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For most people, staying locked in their room for three days straight would be a bad sign. For Raven, it just meant that she had other things to think about.

These sort of situations - complicated ones, ones that nobody else would understand - caused her the same troubles that they'd cause anyone else, but she hid herself in her room and got away with it. Right now, Raven didn't want to see anyone. The rest of the Teen Titans knew better than to bother her while she was locked in her room, even Robin.

She wanted to see him least of all. He was the whole cause of her present, unavoidable situation.

If only she had said no. If only they had been more careful.

If only 'if only' made it all better.

This was one problem that she wasn't going to be able to fix herself, a situation that she couldn't get out of by using her powers or her personal knowledge.

It was the biggest problem of her life - second only to the prophecy that had followed her until she had overcome in a few years ago. Those were darker times. Times that she didn't care to remember.

And yet, that incident, fulfilling that prophecy and then standing up to her 'father' and banishing him … they had given her what she had always wanted. Her freedom. At last she was free of it, at last she didn't believe that she was evil deep inside her.

At last she had been free to let her emotions go a little, and let them go she had. She had kept control, of course, through carefulness and meditation. But she had allowed herself to feel more than she had ever felt before, let herself know foreign emotions.

One of which had been love.

Love. There had been a reason why she had never allowed herself to truly feel it, to feel it as strongly as she did nowadays. That reason hadn't been to keep her control or anything to do with her supposed destiny.

It was to stop herself from ever getting into this sort of situation!


The knock on her door came at around midday, and Raven looked up from the book she had been reading. Placing the hardback object on her bed, the frustrated teen walked to the door and opened it a couple of inches, enabling her to see out but not allowing them entrance to her guarded room.


Of course. Who else had she been expecting?

"Hey, we haven't seen you around these past couple of days" Robin said, his tone a mixture of curiosity and worriment. "Anything you wanna talk about?"

"No" Raven said solemnly, ready to shut the door in his face - even after all this time, she didn't like her friends, not even Robin, to be in her room. It was still the haven of darker objects in the Tower, and she did what she did for their own safety. "Anything else?"

"Uhm … yeah, actually. We're going out for pizza. You wanna come?"

Despite herself, Raven actually considered it. It could be bearable to just sit in a restaurant and pretend that she was a perfectly normal teenager, one with no powers and no problems. But she knew that pretending would get her nowhere, and she had better things to do.

"Not today" she muttered, and this time she closed the door.


Her first trip out of her room for three days was a quiet one; easy to believe, seeing as the other four Titans were out getting pizza. She stood by the window and looked out at the ocean - had it always been so blue? Why was it she noticed things more when she was alone, when it was quiet?

A small smile ghosted her features, resembling faint happiness but not quite allowing it to surface.

The almost-smile was followed by nought but a sigh.

There was the everyday, normal option of getting rid of it. Robin would never have to know. She could go to a clinic, get it taken out of her and then she'd never have to think about it again. Nobody would ever know …

But it wasn't that simple. She'd know. And if she got rid of it, discarded it so easily, like it meant nothing, then wouldn't she be acting almost like her own parent had? Her father had used her, he hadn't cared for her.

Parenthood had never crossed Raven's mind. She had never expected the world to survive long enough for her to consider her options like that. When it had - when she had beaten her own destiny, and become truly good - she had thought of nothing but that she had her whole life ahead of her, that it was actually her life to control.

She had spent those couple of years well. She had saved the world again, aided her friends in their task of ridding their city of evil. She had tried to get along more with the three team members who were her friends. And most of all, she had finally established a working relationship with a man who she honestly loved.

"Robin" she whispered to no-one.

What was she going to tell him? Would he be happy about it? Would he even understand that it wouldn't be as simple for her as it would be for most females?

To get rid of the child would be to discard it as unimportant. It would be to do to the child what her own father had done to her.

She would not be like him. She was nothing like him. He was a monster, true evil, and she …

She was Raven. She was good.

She couldn't get rid of the child.

"What are you going to say?" Raven whispered, sadness crossing her face as she wondered how her lover was going to react. "What can I tell you?"

Raven loved Robin, she truly did. But she was aware that he had many goals and ambitions, and that a child would prove problematic and possibly - probably - get in the way. Would he want her to go through with it?

Did he get to have a say at all, or was it her choice alone?


It was late at night, when she was in her bed, staring at the dark ceiling in silence, that Raven finally made her decision.

She would keep it. She wouldn't get rid of this part of herself, this part of her that was a symbol of her achievements.

And she would tell Robin, eventually. Now was not the time.

She had not faced him, or any of the others, when they had returned. In fact, she had made sure to lock herself in her room once again before they had arrived home.

Raven knew that she couldn't hide forever, but for now, she would pretend that she could.

Her hand found its way to her flat stomach and laid there, her magic allowing her to feel the life slowly forming inside her …

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