Chapter 2: A Truth Revealed...

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Back at the new secret lair that Snaptrap has discovered, he continues to create the so called mega weapon, "AHAHAHAHAHAAA!, 2 more days, and the weapon will be complete, and then I will finally rule over Petropolis!. Meanwhile, Kitty was ordered to find Snaptrap, usually she would take her orders without

Question, but for some reason she wasn't feeling like her actual self, the only thing that was on her mind...was Dudley. "Why am I so worried about Dudley, I mean he's only my partner..., but". At that moment Kitty felt her heart stop for an instant, she was confused and she didn't know why. "Why do I feel like this...Aw Dudley...just please be okay...". While Kitty continued her search for Snaptrap, the hospital where Dudley was held was getting very vital information on Dudley's health. "KESWICK!, how's agent puppy?" The chief exclaimed. "Not good chief, the blast from Snaptrap has put him in a very deep coma, and there is a high possibility that he might not make it". Keswick stated as he looked back at his results. "WHAT?, is there anything we can do for him?."I'm sorry chief, but there's not much else I can do...I just hope Agent Katswell is doing alright...for some reason, she's a little more...worried than the both of us.." Keswick stated very curiously. "Your right Keswick and I think I might know why?". "Why Chief?" Keswick asked with a lot of curiosity on in his mind. "I think Agent in love...with Agent Puppy..." the chief pleaded."What?, but how she's a cat, and he's a dog." Keswick said very confused. "It's possible Keswick, and if I'm correct, then we have to save agent puppy for kitty...or else I'm afraid that things will turn out bad, not just for us...but Agent Katswell too..."

Meanwhile, Kitty continued her search, still feeling the same way she felt, ever since Dudley got shot trying to protect her. "Dudley...please...please be alright..." Kitty said with a few tears in her eyes. She continued her search in vain, and she stumbled across the old D.O.O.M. Lair, the exact location where Dudley got injured, and when she stumbled upon, Kitty just burst into tears and dropped to her knees. "Why...why did he risk his life for me?...this is all my fault...and why do I feel like this..?" Kitty cried more and more, and then she came to a realization. "No...I can't cry now...if Dudley were here, he would still do his mission, and now that he is hurt, I will complete this mission for the both of us!" kitty exclaimed as she cleaned her tears and continued her search.

Back at the new secret lair, Snaptrap is nearing completion of his mega weapon. "AHAHAHAHHAAAA!, Now my mega weapon is at 50% completion, and I will destroy Petropolis with its vast power...I will name you...Project: D.O.O.M.S DAY! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Snaptrap exclaimed as he went back to work on his weapon, and while Snaptrap is continuing on his massive. Kitty has realized something very important when she looked through her thoughts to get a clear answer on why she felt like she did. "I know I know why I feel like this...its because...Dudley...I LOVE YOU!, Please make it out okay!" Kitty exclaimed as she continued her search

WHAT IS PROJECT D.O.O.M.S DAY, will it really be the end of Petropolis, and will Dudley make it out to realize Kitty's True feelings for him?, Find Out In Chapter 3!