SUMMARY: What if Anko saw Kakashi brush off Naruto after the preliminaries and decided to see what's all the fuss about Naruto and his lack of skill?

AUTHOR'S DISCLAIMER: Masashi Kishimoto owns Naruto and I don't. But I can still write fics about the blonde hero, he,he,he...

NOTES: Now, this will be the story with strong adult (read 'sex') themes, but there will also be a normal story with variations on canon because of the changes I will give to our hero. Now, the Anko-Naruto will not be the sole pairing, Naruto will have other girls in a small harem of sorts.

I'm firmly against pedophilia, which is why you won't see a twelve year old having sex with twenty something old woman. That's a big no-no in my book, so to speak.

Which is why Naruto is fourteen here, in my opinion it's old enough to make him able to have sex without being a child. I use my own experience, trust me. If I had a chance at that age, I'd have hardly refused. Hormones are nasty when you're a teenaged boy, you just want to sleep with any woman willing.

Some may disagree and I will accept such criticism. In fact if there's enough objections, I will stop writing this story. I have no wish to offend other people or to give support to child abusive thoughts and ideas. I've known some fourteen or fifteen year olds who already had sex with people, and they seemed fine. It was their choice after all. They knew what sex was and wanted it.

Naruto will be a bit clueless at the start about sex, but not scared of it. You'll see. Anko will be a bit crazy, but not too mean or abusive.

So, I hope it will not be too bad. I guess people will tell me if I went too far.


"Kakashi-sensei, please train me!" Naruto demanded loudly, staring at his masked teacher intently. They made an odd duo in the gleaming white hallway of the hospital. Naruto was clad in a bright orange jumpsuit that had seen better days, while Hatake Kakashi wore his customary jounin outfit which was black with olive greeen flak jacked every jounin had, but didn't wear.

"I can't, Naruto." Kakashi replied, his nose still buried in his Icha Icha book of smut. He always read it, always.

"Why? You're going to train Sasuke, aren't you?" The blonde realized angrily. "Why can't you train me too?"

Kakashi finally deigned to look at his student, "Because you two are going to face completely different opponents. Your opponent will not try his best to kill you, Naruto. Gaara of the Sand will certainly try to kill your teammate and you know Sasuke isn't in the best state right now. But don't worry, I didn't forget you – I have managed to find you a good teacher who will replace me during the next month. He's an elite jounin like me."

"Who's that jounin?" Naruto seemed not so convinced. After all, it wasn't really about what he was taught, as much as it was that he'd be trained by his sensei. Naruto liked Kakashi despite his odd behavior and lazy attitude, his teachings about comradeship and teamwork struck a chord within his own being. Those were the things he craved most in his life. Being Hokage was a dream that would prove he was truly accepted by his comrades.

"Me." Ebisu spoke as he showed up behind Naruto who looked outraged.

"The closet perv?"

Kakashi looked interested, "Excuse me, a what?"

Ebisu caght Naruto in a chokehold and clamped his palm over his mouth to silence the blond. "Nothing, Kakashi! We've met before through Honorable Grandson!"

"Well, that's even better if you two are already acquainted." Kakashi gave them an eye smile and looked at Naruto seriosly. "Listen to Ebisu, he's a great teacher. You still suck at basics and your chakra control needs work. Ebisu is the right guy to show you the way. Ja ne!"

Naruto glared at the spot Kakashi vacated with a quick shunshin, then at Ebisu. "I'm not going to accept you as my sensei, I took you down that day easily enough!"

Ebisu huffed at the insult, pushing his shades higher arrogantly. "Ha! I was just toying with you, for Konohamaru's sake. I'm not jounin just for laughs, brat!"

"Oh, yeah? Then prove it. Kage Bunshin no jutsu!" Naruto challenged the older ninja with a few dozen clones that scattered away, him including. Ebisu gave chase right away, creating his own mass of Shadow Clones.

Mitarashi Anko frowned as she was leaning on the wall around the corner, witnessing the whole scene by hearing. She got there by chance, after having her medical exam done. She was actually curious about the Uchiha's condition, considering he had his Cursed Seal sealed off by Kakashi.

She was impressed by the red eyed kid's strength of will when he managed to resist the seal during his preliminary match. That wasn't a small feat. Not many could resist the call of power that Orochimaru's dark gift produced. She knew all too well form her own experience, and her own seal was even weaker.

