of this planet." Mortu said.

"Yeah, but we think all humans are not of this world." Kovu said chuckling after.

Mortu chuckled too.

"That's not what I meant." He said pressing the button next to the doors.

When they opened, The lions looked as if they saw someone grow a second head. The room was filled with pink squid-like creatures! They were floating on saucer-like things, which they guessed is how they get around. They were typing on the computers, not even looking away to look at them.

"W-What are those things?" Nala asked.

"We are a race of what humans called 'Aliens' called Utroms." Mortu said.

"Utroms?" Kiara asked.

Mortu nodded and grabbed his skin. The lions gasped when Mortu pulled his skin right off his head, revealing the head of a robot. After removing more skin and clothes, Mortu's body was a full robot with another Utrom in the stomach area.

"M-Mortu!" Simba asked shocked.

The Utrom, Mortu, nodded.

"Yes, this is my real body." he said. "We, Utroms, need these metal suits to go undiscovered by humans."

All of this was being said while they walked into a room with more comupters. the center of this room was strange-looking pods. The lions backed away.

"I'm not sitting well with those pods..." Kovu said, the others nooding in agreement.

"Do not be afraid," Mortu said. "By using these 'pods' as you call them, we will tell you all you need to know about us and our being here."

The lions were still unsure, but decided to trust Mortu and walked to the pods.

(I'm deciding to skip this part so the chapter won't be too long. So, it's skipping to a few hours later)

The lions stepped out of the pods, amazed at the Utroms' story about how they ended up on earth.

"Ok, let me see if I could drink this in." Nala said. "The reason you're here was because a prisoner in your ship, Cher'll, short circuted your controls, causing you to crash into Earth. To hide yourselves, you made robot bodies, that you also have to use to move. But one was stolen by Cher'll and he used it to turn hinself into Oroku Saki, also known as The Shredder. After decades of living on Earth, you're working on a teleporter so you can teleport home when you catch Saki."

"Very good." Mortu said, actually impressed that she could gather so much.

Simba, Kovu, and Kiara were even surprised at Nala. Kiara looked at Mortu.

"Well, we know almost everything about you now. What happens to us?" She asked.

"Before you woke up, I discussed your fate with the navigators." Mortu said. "There was an agreement that you can become guardians, work with us against the Shredder."

The lions looked at each other, They had no idea what to say. When they came here, there only priority was getting back to the Pridelands. But it would be good to defeat a criminal like Shredder, like Scar and Zira was defeated.

"Ok, we'll do it." Simba said. "But only if you use that teleporter to take us home as well."

Mortu nodded.

"That can be arranged." He said using his robot hand to grab Simba's and shaking it.

Simba was confused at the gesture, but went along with it. With that handshake, the Lions' way of life, including the life itself, changed forever.