Authors Note: I take many liberties with this game, I like to include sea monsters and time travel and weird forms of magic, I also like giving the animals certain abilities based on their speacies, Rats can squeeze their body through any opening they can get their head through, Hawks and Eagles can see for great distances, ETC

I do not own the Furry Pirates game, I do however own the characters I created, and the character my friend has created, I do include sample characters from the game itself though (I of course do not own these).

CRASH! Two mangy pirates lay on a wet cobblestone road which was illuminated by the open door of the tavern they were thrown from. Gottfried, the boar bartender and proprietor of Stortebekers, wiped the dirt off his great black hooves.

"Und don't come back 'till yer Sober, I von't be Havink any More fights in here no more!" Shouted Gottfried with his thick accent.

"Owwww" Moaned Claus a filthy rat pirate.

"We-we weren't that drung-er drunk *hic*" grumbled Maverick, Claus's coyote shipmate who was moderately less filthy.

"Y-yeah it was those a-guys the er-coater-coata-coatmundis-"


"No, Coata mundas? Those raccoon things that started the fight any ways! *Hic*"

"Yeah them stripped tailed buggers! Hang the lot of 'em I say!"

"I mean all I did was go about pump'n the water outta the hull if you know *hic* what I mean, and al'a sudden he's comin' after me yellin' 'bout his *hic* bloody boots!"

"All that because of his boots? "

"Yeah, tried to kill me 'cause of his bloody boots, they weren't good boots neiver, they had piss al'over 'em"

Claus stumbled to his feet and tossed an empty bottle at the tavern (which was four feet away) and missed.

"Ah to hell with *hic*this place, let's go see if we can go an'-an' swipe somethin' from the docks"

"Good idea there*hic* Mavy me matey!" said Claus without really listening to what Maverick had said.

The two drunkards stumbled over to the docks which were located close to the tavern. There were only a few crates on the docks at this time, most were empty, but one seemed to be heavier than the others.

"Now who would leave this out here *hic* all by isself" mumbled Maverick.

"Probably someone drunker then us matey" responded Claus who was still not paying any attention, and hadn't even noticed the crate.

"This here is a –whatsyoucallit-safety hazard, someone could trip over it"

"Yeah, yeah that's dangerous bein' all out in the open like that without any one watchin' over it"

"We should move this, jus' so no one trips over it *hic*"

"Good idea good idea, wouldn't want an'one gettin' hurt"

Claus and Maverick moved the crate to the beachside right beside the dock and after considerable effort managed to pry it open with a dagger (after multiple tries) to reveal that the crate was full of books and charts.

"Damn our luck! Just a bunch of *hic* books" complained Claus

"Can you even read?"



The two pirates sat there on the beach trying to think of what else they could do. The full moon shimmered across the dark tropical ocean, it was a beautiful sight, but one they had seen often, and one they didn't really care for. As far as either of them were concerned pretty moonlight was only good for seeing at night and romancing women.

"Hey whats that commin' up the shore?" Asked Maverick, who had suddenly spotted something.

The two drunken pirates looked out into the ocean as an old, scruffy, one eyed mink, soaked to the bone, came shuffling up to shore, where he collapsed onto the beach with a squelchy thud. He was covered with seaweed and sand and had more scars then Claus had fleas (which was a considerable amount) Claus and Maverick could tell a fellow pirate, and by the look of him, this mink was defiantly a pirate, he even had the pirate smell.

They might have lacked style, social class, money, good luck, and soap, but Claus and Maverick didn't lack a heart so they helped the mink into Stortebeker's (Gottfried reluctantly allowed them back in) after the mink had warmed himself up next to a fire and had a few drinks he became very attentive and excited.

"Jack'sa be me name me 'earties, Old Mad Jack. You gotta 'elp 'ere fellas, I'm bein' 'unted down- 'ere 'old this a sec"

Old mad Jack shakily handed Maverick a folded piece of paper made from a thick parchment. Maverick unfolded it to reveal a waterlogged map of an island labeled "Isla de Diablo" Maverick noted what appeared to be a volcano in the center of the island with an X marked in it.