But the Uchiha was now forgotten, this new development interested her more. So, the great Hatake 'those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash' Kakashi brushed off his most powerful student telling him he sucked at basics and sending him off to train with foppish Ebisu who all knew was more talk than anything else. How...loyal.

She knew who and what Uzumaki Naruto was. Every adult in Konoha knew, although opinions greatly diversed in interpretation of the facts. To most villagers Naruto was a demon disguised in human form, waiting to get free and finish the job it tried to do fourteen years ago. Idiots, all of them. What made Anko feel disgusted with wasn't the idiocy of civilans, they knew shit about sealing arts. Civilians were just frightened assholes. But the shinobi should have known better. Everyone praised the Fourth Hokage for defeating the Nine Tails, but at the same time they spat on him by not having faith in his sealing ability.

She was a bit angry during the preliminaries when the blonde took on the Inuzuka kid and won. Nobody expected Naruto's win. The brat didn't show much skill in taijutsu, but the sheer amount of hurt he took and kept running was impressive to her in combination with dozens of Shadow Clones he spammed with no effort. That didn't look like someone who was weak or unskilled. For Kami's sake Gai's moronic clone had less ninja talent than Naruto. And less brains if you asked her - that suicidal use of Celestial Gates was totally wasted on some piss poor chunin exam match. The kid just destroyed his career over one stupid exam battle. He won nothing in the end!

All those observations were affirmed after she was told that the brat stood up to her monstrous sensei to protect his teammates. The Uchiha apparently chikened out until the blonde's example emboldened him to fight too. She didn't blame the Uchiha for being scared, he was just a puny genin being bullied by the man feared by most sane ninja regardelss of their power. To stand up to Orochimaru took guts, no matter how stupid one was. Orochimaru was just that scary.

Kakashi's remark about the kid sucking at basics was an obvious tell on the man's teaching- six months with him and he couldn't manage to fix some of the kid's obvious weaknesses! What the hell was Kakashi doing with his team all this time then? Apparently not that much. And he had the gall to blame the kid!

She smirked at the end of her internal monologue, she might have some fun for today by following the fop and the brat. She could use a good laugh.

Anko was frowning as she stared at the dejected looking blonde form her perching spot in the tree across the glade where the kid was sitting, his legs soaking in the cool creek.

She followed the brat for the whole day and actually had a few good laughs at his misadventures with Ebisu. She enjoyed seeing the fop being taken out by Jiraiya's toad, that was so funny she almost let herself being discovered by the white haired pervert.

When the kid managed to make Jiraiya teach him, she couldn't believe the brat's luck. One of the strongest ninja in the world just agreed to take him as an apprentice – the brat didn't relize the significance of signing the Toad Summonning Contract.

She discovered that her ex teacher had placed a blocking seal on the boy during the exam, thus making his chakra out of control and weaker by half. It meant that Naruto passed the exam with only fifty percent of his capacity and with lousy control of his chakra. Funny how Kakashi didn't know that little fact. Perhaps he was too worried to check on his precious Uchiha to think what Orochimaru could've done to the Kyuubi's host at the same time. A serious lack of foresight, that could've cost the village much. She was now convinced that this meeting with Jiraiya wasn't accidental. You just don't get that man to train you by luck and with a perverted henge. Even if it was really hot looking.

The brat couldn't properly summon even if his life depended on it. She watched him as he mastered the water walking with ease, so she knew it wasn't about the amount of chakra he put in each attempt. He just couldn't properly channel it and form the final chakra burst.

It just confused her that the Sannin didn't correct his mistakes. They were too obvious. Maybe he wanted the brat to change his method by himself? She was beginning to think that the kid was too stubborn to do it, but then another tought jumped her – what if he really didn't know what was he doing wrong? But that would be impossible, even a third year student knew that some jutsu required different molding and release of chakra. She sighed at that, the kid was the most uneducated graduate in Konoha's ninja history. He really didn't know much, just enough to power his way through every obstacle. No wonder he relied on Shadow Clones so much, his way of jutsu molding was perfect for them. A jutsu that just required a seal, a lot of chakra released in a single burst and little control. A no brainer, as things in the ninja circles went. No wonder Kakashi didn't try to give him more jutsu, but then he should've been the guy to teach him how to variate his chakra molding and output methods.

