Felt like throwing some more out there. (Remember, at this point, their relationship is still new and secret.) Number 12 makes a reference to episode 1x02. Don't mind me. Go on now.




It dawned on Lanie during a chat with Kate about a stinger she'd used on Castle.

"Told him I'd cuff him next time it happened," the detective had smirked. "He practically fainted."

Innocent or not, it sparked Lanie's mind. Beckett wasn't the only one with cuffs.

Her boyfriend had them too.

Suddenly, the workday felt endless.

That night, Javier came over. "Damn," he exhaled. "Took forever to sneak outta there… Whatchu doin'?"

Lanie grinned deviously, admiring the decidedly badass quality of the handcuffs she'd just swiped from his belt. "Get comfy, Detective. I'd like to try my hand at interrogating."





"I do not understand how you do that."

Javier fastened his jeans and crossed the room for his shirt. They'd overslept again. "Do what?"

"Just not wear underwear like that."

He shrugged. "It's - "

"Seasonal. I've heard."

"Just a habit I picked up when I was stationed. The less on you out there, the better. What's it matter?"

Lanie was suspiciously quiet. When he looked her way, a wicked smirk waited on her lips.

"Fair enough…" Then she slinked past him, whispering, "Just keep in mind today…you're not the only one who can go commando."



She was good.





"Javier, I mean it." Lanie flipped through her notes as she walked. "We're at work. Unless it's a medical issue, it can wait."

Undeterred, he ducked ahead to lift the yellow tape for her. "Okay, okay. I didn't wanna bring it up, but I got somethin' on my chest that's really botherin' me."

"Mmhm." Her lips pursed skeptically, arms folded. "Let me guess; a confession that you just can't live without me."

"No, a shirt. But I hoped you could take care of that."

Shaking her head, she kept walking. "I knew I smelled a pun comin' a mile away."





His phone chimed mid-interrogation. With a steel glare and a "Don't move," Javier stepped out into the box.

Which was thankfully empty, because once the pic downloaded, he almost started choking.

Right away, he hit her speed dial. It rang twice.

"This is Dr. Parish."

"Are you naked?" The pitch of his voice was downright embarrassing.

Hers was not. "Not at the moment, but I see you got my message. You okay, Detective?"

"You did this on purpose."

"It's possible…"

"Cruel. Evil woman."

"I'll see you at eight."

Yes, she would. If the cardiac arrest didn't get him first.





The bed shifted. From behind, he tucked his arm around her middle. "…Y'know what we should do?"

"Hm?" Lanie pivoted - and knew that look immediately. "Oh. Not tonight."

"Deny it, I dare you," Javier teased.

"No, I mean, not tonight."

Every male on earth knew that tone. Wrong week to argue.

"…Oh." A pause. Then: "Well, we could always…?"


"Oh, c'mon, we never - "

"It's intentional."

"How come?"

Lanie fixed him with a stare that threatened to eliminate the option permanently.

"…On second thought, how 'bout we just surf Netflix."

"Better. Keep that up, and we'll talk on your birthday."



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