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It was dark. The rain pouring from the sky ran down my exposed face, representing the tears that I am not able to shed. I looked at the person standing next to me. He was my hope. My light. My angel. My future. My eternity. My Alec.


Bella P.O.V

I was with Edward in Isle Esme. We were starting our honeymoon. Today was supposed to be the best day of my life. I was about to make love to Edward. My Edward. I felt honored to be able to say that finally. It's not every day you get to marry a vampire. Excitement and nervousness bubbled in my chest.

"Bella, you know we don't have to do this now. We can always wait until you are changed." Edward murmured in his smooth hypnotic voice that put me in a true state of bliss. I am ready. I want to have him inside me. I'll prove it. I pressed my lips to his and pushed him down. He realized this and maneuvered us so that we could fall onto the bed. "Bella," He moaned. I smiled and reached for his shirt. I managed to unbutton the first button before his cool hands were on mine.

"What's wrong?" I asked and curled up next to him.

"I changed my mind. I can't do this Bella. The guilt is killing me." Pain flashed across Edward's angelic features.

"What do you feel guilty about?" I asked. What could have possibly upset my angel so? Is it me? Was it something I've done?

"I…" Edward started. I gave him an encouraging smile. He frowned and continued. "I slept with Tanya." The smiled vanished from my face and I covered my mouth. I gasped. I was overcome with shock. Tanya? From the Denali Coven? I can't believe it.

"How could you?" I squeaked. My world has literally has just been shattered. Not to mention my heart broke like a piece of glass falling to the floor. How could he wait to tell me after I already fucking married him? What kind of jerk does that?

"Love, we can work this out. Wait…what are you doing?" He asked me. I picked up my duffel bag.

"I am leaving. Go fuck someone else! You let me marry you and you didn't even think about telling me, did you?" I screamed. He is such a jerk! How in Satin's name did I ever fall for him? He is a two timer. I tore the beautiful ring off my finger. I heard chuckling and I looked at him. He cracked an evil smile. He knocked the duffel bag out of my hand. He snapped. "Edward, what are you doing?" I shouted.

"I drove the boat didn't I? You can't leave since I won't let you." He smiled a terrifying smile. He grabbed me and pushed me onto the bed. He began ripping my clothes off. He tore the black satin bra off of me and smiled. To be honest, he looked insane and his eyes darkened with lust. He peeled off my grey skinny jeans and yanked off my panties. I clutched the bed when I realized what he was about to do. He was going to rape me instead of making love to me.

"Help! Somebody help me!" I screamed. No one came. He put his hand over my mouth.

"No one can hear you scream." Edward smirked. He pulled off his pants and his boxers, leaving him totally exposed. I was too scared to blush and admire his too beauty. I twitched and Edward leaned on me so I couldn't move. He pushed his member inside me and starting pumping.

"Edward, stop! It's hurts too much!" I moaned. The pain was too great.

"Love, you wanted this so much, didn't you?" He smirked and pumped in harder in and out of me. He was too strong to fight off. I screamed again as Edward roared he grabbed my arm and squeezed it tightly, but not tight enough to break it. I felt the bruises forming immediately. He came inside me and then pulled out. "Was that satisfactory for you?" I shook my head.

"No. Stop please." I panted. The pain was too much.

"That sounds like an order." He grinned. "I don't take orders." He shoved his member inside me again and kept pumping. I cried out in pain and agony as I collapsed. He pulled out of me and put his clothes back on.

"I hate you," was all I had the strength to say before passing out. What happened to the Edward that protected me? The one who saved me from James. The Edward Cullen that I fell in love with? What did I do to deserve this?

Alec P.O.V

I was with Jane, Felix and Demetri when we approached a small island. I heard screams and we all ran to this gorgeously designed house. A girl was screaming as a man raped her. Hmmm…if my memory serves me right, that girl is Isabella Swan or should I say, Cullen. I heard the brothers talking about her wedding.

"Sister, should we help her?" I asked Jane. Jane didn't seem like the fondest person of Isabella these days. I awaited her response.