Frankly, the brat was one big surprise. She expected more of him in some things, but didn't get them. Yet she knew that one couldn't just go through all that shit on sheer power. The kid had some neat tricks when he tried to make strategies against the Inuzuka, too bad he wasn't vicious enough to trump on them. That move with henged clone could've finished the Inuzuka if the brat had enough brains to use something truly nasty.

So, the kid had potential to be a real nightmare in the field. He just lacked the knowledge to use his brute power efficiently. He had nice blood too...hmmm, she liked it a lot. Maybe she could get some real fun out of him.

Anko grinned maniacally as she drew her wicked sharp kunai and chucked it at the unaware kid.

Naruto sat at the bank of the creek, letting his legs dangle in it's cool water. He was frustrated by his day's wasted efforts to summon, what a cool jutsu it was! Except he didn't know how to use it against that Hyuuga prick besides the obvious. Even worse, his new sensei was even pervier than Kakashi sensei and didn't seem much of a trainer either. He just peeked at the girls whole day!

His sharper than average hearing let him know that a kunai was whizzing towards him through the air and he rolled to his left, ducking two more and making a dozen clones instinctively to hide himself in the crowd.

He run for the woods, using more clones to hide his real position. It was a no brainer – he needed the cover to confront his attacker on equal terms.

His clones died quickly, but he got to the sfety of the shrubs and tress. More clones went to draw the unseen assailant out, but they saw nothing as they died.

Naruto turned to run, he wasn't really in the mood to fight someone who could kill his copies as easy as Kakashi sensei. He was stopped by the solid fist to his jaw which lifted him of the ground. He used kawarimi to disappear quickly, fearing the finisher at the other end of his flight. Kakashi sensei was fond of such blitz tactics.

He found himself trapped by several mean looking pythons who were restricting his limbs, pinning him to a tree trunk. He paled when that crazy examiner chick sashayed towards him, obviously up to something painful. He closed his eyes when she came close, only to shudder in surprise when she licked his lower lip to suck on the blood trickling from it.

"Mmm, just as I remember, your blood is sweet! How are you, kiddo?"

"I'm freaking out, you psycho!" Naruto glared at the woman, hating her for making him feel scared.

"Great, as I expected! Now, I'm going to let my pretties go away and you'll walk with me back to the glade. If you try to run from me, I'll really make you bleed proper. Got that, brat?" Anko smiled predatorily, giving Naruto a clean look at her cleavage. Naruto nodded, ignoring her assets. Anko hid her disappointment, she liked when boys ogled her. It made it easier to bait them and have fun at their expense.

She walked behind him, to make him edgier than he already was. They stood opposite of each other, one confidently smirking and in control, the other looking unsure of his situation.

"What do you want with me?" Naruto asked, feeling suspicious of the crazy trenchcoat girl.

"Name's Anko kid, so use it." Anko scowled, making the boy step back.

"Okay, Anko-san. My name is Uzumaki Naruto, the next Hokage! Remeber it," Naruto suddenly grinned with confidence. "Why did you attack me? I haven't done anything to you."

Anko grinned, "I was just testing your reflexes, that's all."

"Why?" Naruto insisted, like a five year old would.

"Well, I was trying to see if you were worth the effort." Anko

"For what?" Naruto blinked, surprised by her cryptic statements.

"Training, what else!" Anko chuckled with amusement. "I watched you today and thought you could use someone's help to train better. I got a few good laughs from watching you and that fop Ebisu. He's a nice guy, but not what you need to win your match against that Hyuuga."

"You think I could win?" Naruto was surprised.

Anko nodded, hiding her pity for the kid who obviously lacked any consistent suppoert in his career so far. Even she had better than him, by Orochimaru of all people. "You've got the power in spades. You just need to learn how to use it effectively. I think I could help you with that. And your taijutsu could use some improvement, which I can definitively help with."

"What can you teach me?" Naruto was curious now.

Anko smirked and quickly summoned a large snake, big enough to swallow a grown man. Naruto stared at her with jaw open wide. "See? I can teach you how to summon things as big as Rii-kun."

She dismissed the gigantic reptile. "Well? What dou you say?"

Naruto bowed suddenly. "Please, train me Anko-sensei!"

Anko grinned like a cat that got her mouse. "I'm willing, but only if you agree to my conditions."

