I'm such an awful person leaving you guys hanging like that. Unfortunately, I won't be going on and on with this story like I had planned. This is the last chapter :( I did have fun with this fic, though. Writing villianous characters is always fun. Hope you like it! Hopefully, I will have either an Avengers fic (Loki/OC) or a Vampire fic up soon, so if you like my style of writing and either of those catagories don't be a stranger! Anyway, thanks so much for the support!

Welcome Back to Fright Night
Chapter Seven

Two weeks later…

Rory's parents held a burial for her, not knowing where the body was. The police searched constantly for her remains, but Rory tried to stay out of the way. Occasionally, she'd go out, but most of the time she stayed inside and hung out. Tonight, though, she was going out with Jerry.

The club was different and Rory just looked up at Jerry with a grin. It gave Rory chills to know that there was so much blood so close to her. Jerry pulled Rory out onto the dance floor and they were so close together.

"Rory?" a voice suddenly questioned and Rory froze. Sonny stood there with a boy on her arm. Damn, that girl worked fast.

"It must be a mistake," Rory said. For this occasion, she had changed the style of her clothes and even cropped her hair shorter.

"No, I'm sure of it. I thought you were dead," Sonny said, looking up at Jerry. Rory looked up at Jerry and they knew what they had to do.

"Okay, you caught me," Rory said, moving forward. Sonny began to back away, but Rory grabbed her shoulder and stared into her eyes. Jerry had the guy hauled over his shoulder already and Rory lifted Sonny. They carted the two out of the club and into Jerry's truck.

When they got back, Jerry unloaded them into the basement. The sun would come up soon and Jerry didn't want to get caught in it. Rory waited in the basement with them until they woke up. Jerry had gone upstairs and was watching TV. He planned to leave it to Rory.

Sonny was the first to wake. She was confused and then started to struggle.

"Shush, you don't want to wake your boyfriend," Rory cautioned darkly and Sonny's eyes widened.

"Why are you working with Jerry? He's evil," Sonny pointed out, but Rory merely shrugged.

"It's not like I exactly ran into his arms. Being bad is in my blood," Rory figured and smiled.

"Stop this, please come back to reality. You're a good person." Sonny was trying to loosen her bonds, but they were too tight. The rope was hurting her wrists.

There were footsteps and Jerry appeared. He smiled, leaning against a metal support beam. Rory turned to give him a smile and then Sonny's boyfriend woke up. He began yelling and that's when Rory walked toward him. She was grinning, her fangs apparent.

"Are you ready to die?" Rory wondered and the guy began screaming, pleading for his life. Jerry came to Rory's side. His sharp fingernail trailed down the guy's cheek and a trail of blood followed. Rory inhaled the scent and was about to rip out his neck, but Sonny cried out.

"Please, don't kill him! Just let him go," Sonny begged and Jerry shook his head.

"He's seen too much," Jerry stated and took the first bite. Rory dug her fangs into the other side of his neck and Sonny started crying, begging Rory to stop.

When the guy fell limp, Rory backed away, wiping the blood of her lips with the back of her hand.

"Now, how do you taste?" Jerry wondered, taking a step toward her. Rory placed a hand on his shoulder, stopping him.

"You've had your fill. Let me have mine," Rory requested and Jerry turned to face her. He pulled her close and kissed her. Sonny almost gagged at the sight of it and narrowed her eyes as Jerry went back upstairs.

"You're disgusting," Sonny spat and Rory rolled her eyes at her former best friend.

"Oh, am I? I'd like to say I'm devious and deceptive. Lucky for you, I'm not going to kill you," Rory stated and Sonny was slightly relieved.

"What are you going to do?" Sonny wondered, fear enveloping her.

"I'm going to let you go." Sonny was confused. Why would Rory let her go? Was this a trick?

"I don't believe you," Sonny stated, narrowing her eyes.

"My dear, sweet, Sonny, I have no intention of hurting you, but if you tell anyone I'm alive or where I'm located, I will come after you and end your life," Rory threatened, unbinding Sonny's hands.

"Why are you doing this for me?" Sonny asked as she stood up from the chair she was seated in. To her right, she saw her date's lifeless body.

"We were best friends and somewhere deep down inside, I feel protective of you. If anyone is going to drain you dry, it's going to be me," Rory mentioned and led the way through a secret door. It was just large enough to fit both of them, one at a time. They stood in the front yard and the sun was rising.

Sonny stood tall and looked at Rory. The two girls gave each other small smiles.

"The sun will keep Jerry from chasing after you, but I'm pretty sure I can keep up the impression that I dumped your body somewhere. Go out and have fun, but don't look back. I'll be fine." Sonny nodded in understanding and then pulled Rory into a hug. It surprised Rory, but she hugged Sonny back.

"Don't get staked in the heart too soon," Sonny cautioned and Rory grinned.

"Hurry up and get going," Rory urged her.

"Where are we exactly?" Sonny asked hesitantly, looking around the neighborhood.

"You are so clueless. My old house is next door," Rory pointed out and Sonny laughed.

"Bye," Sonny said and then began walking down the street. Rory watched as her best friend walked away. Reluctantly, Rory turned back and looked at the house she shared with Jerry. She could definitely convince him that she dumped Sonny's body. After all, she was a brilliant actress.