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"'Why don't you forget about Izumi and choose me?'" Shuichi Nakatsu said holding the weeping Mizuki in his arms tightly.

Mizuki looked up at him, her tears drying as they streamed down her face and dripped off her tight jaw. She blinked once and parted her lips to speak, inhaling and then she felt Nakatsu's lips touching her gently.

Her forehead kissed his and she leaned her tired body on his supporting one. Their lips stayed together not moving much. Just stilled in the contact, and the fresh new feeling of being held and comforted.

Her cheeks were sticky from her tears were glued to his. Their lips started moving slowly and sweetly. Her hand hovered its way to the side of her neck, and her other on tightened on his broad muscular shoulder.

His arms were holding her to him, one on the back of her neck and the other on the center of her back.

She didn't remember that he didn't know that she was a she. Mizuki was completely content in her warm and sticky touches with Nakatsu.

He didn't even think or register that her chest against his was more cushioned than a mans, and her slightly out turned hips were curved femininely, where his hand now rested. Her arms were irregularly not muscular, but graceful, unlike a growing and clumsy young man. He didn't even think to remember that men at 17 had facial hair, and she didn't even have peach fuzz.

Finally the slow sweet kiss stopped after a long minute, and they slowly unstuck their lips, their foreheads touching lightly.


"Shuichi , please," he said.

"Shuichi, I'm a….I'm a woman." Mizuki blurted. Her chest heaving as the secret was out and off of her. She closed her eyes and breathed as she waited for his response.

"Mizuki?" Shuichi said, after a few long and almost unbearable seconds passed. He put his hands on either sides of her face and forced her to look him in the eye. They stared for a moment. "That's perfect." He smiled and the kissing started again, but with a new found happiness that lifted both of their spirits, and they both felt a flying sensation.

He moved their bodies closer so he could feel her warmth through their clothes. One hand resting on her hip and the other stayed at her neck, his thumb on her cheek.

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