"I'm listening," Naruto quickly replied, hoping she wouldn't try to make him do illegal stuff. Mizuki taught him something after all.

"I want your promise to listen to me as I teach. I will not train a guy who refuses my advice. Then, I want to be compensated for my efforts, which means you will pay me for the lessons."

"I can do the first, but I don't have a lot of money. How can I pay you?"

Anko leaned closer, almost touching him nose to nose. "I don't want the money, I'll get that if you win your match against the Hyuuga brat. What I want is very personal, a form of personal thanks from you for my kindness. It's something only you and I will have between us. You will tell nobody about it."

"What is it?" Naruto felt uncomfortable by her tone and look. "I'm not going to steal anything or something like that!"

"Relax, it has nothing to do with ninja stuff. Like I said, it's personal. Just between us two." Anko smirked. "Or are you too scared of lil' old me?"

Naruto scowled, "You're on! I'll do whatever it takes to win! I'll prove to everyone I'm the best!"

"Deal!" Anko laughed suddenly, straightening up. "Let's get cracking! Your first lesson on summoning is up! Show me how you do it first."

Naruto eagerly went through the motions and summoned, only to get a tadpole again. "Dammit, what the hell am I doing wrong?"

"Almost everything," Anko spoke with even tone. "The only thing you do properly is your handsigns. Everything else is just wrong."

"What? But isn't that the point, you make seals in right order, gather chakra and release it?" Naruto was bewildered. "I mean, it always worked before."

Anko shook her head sadly,"You're really ignorant of finer points of jutsu making, aren't you? Okay, listen good because this shit will save your life one day! Are you ready?" Naruto nodded, staring at her intently. Anko smirked, she liked that look. "While what you said is true, there are small variations in how you mold and release your chakra for some jutsu. Just like how it's different to walk on trees from walking on water. Got it?" Naruto nodded quickly.

"Good. Some jutsu only need seals and a simple burst of gathered chakra. Usually those with a few seals, like the academy basics and your Kage Bunshin. But summoning is different, much more demanding. You gotta gather your chakra fast as you form the seals, then you have to release it in a continuous stream to pump as much into the summoning array that appears at the end. You've been gathering a lot of chakra for each attempt, but you never funneled it all into the jutsu- most of it just went back into your system. You gotta force feed the summoning, if you like. The same works for most techs involving summoning or written seals, got that?"

Naruto looked amazed. "Whoa! I've never known that! So some jutsu can just go splat like baloons, while others need to be pumped like from a water hose."

"Something like that," Anko muttered at the analogy, her eyebrow twitching. The kid sure had weird ideas.

"Ok, let's try again!" Naruto shouted and immediately went about summoning again. Anko jumped away, just to be sure she wouldn't get caught in his mess. She went still as the brat poured a huge load of chakra, it was visible in the end. There was a huge bampf sound and a lot of smoke, Anko felt something big arrive. When the smoke vanished, she stared at the huge toad Naruto was standing on. It was easily the size of a house!

"Anko-sensei, I did it! Yatta!" Naruto was jumping happily on top of his summon. The toad was dark orange with purple spots, there was armor on it's forearms and shins and a large shield at it's back. It held a large sword in the left hand, sheathed.

"You must be that new summoner," The toad rumbled with deep masculine voice. "I'm Gurufo, pleased to meet you kid."

"I'm glad to have summoned such a great toad too, name's Uzumaki Naruto!" Naruto shouted happily, looking at Gurufo from the ground where he jumped to.

"Good, good," Anko patted Naruto's shoulder. "See how is that supposed to be done? Nice to meet you too, Gurufo-san."

"You're teaching the boy?" Gurufo asked. Anko nodded. "I see. Well, since this is his first sucessful attempt and quite a good one, I should thank you. Our tadpoles were getting upset already."

"Sorry," Naruto apologized quickly.

"It's fine," Gurufo said with smile. "Now, I won't be staying long, but I'll give you some advice. We toads are proud creatures and we don't like to be summoned for anything. Call us only if you really need us. Jiraya should teach you which toads to call and so on. Since you summoned me first, I'll be willing to help you out when you're in trouble. But to get all of us to follow you, you must call our Boss and pass his test. Gamabunta is very strict and very hard to summon, so I don't think you're ready for him yet."

"Is it really so hard to summon a Boss?" Naruto asked Anko.

