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A handsome young man smirked devilishly at his computer screen, his maroon eyes glinting with amusement as he clacked away at the keyboard. Humans were all the same, especially those pathetic teenage girls. However, it never bored him. In his head, he mimicked their complaints of "My life isn't worth living," and "I don't care what happens," or his new personal favorite, "When we die together, everyone will realize what they did to us; they'll regret their actions from the bottom of their black hearts." Izaya Orihara cackled softly to himself as he read the melodramatic message on the screen from his newest victim, "Suki."

Suki: It all started last year, when my twin brother was murdered.

Kanra: Tell me what happened! I'm here for you.

Suki: Well, my brother was the star-student and an incredible athlete. He was the most popular guy in school, and I was kind of like his shadow, I guess. But I liked it. It gave me protection, but at the same time it gave me access to making friends, which I had a hard time doing without him.

Izaya leaned back in his chair and stretched like a smug cat before spinning several times about in his excitement. He had been exchanging conversation with Suki-chan for the past week, and he was finally getting to the sob story! It was just too much. Next, he grabbed the cup of coffee that was saturated with cream and sugar and imbibed it like an inebriate drunkard. Well, this was his sixth cup, after all.

Suki: Anyway, one night, he didn't come home from soccer practice. My parents just thought he was out with his friends, or something along those lines.

Suki: He didn't come home the next day, or the next. Finally, they got worried and called the police. His body was found, covered in bullet holes. The murderers were never identified, but it's inevitable that he was killed by the gangs in New York.

Kanra: That's terrible! I'm so sorry. What did you do?

Suki: He was my best friend. I feel completely lost without him. I just want to disappear. My parents decided to move to Japan to get away from New York. They have friends here, and they figured they would feel more comfortable with them.

Suki: But ever since my brother's murder, they've ignored me completely. It was my birthday last week, and they didn't even notice.

Kanra: Well, even though it's very belated, happy birthday, Suki-chan! It's terrible what your parents did to you. (T_T)

Suki: Thanks. What about you? Why do you want to disappear, Kanra-chan?

He was closing in now, like a panther that was about to chomp down on an antelope. Laughing quietly to himself, he ignored Namie's exasperated huffs as he typed a rapid reply.

Kanra: My parents are forcing me to go to college for law, when all I want to do is act. My father denies everything I would like to do. He forced me to quit the school band and makes me study all night. It's like my parents are trying to live their dream through me, their daughter.

Suki: I think I understand what you mean.

Kanra: Maybe I should just listen to them, you know? I mean….

Suki: No! They don't care about you at all. I know exactly what we should do.

Kanra: Do you mean… disappear together?

Suki: Exactly. We live in the same city, don't we?

Kanra: True… so when do you want to meet up?

Arisa Kagami snickered as she shut down her laptop. Her meeting with Kanra-chan would be soon enough. Even so, she felt a tiny pang of guilt at how easily Kanra had believed her. Ah, well. This would be good entertainment, anyway. Ikebukuro was far too boring, and she had only been here for three days! It was true, she had moved from New York to live with her uncle. But the rest? The strawberry-blonde made a near-purring sound in her amusement. To be honest, she really didn't want her "online-friend" to go through with the suicide. Maybe she could actually change Kanra's mind. Besides, this was the farthest she had gone yet in her trolling. Back in New York, she had so many enemies that she was pressured to leave by her parents.

Gangs hated the girl that taunted them for her amusement as she zipped by on her way to school. She would sing loudly as she skipped, her voice drifting behind her, "You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!—or woman."

She suddenly frowned as she reminisced. She never was caught. Except once. The one time that forced her to leave the city she had grown up in. She involuntarily shuddered as she remembered that night when she was skipping home from track practice. For once, she really had been minding her own business. And then they came….

"Arisa-chan, are you ready for school tomorrow?" her uncle interrupted her thoughts, looking up from his miso soup. His voice held a stern tone, like he knew she would get in trouble before the end of the day.

"You know me too well, ojisan," she sighed, dumping a large ladle of soup into her bowl. It spattered all over the table. She ignored it and sat down.

Uncle Hideki looked concerned as he stared at his niece. He couldn't help but feel worried for her. She was just so… careless. Personally, he blamed her parents. They had let her run around New York alone ever since she was a child. Her mother was British, and had moved from London to America to marry Hideki's brother, Takuma. Alyssa was probably a bad influence on her daughter; she had been very similar growing up in London. However, Alyssa at least had a conscience, probably due to her strict father.

Hideki reached over to curl his hand over her pale one. Arisa froze.

"Please be careful, Risa-chan," he pleaded.

Arisa looked pointedly at his hand, indicating that she did not like to be touched. Then, she sighed, defeated. "All right, Dad," she mocked in English.

Hideki chuckled weakly. Since Japanese was not her first language, she frequently switched to English when she wanted to emphasize what she was feeling. Right now, he guessed it was somewhere between annoyance and fondness.

He cringed as she slurped on her soup like an uncivilized cavewoman. He really had to get used to her eating quirks.

"Are you done trolling Ikebukuro for today?" Namie demanded when Izaya had shut down his computer.

"No need to be so angsty, Namie-chan," Izaya informed her lightly, so happy with his recent conversation that he did not even feel a twinge of annoyance at her constant cynicism.

"Shut up, Orihara. You're being paid to keep tabs on my brother and that chit of a girl, not to obsess over your internet friends," she stated imperiously.

The thin black-haired man raised his hands as if in mock defense and replied, "Ah, ah, it's not fair of you to meddle in my affairs, Namie-chan."

Her eyes flashed angrily and she slammed a stack of files down on his desk. "Look through those for any lead on where my brother is if you want to keep your job!" she commanded before striding across the room and slamming the door behind her.

Izaya watched her go, sinister amusement curling his lips into a grin. "Touchy, touchy," he mused quietly to himself. His almost-scarlet eyes strayed to the case where his darling dullahan head waited to be awakened. He picked it up and cradled it, almost lovingly, to his chest.

"Yes, she will be just as amusing as the others," he predicted.

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