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It was currently Christmas Eve and Grace was at her old house in Texas. The house was filled with peppermint and gingerbread candles and a smoky scent from the fireplace burning. She was so excited. Not the fact that it was Christmas Eve but also that she would see Theo today. She had even called Theo yesterday confirming he would be there causing the Frenchman to laugh and his beloved's adorableness.

She was sitting on the couch waiting to arrive Theo from the airport since he refused her to drive in the Texas snow. Only three more hours; she was giggling and screaming in the inside. Meg sat next to her, "So are you ready for him?" nudging her with a smirk on her face. Grace laughed and replied, "Of course. I just miss him so much. I just want the plane to hurry." Which was really true. All she wanted to do was just to see him, hear him, hug him, hold him, and kiss him. She had even got him a decent Christmas gift for Grace was known as a horrible Christmas present giver. "You know what they say sis, 'Patience is a virtue'," her stepsister stated. Grace scrunched her nose at her and then moved onto a different topic which was about her and Riley.

After about an hour Meg and her stepfather started cooking the Christmas Eve Dinner, as it was typically for the family to have a Christmas Eve dinner and a Christmas dinner. Grace couldn't stay still and started doing random things around the house- dishes, laundry, rearranging the Christmas tree, and even stacked cups and try to knock them down with rubber bands. Grace's mother kept on teasing her how ridiculous she is to be so excited,although the mother herself was also excited to meet the man who captured her daughter's heart. About 45 minutes that Theo would be arriving, Grace got ready and aiming to impress Theo. She finished about 10 minutes early sitting in the living room waiting for her beau to walkup her front porch and ding dong the doorbell. She wore a crimson red dress ending right above her knee with a sweet heart neckline and the dressed bunched up and tied in a knot in the middle. She was adorned with black heels with little bowties on the back and her hair was in light loose curls and bright red lipstick.

"Well someone is trying to impress," her mother noted as she walked into the living viewing her gorgeous daughter. Grace laughed with her mother and helped arrange the table. Grace waited patiently for the door bell to ring but the young Frenchman still hadn't arrived. The family waited for about an extra hour not wanting to start without her stepfather commented that the food might be cold soon so they began eating without Theo. Grace was picking on her food, clearly upset. Why wasn't he there? Was there an accident? Did he not even fly? What happened? Why hasn't he called?

After dinner Grace went to the living room along with her family and talked. While the whole time Grace kept looking at the door. At around nine Grace called in for the night and went to her old room sitting on the bed. She still wore her red dress and then laid on the bed silently crying.

Where was Theo?

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