Title : Tick Tock

Summary : Time goes by so slowly, but that's the way he likes it. Even after all these years. Because just every once in a while, he misses her. It's time to go back. [KxI, one hundred word drabble turned short one-shot.]

Ever absent, ever near;

Still I see thee, still I hear;

Yet I cannot reach thee, dear!

~ Francis Kazinczy

Tick tock

He realized it had been a while since he had done this: watched her sleep from the tree in her backyard.

Ichigo. Even after all of these years, her name was still like a caress to him. A breath uttered to be carried in the wind towards high heavens.

Because even after all of this time, he was still madly, deeply, irrevocably in love with her. And he couldn't help but watch her from her window because it was (used to be) the only time she would let him close. Let him near her. Let him simply breathe.

Sometimes the past was meant to be covered, buried, let go.

(But not Ichigo. Never her.)

It had been years. Tick tock went the clock, boom boom went Kish's heart, and sigh sigh went the sound of Ichigo's breathing.


Rose petals struck his nose the next time he visited. It was two years later. Seven years in total since the last time. He already knew his answer: Masaya.

Year after year after year… (It was never going to end, was it?)

It would always be him sneaking back on the anniversary of their alien descent, forcing him to be content with just letting her be. Your happiness is enough, his words cascaded back at him.

The night sky was his lone companion, the sounds of the evening the echoes of his heart. Come back to me, breathed the wind, please talk to me. (Enough was never enough.)

She was crying in her sleep, but he could already tell they were tears of joy and not sadness. He knew by the smile she was wearing.

It had been years. Tick tock went the clock, crash crash went Kish's heart, and drip drop went the sound of Ichigo's tears.


A very different sound came to his ears a few months later. A highly addictive obsession had risen within Kish once more, and he found that watching Ichigo was no longer a choice for each year or so but a frequent need. A crave. A selfish desire.

But he had never claimed to be selfless, had he? (Not once.)

A sound stirred at the edges of his heart.

Pain was what he heard. For what, Kish didn't know. He didn't even know if he wanted to know. Ichigo… If he knew what was hurting her, he could stop it! (What if…)

He nearly came in to greet her that time, to wrap her into his arms and plead, "Please don't cry, I can't bear it if you cry… Not like this, don't cry for whatever this is."

He almost did. Almost. Not quite. (Those were two of the cruelest words ever heard or uttered.) The frequency of her tears became faster. He stretched his arms out, her pain reaching towards his heart...

… And let all that he felt she was feeling out with a sigh that cut through the cracks in between her window and wall.

(He froze.)

Ichigo's head snapped up and her red-rimmed eyes gleamed. "Who's there?" she whispered, voice hoarse and throaty. The lights in her eyes were dancing.

Down below, Kish pressed his back to the trunk of the tree and held his breath for what seemed like the rest of the night. He was still frozen. (He was whatever she needed him to be.) And he knew what that was, as he couldn't bear to leave her. The ghost of a softer sigh escaped his lips.

It had been years. Tick tock went the clock, thump thump went Kish's heart, and sob sob went the sound of Ichigo's sorrow.


Red hair had grown long, just slightly, and thick lashes still framed compassionate brown eyes. If one thing at least never changed, she was still his Koneko-chan. And likewise, he still hers.

He could tell by the form of her figure, the way it still stretched as if protectively waiting to spring and leap and pounce. (Still his.)

Curling up in a protective yet languid stance. (Still his..)

Slight smile upon the corners of her face, fluttering eyelids. (Still his…)

Having an expression of surprise as she watched him as well. Still-

(Wait what?)

Quickly, ever so quickly, she raced to the door and unhooked the latch, throwing the curtains back and window open with a muted bang. Timidly at first but then surely, a hand reached out, her hot fingers touching his icy cold. "You're real," she breathed, amazed, with just a hint of surprise.

Tick tock went the clock, boom boom went their hearts, and grin grin went the sound of their smiles.


Always and forever, seemed to breathe the wind.

(Oh, how I love a happy ending.)

A window was thrown open, and a pair of arms were thrown around the smaller figure. Ichigo... He leaned down to taste her. Up in the night sky, a cat of many constellations seemed to appear smiling down upon them.

Tick tock went the clock, love love went their hearts, and kiss kiss went the sound of lover's lips meeting lover's lips.

(And they lived happily ever after).

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