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It's been about two months since Theo left. Emma and Meg left about three days they arrived. Meg had to go back to school and also Riley called her and said he would be in Texas. Emma had to finish her wedding plans even though she had until April, which was in like five months.

Theo and I? Well we're still emailing and texting each other, and once in awhile call. Okay that only happened once because I was in a terrible mood. We're still trying out best not to forget each other. Both of us understanding how hard it would be for us to stay together. But deep in my heart, I knew something was going to go wrong.

I was walking down the street in the cold November weather heading towards the park. My boots crunching against the rock pathway, my hair blowing with the wind, and my cheeks turning a little red. I sat down on the bench where Theo and I would sit at most of the time we were there. I just stared at the scene in front of me. Leafless trees lightly swaying with the wind, the light poles shining on the perimeter of the pathway, and some people rushing out of the cold weather. Seeing a couple at one of the trees in front of me I that it was Theo and I...


I looked down and saw it was my mom. "Hello?"

"Grace you haven't called me or returned my email!" I told her that I've been busy with school. Which was partially true. I've been busy with school...and Theo. "Well make time for your family too. We miss you. Meg told me how amazing it was there. Are you still coming over for Christmas?"

I had almost forgotten, "Of course mom. I would'nt miss your cooking in the world."

"Honey, don't lie. But don't worry Meg and her father shall be cooking." I sighed in relief. For the next twenty minutes were just time catching up. "So any handsome New York men over there?" I laughed at her.

"Do you want me to bring someone over for Christmas dinner?"

"So there is someone?"

"There might be someone, but no worries yet. I'll let you know in ahead of time." I was being sarcastic, of course there wouldn't be anyone.

"Okay sweetie. Well I got to go. You do well in your studies! Send me some of your work. Love you Grace."

"I love you too." I hanged the phone up. The sweet couple from earlier was still there. The young woman leaned over and kissed her beau and then the two finally got up from the ground, gathered their stuff and walked away hand in hand. Then an idea popped in my head. Dialing a number, I crossed my fingers hoping the person woul answer.

"Hello Grace, comment ta la vous?"

"Hi Theo, are you busy?" Hoping the answer would be no.

"Not until in about five minutes. What is it? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, but I have a question." He told me to go on. "Are you busy for Christmas? Because I was wondering if you weren't then you can back over here for at least a couple of days and we can go to my parent's house and eat dinner with them and Meg." I paused wondering if he would respond. Nope, so I continued going on. " But I understand if you rather spend Christmas time with your family, and also with your project going on. Also Christmas isn't until another three we-"

"Yes. I would love to meet your parents."

At that moment I couldn't stop smiling. "Really? Are you sure? You're not busy or anything? If it's a hassle then.."

"Do you not want me to come then?" I yelled into the fun loudly telling him no. He lightly chuckled. I missed his laugh. "Well I will try to arrive in Texas on Christmas Eve?" nI tol him that was perfect. He had to go so we said our good byes. Now I coulnd't wait for Christmas Eve.

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