Hey! Sorry for the wait.. but I've been busy being a dramatic teenager… :/
Anyways… I don't even remember where I was going with this story, but I'll try to do something anyways…. Here is my attempt. Disclaimer: Not Asian, I am Swedish impossible to change identity…

Shuichi was going mad. He couldn't stop thinking about what had happened. It was insane. He never thought he would ever be able to be with Myzuki. H-she was always so illusive, never submissive. But everything was changing.. She was still sleeping in the same dorm room as Sano, and that was absolutely inappropriate. Well.. he would rather it was his dorm room she was sleeping in and sharing stuff with… Shuichi stopped that fantasy immediately knowing where that would have gone…

Shuichi turned over in his bed and sighed, he was wide awake, yet so so tired.

"Can't sleep?" Kayashima's head popped out of no where.

"Uh.." Shuichi rubbed his eyes and lifted his head to see Kayashima's dark form in the room. "Um.. yeah.. why are you awake?" He reached for his watch on the table. 1:20 AM. ugh… he thought.

"I don't sleep during the Nones of the month." Kayashima shrugged. "It must have something to do with the spirits, they keep me up. Their souls can't rest so neither will mine."

"Nones?" Shuichi layed flat on the bed and covered his face with his hands, massaging his face, maybe this would help.

"Nonea is the Latin way of saying the 13th of the 15th of the month, depending on how many days there are in the month. Today is now the 15th, no sleep for me." Kayashima concluded with a huff and crossed his arms.

"Ugh it is way to late… or early to be talking about this." Shuichi groaned and put his back to Kayashima.

"Suit yourself… I'll be meditating over here if you want to join me…It might help you sleep."

Shuichi was immediately at his side. "Meditation… I guess I'll give it a try… this once."

"Okay, now sit cross legged on the floor, like this." Kayashima sat down and with arm facing up rested them on his knees and touched his thumbs to his bent ring fingers, "These are pressure points, they are meant to release stress and tension, they should bring your body peace." Kayshime shut his eyes, and waited for Shuichi to do copy him. He did.

Shuichi sat that way for two minutes and then started snoring then he slumped over and was fast asleep on the floor. There was no way that Kayshima's skinny arms were going to lift the huge boy, so he just smiled, put a pillow under Shuichi's head and draped a blanket over him.

"Good night, my love." Kayashima whispered, and tucked the young man in. Then he put himself back into position and closed his eyes.

Kayashima could feel every living thing in the whole building. Myzuki was fast asleep, but in Sano's arms…Kayashima was slightly alarmed by this, but knew it was inevitable. She loved them both, but she still couldn't decide who she loved more. He was wearily thinking it just might take a push.. but not a shove for a shove would cause total chaos in all of their hearts, even more then there already was… Kayashima would not allow that.

How was that? Any suggestions of where to go? I am thinking I might change the pairings… Kinda leaning towards a Nakatsu/Kayashima pairing…. It's SO TEMPTING! Well tell me what you think. I'll be here. Waiting in the shadows…meditating…