"'e'll be comin' for that map there, 'e's been 'untin' me for years now, but I'm ol' yer still young, you can do somethin' 'bout it! You can keep the map, in fact I want you to 'ave it, its brought be nuthin' but woe all these years"

"Wait" Said Maverick "If its brought you nothin' but Woe why the hell would we keep it?

"Yeah why the hell would we keep it?" interrupted Claus "we aint carryin' some cursed woe bringin' map! That's al sortsa badluck!"

Claus snatched the map from Maverick's paw and tossed it into the fireplace.

"He, whoever he is, won't be comin' for no map if there aint no map to be comin' for" Said Claus as matter of factly as he could.

The map caught fire but didn't bend or blacken or shrivel like burning paper did; it was as if the flames didn't affect it. Claus stared at the fire for a while before carefully removing the paper with the poker, it was in the same condition it was when it was tossed into the fire. Claus (being obnoxiously superstitious) made the sign of the cross and spat.

"You can't destroy it" said Old mad Jack "'is desire for it makes it…er… invulnery-able?"


"Yarr exactly! 'Is desire makes it Invulnerable!"

"What the paper?"

"Yes! Black John Stone's 'is name, and 'e will not rest 'til 'e's got the map and the treasure, 'is desire, 'is raw will is what stops the map from bein' destroyed"

"Why are you given' this to us! We just saved you and you go and force us to have some cursed map!" Shouted Claus, who was beginning to panic. Claus was not very brave, and was easily terrified of the supernatural. the other pirates usually got a kick out of telling him ghost stories.

"Boy do you even know o' the vast amounts of wealth that await you if you find that treasure, that treasure is enough to buy this entire port! Your young an' 'ealthy…er young at least, you'll have better luck then me at gettin' that treasure laddies!"

"Tell us 'bout this Black John Stone, Jack" Said Maverick as he picked up the map from the hearth where Claus had left it. "I want to know who'll be comin' after us" Maverick was the more responsible of the two.

"Black John Stone" Started Mad Jack "Ah 'e was evil, as evil as the sea is salty wi' a heart colder then the depths o' the ocean, with burnin' eyes and claws like iron hooks.

He was first mate aboard the Buzzard, an English privateerin' type o' ship, the captain, Victor Knight, called King Victor by 'is mates, found the island, Island of the Devil the Spaniards called it, down off the coast of South 'Merica, the Spaniards 'ad colonized it and 'ad found an ol' temple on the Island full of gold, more gold then they knew what to do with. They found queer things on that island, things that should'nt a've bin there"

"Like what?" asked Claus who was both fascinated and frightened.

"Damn if I know boy" Continued Mad Jack "Strange things, evil things, but I'm gettin' off topic, the Spaniards knew about the Buzzard and knew King Victor was going to be coming for the gold, for that fortress wasn't well armed, so in their uh- desperashin?"


"Yarr that be it, so in their desperation they load up a bunch of the gold on two ships and tried to ship it to Spain as soon as they could, but King Victor caught up to 'em, took all the gold as well as all the other valuable items and hid 'em with the rest of 'is treasure

An' for good reason to, King Victor knew that Black John Stone would try to mutiny just to get at 'is treasure. An' 'e did, but not afore King Victor 'id it all. Black John Stone was furious, 'e searched al'over that damn island for the treasure but could never find it, King Victor had made a map an 'id that as well.

Black John Stone swore to 'eaven that even death wouldn't stop him from gettin' a' that map. And death didn't stop him, one stormy night while Stone was sailin' around the island lookin' for victims to take his anger out on. While he was standin' on deck a bolt o' lightnin' struck the mizzen mast. It broke and swung down and SMACK!"

Old Mad Jack Clapped his hands together so suddenly that Claus let out a loud squeak in fright.

"It knocked Stone's Head clean off 'is shoulders" Continued Jack with a grimace "the rest of the crew perished to, the storm smashed that ship right against Fang rock an all aboard drowned. But death didn't stop Stone, no 'e sails to this day with a crew of ghosts still lookin' for that map.

Don't ask me how I got that map, I paid the price and … and lost someone I cared for because of that cursed map" Old Mad Jack was silent for a while, and wiped a single tear from his single eye. "find that treasure laddies, find it an complete what I couldn't"