A/N It's 3 yrs after Jess has graduated high school. Rory is in Harvard. She's getting a degree in journalism. Lane is living 10 minutes away in the next town going to college—to the dismay of her mother for a degree in music. Jess got his act together at the end of his jr. year, got accepted to college and now writes part time for a local paper while attending school. Luke is still at the diner. Two years ago, Mia left the inn to Sookie and Lorelei. It is currently doing very well.**for future reference Sean is Tristan roommate. All right here we go.

*Rory's Harvard dorm

"Could you turn that racket off? It's 2 months before finals, I need to start preparing." Rory's uptight roommate glared angrily at her roommate.

"God, I didn't they were that soon." Rory sarcastically spat, her roommate continued her glare. "Sorry Paris…I think I'll take a walk now." Rory said defeated.

**Rory gets up and turns off her goo-goo dolls cd; grabs her jacket and leaves.

*Rory is slowly walking through the campus courtyard. She stops at the bulletin board, where a familiar blonde friend is posting a notice; He sees her out of the corner of his eye and turns around.

"Hey Mary."

"Save it, Tristan. So what's this week's party theme?"

Tristan gives Rory a smug look. "For your information, I'm posting a notice about a study group. I thought it would be a good way to study. Care to join?"

"No thanks. I'd rather go to one of your sleazy parties."

"Honestly Mar, I don't know where you get this idea that I'm some drunken frat boy? Rory gives him a stern look. "But…now that you mention it, I am having a small get together on Friday, a few of my friend, a few of Sean's friends, nothing big. Hey you can bring Paris...we all know what a delight she is.

Come on it'll be fun."

**Rory knew that while Tristan wasn't the most innocent student attending Harvard, he wasn't the most out of control one either in fact she had been to two of his parties since freshman year and they were rather enjoyable.

Rory smiles at Tristan, "Alright, I'll be there…but I am bring Paris." Rory's smile turns into a wicked smirk. She turns and walks away.

**Friday night 7:30

"Come on Paris, you need a break."

"That is not a break, it's a bunch of delinquents sitting around getting wasted."

Rory gives Paris a stern look, "Sean will never let it get out of hand, you know how uptight he is."

Paris fidgets with her hair, "S-Sean will be there?"

"I assume so, he lives there."

"W-Well maybe I could come for an hour or so...but I can' go like this give me 10 minutes to change."

"Sure. Borrow my blue top, the one that has the low neck line."

"I can't wear that."

"Yes you can, Sean will like it I'm sure...and wear your hair down." Paris runs into the other room as Rory smiles to herself. Sean and Paris have had a thing for each other since last semester but both have been too busy to notice.

**Sean and Tristan's dorm.

*Rory and Pars arrive to find several young men huddled around a single newspaper; one man reading an article out loud. Tristan spots Rory and walks over.

"Hey." He nods at Paris. "Um, I think Sean's in his room, maybe you should go get him Geller."

"Uh, ok." Paris walks off slightly shaking.

Rory looks towards the huddled mass. "So what's going on here?"

"Chaos, utter chaos." Tristan shakes out his shaggy blonde hair. "Some mind blowing article about classic books and their role in today's society—apparently hot shit here at Harvard."

"Oh! I've read that article it really is great."

"Eh, I've read better. If you ask me, that editor of the school papers done tons of stuff better than that junk." Rory blushes knowing he was speaking about her.

At this moment Sean walks out of his room, Paris trailing behind him.

"Hey did my buddy get here yet?"

"Unless he's over there with the clones I doubt it." Tristan smugly replies.

"Jerk…Um Paris, you want to come get a drink with me, we've got a little chardonnay in the kitchen."

"Sure. I love chardonnay."

Tristan turns his attentions back to Rory, "What a party animal, I tell him he can invite as many people as he wants…he invites one dude, a guy he met while working for that publisher over the summer."

Rory grins. "Hey, I'm going to go get a soda."

"Ok, I'm going to go try to find some decent music, see you later Mary."

**Rory is getting a can of coke out of the fridge. Paris and Sean are in the corner discussing Thoreau. The doorbell rings.

"Hey, that must be or me. Come on Paris I can't wait for you to meet this guy, he's a rip." Sean takes Paris' hand and leads her to the door.

Rory gets her drink and than follows them into the living room. When she enters she sees that the guests reading the newspaper have moved; they are now crowded around a young man who's face is blocked by the other men. Sean looks up and sees Rory.

"Oh Rory, come here I want you to meet a friend of mine." Rory smiles faintly and walks towards Sean. "Rory Gilmore, this is my best friend in the whole world…Jess Marino."

Rory stops in her tracks as the crowded disperses, revealing a muscular young man, with slightly mess brown hair and dark eyes.

"Hello, Rory."