"Yes. Aro wouldn't want Isabella damaged now would he? Felix, Demetri, take care of Edward. Alec, you stand guard." Jane spoke. She, Felix and Demetri dashed off. Jane dressed Isabella. She was beautiful. I quickly averted me eyes. Felix destroyed Edward and Demetri lit him on fire. They both ran out and stood by me. Jane walked out, carrying Isabella and a duffel bag. She slid her into my arms. "Here, make yourself useful." She was a perfect fit for my arms. I flipped my brownish, red hair out of my eyes when I smelled smoke.

"Did you two put out the fire?" I asked Felix and Demetri. Both of their eyes widened and they immediately started playing rock paper scissors. Jane grunted and stomped inside and put out the fire. I could've sworn she said 'idiots' under her breath.

"Now, let's go before you kill any more of my brain cells." She muttered, shoving the bag into Felix's arms and dashing off to the private jet. Demetri followed after her. I on the other hand was too busy admiring the human in my arms.

"Girls..." Felix groaned. "Alec, you coming?" Felix looked at me. I nodded. He looked at Isabella. I laughed. I leaned closer to her and whispered to her.

"We'll be home soon inamorato." Felix gave me a funny look before running off. I chased after him. I sat Isabella next to me on the private jet. She moved and curled up in my lap. I unknowingly ran my fingers through her long brown hair. Demetri smirked. He knows I'm not good with women. I'm around Jane, but she's my twin sister. I'm also around Renata, since she guards me and Jane sometimes. I'm also around Sulpicia, Athenodora, and Didyme when she was still alive, but then I was just watching over them. All I want to know is that why I'm attached to this HUMAN girl. I only met her once. I'll need to get some advice from Marcus. I thought about the day when I first met Isabella.

Flashback: Alec's P.O.V still

I saw Isabella walk in along with Edward and Alice. Jane, Demetri and Felix led them.

"They send you out for one, but you bring back two and a half. Such a clever girl." I smiled as I embraced Jane who laughed her wind chime laugh. We gave each other a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Welcome back Edward," I greeted him. "You seem to be in a better mood."

"Marginally." He said in a flat tone. I looked at the human girl. I always considered humans to be halves since there is a good chance that most of them would be changed.

"This is the cause of all the trouble?" I asked skeptically. Edward only smiled with a contemptuous expression. Then he froze.

"Dibs!" Felix called. Edward snarled. Alice touched his arm. I growled at him. Alice glanced at me and raised an eyebrow.

"Patience." She said softly. I didn't know who she was addressing. Was it Felix? Was it Edward? Was it me? I wished I could hear what she was telling Edward with her thoughts.

"Aro will be pleased to see you again." I said casually as if nothing had passed.

"Let's not keep him waiting." Jane suggested. Edward nodded. I took Jane's hand and glanced at the human. She was admiring me. I smirked and she blushed. We continued walking through the marble hallway and down another ornate hall. Typical. The human groaned after all of the walking and I cracked a smile. She is an amusing creature. We walked through the double doors. I held them open for Jane. Aro embraced her immediately.

"Alice and Isabella. How wonderful! This is such a pleasant surprise!" He glided over to Isabella and grabbed her hand. "Oh, I cannot read her thoughts. How delightful. I wonder, I she immune to all of our gifts? Jane?" Jane smiled and stepped forward.

"Yes master?" Jane smiled.

"Cab you test your power on Miss Isabella please?" Aro demanded. Marcus and Caius looked entertained. Caius even walked over to them. I took all of my control not jump in front of Bella and take the hit for her. Instead, I grabbed her arm to keep her still. Edward growled at my thoughts. Jane focused on Isabella and Edward jumped in front of her and took the hit for her. He lunged for my sister. Bella tried to run to his side but I stopped her. She screamed.

"Please stop!" She looked at Jane who snapped out of it. Jane looked at Isabella thoughtfully.

"Now, this may hurt a bit." She warned. After what seemed like decades, she snapped out of it. She frowned and Aro clapped his hands.

"Wonderful! Simply magnificent, wouldn't you say so brothers?" Caius and Marcus didn't look like wonderful would be their first reaction. Aro let them leave since they promised to change Bella. I told them when it dark that they could leave. I wish I could use my power to keep Isabella here. I sighed. All good things must come to an end.

