-The Next Day-

I woke up to a honk of a car's horn. I knew my mom had to work today, so I figured it was probably her ride. Or so I thought.

I heard a knock at my door followed by my mom's voice.

"Zoe, are you up yet? There's somebody I want you to meet."

I said, "Yes, let me get dressed, then I'll be down." I walked into my closet and looked for my BOTDF shirt, my bright blue skinny jeans, and my Slytherin Harry Potter sweatshirt. I got dressed, grabbed my phone, and walked downstairs. When I hit the bottom of the staircase, I heard my mom's voice, and two other voices that sounded familiar, but I don't think I've ever heard them before at my house.

"Oh, there you are Zoe Droxie. I was about to come up and get you again."

I heard my mom say that, but I wasn't in the living room yet. She quickly came out of the room and came to whisper in my ear.

"Don't freak out, but Jayy Von Monroe and Blood on the Dance Floor's manager is in there. Go in and day 'Hi' while I grab one of your original CD's."

"Mom! I can't just go in there and make a conversations with one of my idols and his manager. Mom! I can't! It's going to be awkward. I love Jayy, mom! He's one of my idols and…"

"Zoe Droxie Dare! Do not make our guests, our famous guests, wait any longer. I would not think that you, being BOTDF's biggest fan, wouldn't be able to talk to them. Go in and talk. Now!"

As she said, "Now!" she gave me a look of Come on Zoe. You can do this.

I slowly walked into the living room and I saw an old man, and next to him sat Jayy Von Monroe. Holy shit. I introduced my self and immediately asked if they would like anything to drink. I needed to be out of there for a split second so I could text Rachaelle, Ashkie, and Jake. They both said a glass of water, so I went into the kitchen.

'Ashkie, Rachaelle, and Jake- I just got woken up by my mom because Jayy Von Monroe and his manager is at my house. Don't tell anyone, and don't come over. I'll let you guys know what happened later. ILY! 3'

I got BOTDF's manager's water, and as I was getting Jayy's, I felt my phone go off with three texts and then I felt a phone call. I grabbed my phoneand hit 'Ignore'. So I walked into the living room with the two guy's waters. They thanked me and I nearly fainted when Jayy's hand touched mine for a brief second. My mom came back in the room and she started talking with them, about me I think, but I wasn't sure because she didn't say 'Zoe' she just said 'She'. All I know is that my mom had just handed Jayy my CD of original songs, and he was pulling out a CD player to listen to it. I watched as he gently slid the CD into the player, and I began to freak out as he put the headphones on and hit 'Play'. I watched his face intently as the first song played.

I just remember him looking straight into my eyes and smiling. He looked like he had enjoyed it.

"Chris, take a listen to this. It's fucking amazing."

He handed the CD player to his manager, whose name was Chris. Chris hit play and listened. His mouth immediately went into a smile.

"Did you write this yourself?" He looked at me with a face that said my music was really good.

"Yeah. I originally wrote the lyrics as poetry, but I just added the music after I read the lyrics to the tune."

They looked at each other, then looked at my mom and I. Jayy began to speak, but was interrupted by Chris.

"Zoe, you are an amazing singer. You mom has told us that you found out last night that you are Dahvie's half sister. That's partially the reason Dahvie isn't sitting here with us. He is actually out getting something ready for Warped Tour. Now, I believe the boys have a question for you. Jayy?"

"Yes, I talked to Dahvie last night after your mom contacted us. And well, your mom said you are a very skilled singer, and I had to come over today to see. And I have made the decision. Now, Mrs. Dare, you already know the question, and Zoe, your mother has already told us that it is your decision and your alone. Dahvie and I, would love it, since you are Dahvie's half-sister, if you would come live, and tour with us."

I had been staring at the ground, but as soon as he asked me to go live and tour with him and Dahvie, my head snapped back into place, and I began to ponder the possibilities of living with them.


I hadn't even realized I had said 'Yes' until Jayy smiled a wicked big smile. I look at my mom and she seemed happier than me or Jayy for that matter.