I Will

A poem or list of things Alfred/America WILL DO starting from when he was a child.





When Alfred F. Jones was small, he wrote a list of things he would do. He kept that list throughout the years and this is what he wrote.

I WILL learn more about myself

I WILL stay away for Mr. France

I WILL always love big brother England

I WILL not cry when Arthur has to go because I'm going to be a hero

I WILL one day ride on Arthur's pirate ship

I WILL do my best to make everyone happy

I WILL win the Revolutionary War

I WILL someday apologize to Arthur

I WILL be the world's Hero

I WILL defeat Germany

I WILL save Prussia

I WILL always hate Russia

I WILL always love Arthur's scones

I WILL tell Arthur I love him

I WILL protect my country

I WILL always smile for Arthur

I WILL always hold Arthur close when he cries

"And someday, I WILL die."

Arthur read the last bit allowed as he looked at the sleeping boy next to him. He hadn't been expecting to find this under Alfred's glasses but somehow, it both made his heart ache and feel lighter. Leaning over to press a kiss to Alfred's brow while the younger nation slept, Arthur took out a pen and jotted down a final line and crossing out the other.

I WILL never leave Arthur alone

"So you can't die, because then you will break your promise."

Slipping back under the covers, he never saw Alfred roll over and smile down at him.

"Yeah, I'll never leave you, even if I did die."




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