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Hey RomanceDramaAzngrl here! Well so over the Fourth of July weekend I saw Monte Carlo and I absolutely loved it! It was such a cute funny, and sweet movie! Also I love Selena Gomez!

Well i decided to write something about it. Probably make it a story! But I do need some supporters to know if I should continue or not! Well please enjoy!

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It's been about five months since my adventure with Emma and Meg. It seems like it was so long ago, but I remember everything as if it happened just yesterday. The trip in Paris impacted Emma's and Meg's life. Emma realize she's happy in simple Texas with her truck-loving football player, Owen; which by the way she's getting married next spring. Meg meeting the guy thay brought her back to the happy Meg I never met. The two got back from Taiwan just about a month ago so Meg could finish out her last year at the University of Dallas. I'm happy though. Everything was kind of the same for me. But now knowing who I am now.

Now as for Theo and I...Well you would think we would be a "thing" right? Nope. We're just friends...For now...I hope. I explained everything to him when we met in Romania, especially how everything I felt towards him was true. He understood the whole thing, but I could tell how hurt he was from the lying. But I was happy that he said he didn't regret any of the time we spent together... Especially that kiss... Oh and Cordelia? Haven't heard of her ever since Monte Carlo. Luckily the whole look-alike thing was controlled from the press and just made it look like Cordelia being a good girl for a week. She just went back toher snotty spoiled self...

Now here I am in New York City, settling at my first year at NYU for journalism. It's not the best place if you include the traffic and crime rates, but if you add the scenery and lively atmosphere it's beautiful. I hear my roomate, Layla, and her friends coming back from shopping. Layla is the typical girl from Florida with warm brown hair, tanned skin, and jade green eyes. Instead of studying she spends her time partying, shopping, and barely even going to her classes. Whereas I'm the one studying, at my classes, and have no life.

I hear them giggle and talk about guys and then before i know it they have a pillow fight. I groaned and banged my head on my desk. I had to finish my ten-page essay by tomorrow and I was only on page 4. I hate Professor Griggs... after a couple minutes on failing to focus on my essay, I packed all my stuff and started to head to the door. I told Layla, Kayleigh-an energetic blonde, and Megan-a sweet red head, that I was heading to Starbucks.

I entered the coffee shop, enjoying the strong scent of caffefine. I grabbed a latte and started heading to the nearest table and started working ferviously on my assignment. Once I got to page 9 I needed another cup of coffee. I walked back to the line trying to think about what to say next on my essay.

"Naturally it's-" I accidentally ran into someone once I turned around to head back to my work," Oh I'm so sorry" Looking down embarassed being stupid.

"Oh non, it is alright. I should have seen you there." He had a French accent. I looked up and saw a young man with wavy brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and such a sweet smile to die for. I made a soft gasp.


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