"Yep, it takes a lot of power. I'm still not up to summoning Manda, nor I'm inclined to try. He's nasty as summons go." Anko admitted. "He likes human sacrifice."

"Ugh, that's so wrong!" Naruto said with disgust.

"I'll take my leave now, stay safe kid!" Gurufo spoke up and vanished in smoke. He was going to have a nice story for the Boss. Orochimaru's pupil that trains Jiraya's newest pupil. How interesting.

Naruto turned around to Anko and grinned. "Thanks, you're awesome Anko-sensei! I couldn't have done it without you."

Anko smirked at the praise. "Damn right, kid! Now, it's the end of our first lesson. Time to pay up!"

"Er, right..." Naruto hesitated, but followed the tall woman as she walked back to the woods. He felt uneasy suddenly as she turned around and leaned into a tree, beckoning him to come closer.

He swallowed nervously as she smiled at him, giving him a strange gaze. He'd never seen something like it.

Anko licked her lips, "Get on your knees, Naruto."

"What?" Naruto was confused.

"You heard me, kneel before me." Anko demanded. Naruto slowly complied, obviously clueless about what was going to happen soon. She enjoyed it already, the boy was completely innocent. It turned her on, a lot. Her nipples were aching as her excitement grew. She slowly lifted her mini skirt and moved aside her black thong, showing off her sex. "Do you know what's this?"

Naruto stared dumbly, "Er, your girly part?" He felt weird suddenly, he just couldn't stop looking at her place. He felt his penis twitch, just like it always happened when he was thinking about Sakura-chan. He'd always have it go big and hard, then it was a hell till it got limp again. He sometimes messed his pants or sheets after having a vivid daydream of being alone with Sakura-can, doing...things. It wasn't just holding hands and kisses, he jst knew he wanted more. It scared him sometimes.

Anko laughed, noticing his excitement. His jumpsuit was tight. "Aren't you sweet! Yes, this is my womanly part, it's called a pussy. It's wet and achy right now and it needs to be touched by you to make me feel better."

"It's hurting you?" Naruto was surprised.

"In a way," Anko spoke, licking her lips hungrily. "Now be a dear and get yourself closer so you can kiss and lick it for me. I need it, you promised to do me a favor, remember?"

Naruto looked unsure, this was new for him. But he did promise. So he inched closer, taking a good look of her shaved spot betwwen her legs. He could see a bulging spot at the top of the slit, from where flesh went in narrow line downward, connecting there. It reminded him of lips in a way, what he was seeing. Then the smell hit his nostrils, heavy and sharp, making his heart hammer faster. His member pulsed like a living thing, giving him almost a painful sensation.

"What should I do, Anko-sensei?" Naruto asked, staring at her wet pussy.

"Good boy, let me get myself more comfortable." Anko replied, quickly removing her panties and placing one leg over his shoulder, guiding his head with her hand closer to her burning chasm. The wetness spread all over her sex as she expertly spread her outer lips with her fingers. She dipped one middle finger deeply into her hole, shuddering in pleasure and then she offered it to Naruto, dripping with her sex juices. "Taste me, now!"

Naruto seemed confused still, but he obeyed. He gave her soaked finger a short lick. "Weird, it tastes salty, but I can't say what does it remind me of."

Anko licked the figer too, sucking it clean like a lollipop. "That's the taste of a woman. Did you like my taste?"

"It was nice," Naruto replied. He peered hard in her vagina, curiosity was evident. "I saw it's a hole. How deep it is?"

Anko gave him a look. "You have a weird mind kiddo, but I'll show ya. " She pointed up to her lower stomach. "It leads right to this place, where my womb is. It's actually not that deep, but pussies can stretch themselves to accomodate for different sizes of men's dicks."

"Wow, so what do I do? What good does it if I kiss you there?"

"It'll make me feel good, that's what!" Anko growled, her frustration getteing the better of her. She took his head and forced him to rub his face into her dripping snatch. "Now, lick me! Lick my cunt till I come!"

Naruto's muffled response didn't deter her, she made him slobber over her vagina's outer lips. But he didn't seem to get what he was supposed to do. She let go of him and he looked at her angrily. "What's wrong with you? I told you I have no idea what am I supposed to do!"

