WHAT AM I DOING. I have no idea. The muse snuck into my brain in the middle of the night, stole through a window and took me hostage. Oh, well. At least she feeds me.

So, I present these drabbles. Bite-sized relationship snippets. 100 words each. A documentation of the origins/journey of Esplanie. Some fluff, some hotter fluff, some whump, some angst, some etcetera. Other characters DO APPEAR.

Do I own Castle? No, not so much. Get on with it, peaches.




She wasn't late because she was sick. She was late because she was hungover - yet another horrible date with an early ending. She just wasn't going to say that.

By the time she arrived at the morgue, Beckett was already there, along with her new partner. Soulful, puppy-dog eyes and a Harrison Ford smile; clearly full of himself and his overhyped Latin charm.

"Dr. Parish, this is Detective Esposito," Kate said.

"'Sup, how do you do," he offered.

He was very easy on the eyes. She just wasn't going to say that.

"Like you'll ever know," she sassed him.





She didn't like coffee.

It took a while to gather enough signals to cement his guess, but now Javier would've bet cash on it. She never expressed interest in the cappuccino machine, nor jealousy over takeout cups. If Lanie Parish had wanted coffee, she would've made it known. She simply didn't bat an eye at the stuff.

So what did she like? That took more work: months of reading little clues in her personality.

The morning he set a Vanilla Chai Tea on her table, the look on her face was evidence enough he'd done well. He walked away grinning.






"Oh, c'mon."

"There's a greater chance that I will go out with Mr. Grayson here after he gets up off this table. Now keep movin'."

Lanie expected him to shrug and retreat toward the double-doors. Instead, he surprised her, casting a shadow over her scalpel work. She looked up, noting just how close he was leaning.

"Name one good reason why not, and I'll go."

Oh, now her mind decided to take a sabbatical. Finally, she argued, "Because we work together."

But he didn't go. "I said a good reason, Doc. Gonna take a little more than that."





Cynical, maybe, but light days were always the worst for cops. More paperwork than anyone knew what to do with. It was almost four-fifteen already when Ryan wheeled up to his desk.

The Irish cop backhanded his shoulder. "Jenny got us sweet reservations, bro. Center court."

First boredom, now bragging. "So?" Esposito griped.

"So, there's room for you too. Plus one… Jenny's got this work friend she thinks you might be into."

Esposito leaned back, considering. Game yes…date, no. He liked someone else.

"You in or what?"

"…Thanks, but nah."

He had to prove himself on this one.





The team didn't hit many 'cop bars' once Castle bought The Old Haunt. Lanie was secretly glad, when she joined them: the Haunt's easy atmosphere did them all a world of good.

Tonight, she nursed a martini, listening to Beckett's tale of a fire-escape chase gone awry. They all laughed at the punchline. Periodically, Lanie caught Esposito's gaze.

Did that mean he was staring, or was she?

Another martini materialized at her elbow. "I didn't order this," Lanie protested.

"Compliments of the bar," the waiter smirked, then he retreated.

Behind his beer, Esposito wore the face of pure innocence.



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