Alec P.O.V: To the Present

Isabella was still curled up in my lap. I felt a current fly through us. The plane landed in the garage in our castle. Demetri, Felix, and Jane hopped out. I felt Isabella wake up. She blushed at the position she was in on my lap and stood.

"I am so sorry Alec. It must be hard being around me and-." I cut her off.

"You are not a vampire so you need to breathe. I am honored that you remember me inamorato." I bowed my head slightly. I stood up next to her. I was taller than her by about six inches.

"What happened to Edward, I thought I was on the island and…oh…never mind." She step and then nearly fell over. "I feel so sore." I smirked at her. I knew what she was talking about even though I wasn't necessarily a part of it. "You didn't see right?"

"No, Jane was the one who dressed you. Not me." I spoke softly. She was wearing navy jeans and a red t-shirt. "And about Edward, he was destroyed by Felix and Demetri. Aro will not be happy about that fact, but he will be pleased to see you, inamorato." I told her. She nodded but looked scared. "Inamorato, we are not going to hurt you. If any of us did, Aro would have our heads on silver platters." She eased up a bit but still looked frightened and doubtful.

"Okay," she muttered. "Wait, what does inamorato mean?" She asked.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Inamorato means sweetheart." I sighed. I picked her up. She blushed.

"Okay. I don't really care what you call me." Isabella said. I nodded and ran into the castle. She looked at the painting that were displayed in the halls. Demetri winked and held the door open for us.

"Isabella is back! How wonderful!" Aro smiled. How creepy. He glanced at me and raised an eyebrow. "Hand please Alec." I gave him my hand and he read my thoughts. "Interesting. Does Isabella-."

"Bella." Bella said.

"Okay. Bella. Does Bella speak Italian?" Aro asked. Caius and Marcus looked at us.

"No." I assumed. If she asked me what inamorato meant, she couldn't possibly speak Italian.

"Okay, Alec spyware cosa è successo." Aro told me.

"Jane, Felix, Demetri, e ho sentito urlare esiamo andati sul l'isola per scoprire cosa è successo. Si è scoperto che Bella era violentata dal proprio marito." I explained.

"Ho smepre Saputo che i compagni non erano very." Marcus sighed.

"Penso che dovremmo cambiare e farla entrare la guardia." Caius spoke.

"Meraviglioso! Alec, si poteva cambiare!" Aro clapped his hands again.

"Molto bene. Quando vuoi farmi?" I asked.

"Ogni volta che è pronto." Aro said.

"Wow!" Marcus exclaimed. Everyone looked at him. Marcus never makes out bursts.

"Qual è il fratelo sbagliato?" Aro asked.

"Ho guardato I suoi legami e Caio id sua figure paterna." Marcus smiled.

"COSA?" Caius exclaimed.

"Meravigliosa. Parliamo ora inglese." Aro sighed.

"So Caius, you are a dad now. Better work on that temper." Demetri teased. Caius growled and walked over to Bella and gave her a hug which made Demetri nearly faint.

"Problem solved. Alec, take her to her new room." Caius ordered. I nodded. I took her down the hallway into a huge bedroom. It had a huge king sized bed and a dresser that looked like it cost a fortune.

"It's beautiful." Bella said in awe. I laughed.

"Call me if you need anything." I told her and stepped out. I went to my own room where Jane was lying on my bed.

"Alec, we need to talk." Jane told me.

Here are the English Translations.

Okay, Alec explain what happened. (Aro to Alec)

Jane, Felix, Demetri and I heard screaming and we went onto the island to find out what happened. It turned out that Bella was being raped by her own husband. (Alec to the brothers.)

I always knew they weren't real mates. (Marcus to everyone who speaks Italian.)

I think we should change her and have her join the guard. (Caius to everyone who speaks Italian.)

Wonderful! Alec, you could change her! (Aro to Alec.)

Very well. When do you want me to? (Alec to Aro.)

Whenever she's ready. (Aro to Alec.)

Wow! (Marcus)

What's is wrong brother? (Aro to Marcus.)

I looked at her ties and Caius is her father figure. (Marcus to the brothers.)

WHAT? (Caius.)

Wonderful. Let's speak English now. (Aro to everybody.)

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