Anko scoffed angrily, she was really horny. "I can see that brat! I can't believe that you're so clueless about girls. Do as I say and you'll learn something your future girlfriends will love you for. Jeez."

Naruto perked at that, Sakura chan might like this? Weird, but he wanted anything that would make her happy.

Anko read his mind easily. "So, are you ready to cooperate? Good! Now, first you have to give me a long nice lick with your tongue, all over my pussy. Just nice and slow, to get me all fired up. Then I'll tell you more as we go, okay?"

Naruto nodded and did as she told him to. He leaned in closer, taking another sniff of her pussy. He found himself liking that heavy scent. It made him shiver, in a good way. He slowly ducked low, hesitatingly extending his tongue and then he gave her a soft, slow lick upwards. It tasted nice, he decided and gave her another lick. Then another, this time pressing the flat surface of his tonge harder on her wet hole, moving slowly and trying to taste her as much as he could.

He relaxed when she seemed satisfied with his actions,feeling oddly eager to continue with this game. He took a better look at her dark purple snatch, took another deep sniff. It was really nice, the smell and the taste.

This time, he used his own hands to keep her sex wide open and licked again, using the tip of his tongue to focus on her jutting lips, two sets of them. He went up and down, slowly and quickly, enjoying it suddenly. He heard Anko groan, she obviously didn't mind what he was doing. Her hand was holding the back of his head, refusing to let him back away.

He paused at the entrance in that pink hole, then decided to see what it was like. He plunged his tongue in, hungrily licking the insides – Ano shuddered suddenly, moaning.

"Fuck! Oh, not that now – get out of my cunt you brat, you gotta work on my sweet spot first! You'll tongue fuck me later." She pulled his head back, giving him a smile. "We'll get to it later, now lick on the outside again and find that bulging spot. Give it your tongue, nice and very gently. As you do that, you can put two middle fingers in my cunt in thrusting motions. Understand?"

"Okay, sensei." Naruto agreed and resumed licking her vagina on the outside, lazily making circles and lines with his tongue all over her sensitive flesh, making Anko close her eyes and hiss in pleasure, while rocking her hips in response to his ministrations. His fingers explored her cunt deeply, clumsily but she still took pleasure in it. When his tongue flickered over her aching, burning clitoris, it sent waves of burning sensations up her spine, directly into her brain.

"Ooh, that's it! Keep licking there kid!" Anko moaned, encouraging Naruto to stay on that spot. He eagerly did so, wanting to please the older woman who gave him so much positive attention. He didn't want her to be disappointed with him. So he dove in with renewed energy and assurance, licking, nibbling and rubbing, sniffing and kissing-he did everything he could think of.

Anko was gyrating, moaning, pushing Naruto's head harder in her crotch as the boy's fingers and tongue explored her wet sex, giving her pulses and waves of pleasure. She stopped giving him instructions, too focused on her own body and sensations rocking her down there.

She could feel her orgasm building, "Oh, it's coming brat! Keep licking, don't you dare stop now-yes, that's it...just hit me there, suck my clit, yees...ah, not it like before! Ungh...that's it, roll around my sweet nub, thaaa...aaaaah! I'm cumming, cumming!"

Anko jutted her crotch forward, jamming Naruto's face hard in her wet crotch as her orgasm sent her into spasmic finish, her sex juices were squirted into Naruto's face and lips. "Drink my cum, drink your sweet sensei's juices!" She moaned as the last wave hit her, enjoying the sensation of being lapped and drank from by the kid who never had done it before. Sweet virgins always turned her on the most.

Naruto moved away from the relaxed Anko who was breathing hard, her cheeks flushed. He went to wipe his chin of, but she suddenly dipped her head and gave him a wet, horny french kiss. Her hungry tongue dove in his mouth and throat, then she lascively licked his lips and chin taking the taste of her own juices. She kissed him some more, enjoying his natural response-Naruto was kissing her back, if clumsily. She took her time, letting him get a feel of what he was supposed to do, their tongues twisting, rubbing and slithering like mating snakes, their saliva and pheromones mixing.

She separated them, grinning. He looked dazed. She smirked, he was totally hers from now on. "Not bad for the first time, eh? You'll learn all kinds of things from your Anko-sensei, I promise."

Naruto loked amazed more than anything else. "Do all girls like doing this, sensei?"

