Cloud:  *kicks the door of the honeymoon suite open and looks around*

Jenova:  *gasps*  I can't believe we're finally here!

Cloud:  *smiles, picks her up and carries her into the room*  . . . I can't believe we're actually married.  I never thought any girl would go for me!  Especially not one as beautiful as you, baby!

Jenova:  *shuts the door with one tentacle and wraps others around him*  Oh, you're so sweet!  *kisses him hard*

Cloud:  *starts to kiss her back, but . . .*

Heard from the next room:

Red VIII:  I hate you!

Kimahri:  Kimahri hates you more!

Red VIII:  I cannot believe I ever married you!  *sound of ring clinking on floor is heard, followed by door opening and audibly slamming*

Kimahri:  *thud is heard as he drops to his knees*  Nooo!  Why?!?!?!  Kimahri not mean what Kimahri said, Kimahri love Red VIII!!!  *big, galumphing footsteps heard as Kimahri follows Red*

Back in the honeymooner's room:

Jenova:  That was . . . . weird.

Cloud:  Yeah.

Jenova:  *shrugs*  Oh well.  *pins him to the bed and starts kissing him*

And we'll fade out . . . . . .

Next day ~

(Cloud is in a bright pink Speedo, and Jenova is in an itty-bitty teeny weenie yellow-polka-dot bikini . . . *giggles*  Anyway, Jenova is sunning by the hotel pool while Cloud tries to impress her doing fancy dives)

Cloud:  Watch this, baby!

Jenova:  *looks at him over her sunglasses*  . . . I'm watching . . . *said with no enthusiasm*

Cloud:  *jumps off the diving board, tries to flip, smacks head against pool wall, falls into pool unconscious*

Jenova:  *shrugs*  Eh.  *goes back to reading*

Rikku:  *surfaces from out of nowhere in the pool, in Al Bhed gear, coming up beside Cloud and pulling him to the edge of the pull so he won't drown*  Hey, are you okay?

Cloud:  *sputters*  Wha?

Jenova:  *looks up, sees them, screams*  GET AWAY FROM MY HUSBAND!!!!

Rikku:  *looks up*  Huh?

Jenova:  *launches herself at Rikku*

Rikku:  Ahhh!  *trying to get Jenova off of her*  Help!

Cloud:  *hefts giant sword that he has apparently pulled from his pink Speedo and kills Jenova*

Rikku:  *blinks*  Why'd you do that?  Wasn't she your wife?

Cloud:  Uhhhhhh . . . . . *staring at Lulu's boobs.  Lulu is for some reason sunning across the pool*

Rikku:  *follows his gaze*  JERK!!!!!!  *hits Cloud*  YOU BIG PERVERT!!!!!!  *starts beating him up*

~*~*~*~*~*~                         Across the pool                       ~*~*~*~*~*~

Kimahri:  *comes running up to Lulu, looking deliriously happy*  Kimahri have good news, and Kimahri have better news!

Lulu:  Really?  What is it?

Kimahri:  Good news, Red VIII decide to stay with Kimahri!  Better news, Kimahri pregnant!

Yuna:  *walked up behind Kimahri just in time to hear that*  Wha-what?

Kimahri:  *turns to Yuna and beams*  Kimahri pregnant!

Yuna:  *faints*

Rikku:  *drags Cloud's dead body over*  Oh no, someone wake up Yunie!  She has to do a sending before this perverted jerk before turns into a fiend!

Lulu:  *sighs and casts Water on Yuna, splashing her and waking her up*

Yuna:  *sits up coughing*  . . . . What?

Rikku:  *points at Cloud's body*  You have to do a sending!

Yuna:  All right . . . *stands to do so*

~*~*~*~*~*~                         Across the pool                       ~*~*~*~*~*~

Sephiroth:  *in black swimming trunks, kneeling beside Jenova's body*  Mother!  NOOOO!  *pulls Masamune out of swimming trunks*  I WILL have my REVENGE!!!  *runs off*

Zax:  *blinks, looking after him*  Seph?  Don't you want a pina colada?


Raine:  *sighs*  I know, I know, that sucked.  Oh well.  Hopefully, Jenova's funeral and Sephiroth's revenge will be up soon . . . .