"Of course! Those that claim otherwise are just prudes. Women like when men eat their pussies, remember that. Of course, you gotta be more skilled. But I'll teach you all you need to know about pleasuring women with your mouth and fingers." Anko replied, giving him a nice kiss on the forehead.

"I...I'd love to learn more." Naruto spoke with eager smile.

"I have no doubt you do," Anko purred. She dragged up her black panties up and smoothed her miniskirt. "Well, that was it for today. We'll meet tommorow for the next lesson, and payment, he,he,he..."

"Where do we meet? Here?" Naruto asked, now standing. His crotch was aching now and he knew it would take more than an hour for his stiffness to go away.

Anko looked around, nodding. "Why not? It's a good spot, no one comes here often." She restored her attention on Naruto. "I have a task for you though; I want you to try and figure out a way to defeat the Hyuuga kid on your own. I refuse to do the thinking for you. It's your responsibility to think on how you can win."

"Ok, seems fair." Naruto grinned.

"See you tommorow then," Anko smirked and vanished in the cloud of leaves.

Naruto scowled at the easy way out. "I so have to learn that jutsu!"

Jiraiya of the Sannin giggled to himself as he was writing furiously in his notebook about what he had just seen. That Naruto brat was a godsend! A fourteen year virgin had just managed to score with a hot crazy tokubetsu jounin, just like that! It was a wonderful start for his next novel.

He sighed, some guys were just so lucky. He remembered his first time. It was after one nasty mission when he almost bought the farm, he was fifteen. He was so shaken, that Sarutobi-sensei took him to a nice brothel and paid for the best woman to teach him the secrets of sex. Ah, the good old days.

It seemed that he won't be doing that for Naruto. A pity, he already had a special brothel in mind. There was one fine redhead there, heh. She kind of looked like Naruto's mother – he thought it would make a fine inspiration for an incest story, he,he,he.

Still, he went serious there. Anko's course of action took him by surprise, he almost interfered. The woman wasn't known for being gentle or emotionally stable, but so far it went well. Naruto was already old enough to have sex freely, being fourteen already. He was a year older than his classmates, due to failing the graduation exam thrice.

Considering the boys reserves and general skill level, the kid should've passed earlier. Sarutobi sensei seriously flunked there, not remembering that the kid was a jinchuriiki, which meant chakra control would always be an issue for him. Considering how many clones the kid could spawn, he was way too powerful for kiddie tricks like the stupid base bunshin.

Also, he took time to watch people when Naruto was wasn't good. The street would literally go cold and unwelcoming, it was a miracle that the kid didn't go crazy after so many years of emotional abuse.

The signs were crystal clear- the kid craved recognition so much, he was stupidly willing to do anything to get it. Like stealing that scroll, doing pranks and making a fool out of himself. His teammmates weren't taking him seriously and that pinky girl was extremely arrogant when she believed she was better than Naruto. She was unbelievably lucky, no other host would've let her get away with the abuse she was heaping upon the kid. Naruto had a heart of gold.

The lack of normal contact with the people also stunted his psyhological and emotional growth, making him behave like a deranged kid of seven or eight. Although it was good to see he had normal sex drive of a teeenager. He was salvageable. But he'd need a lot of work.

He didn't like Kakashi much anymore, the man should've been able to correct some of Naruto's flaws or at least tried. To throw him into Ebisu's hands, that was irresponsible. You don't give a jinchuriiki into the hands of a man without any knowledge about such people. Kakashi apparently lacked the faith in Naruto's abilities or unbelievably overestimated the boy's capacity to fix himself.

In fact, Jiraiya was betting on the second. Geniuses like Kakashi always had difficulties with normal people, they just couldn't accept that the others might not be as smart as them. It was more likely that Kakashi simply believed that Naruto could power through anything. Or he truly thought that Naruto couldn't win against the Hyuuga genius, so he decided to drop him in the favor of the student who was far more endangered.

He decided to reserve his judgement after he talked to the kid. Maybe he was just blowing it out of proportions.

But he had to give it to Naruto, that kid was tenacious. He liked him. Also, he'd have to check what exactly naruto knew about jutsu he had and about chakra usage in general. It was apparent that his educaton was more than just spotty. To have Anko fix his lapse in judgement humbled him a great deal. He wouldn't be taking that kid on the face value anymore. Naruto wasn't like his parents, despite the obvious similarities he had with them.