Sven stepped aboard the Black Vixen cautiously; he didn't trust Claus and Maverick to find him a good crew. But much to his surprise most of the crew members looked less thuggish then he suspected they would. Sven quickly found Claus and Maverick.

"I have to say, you two didn't let me down this time"

"Yeah, but this'll cost you extra, they were hard to find" said Maverick

"we'll negotiate that later, might I ask something?"


"Is it true that Sir Francis Lyndd will be captain of this vessel?"

"That be true"

"Francis Lyndd?"


"THE Francis Lyndd?"

"That's right"

"The famous buccaneer turned freelance pirate?"

"Don't know any other"

"The well known adventurer?"

"Who else could he be?"

Just then, Francis Lyndd emerged after inspecting the captain's corridors. He was a tall, muscular and lithe leopard, with a smile that could melt the devil's heart and eyes that oozed confidence. He was richly dressed and wore two sabers at his side each with a fine leather scabbard covered in silver leafing.

"Ahh you must be Sven" said Francis approaching Sven Heeren. "I understand you will be joining us this voyage, true?"

"O-Oh yes and let me say it is an honor to have you aboard my humble vessel" Said Sven with a quick bow.

"Oh no need for formalities, I'm just gracious you've offered me a chance for adventure"

Francis looked around then bent over and whispered into Sven's ear

"I understand there is a treasure map involved"

"Yes, yes but how-"

"You're-er-informants over there had the message brought to me, I'll keep it a secret and trust that they will as well" Francis turned to Maverick

"Are you still in possession of the map?"

"Yes, I've got it right 'ere" said Maverick patting his pocket.

"Good I'll trust you to hold on to it and keep it a secret"

"Aye captain."

"Good, ah here comes my first mate"

A lithe and slender wolf walked up and stood next to Captain Lyndd. She wore deep blue clothing and had a more simple attire then Lyndd. She wore her black hair in a tight bun under her tricorn hat and carried a single rapier at her side, her eyes were of a beautiful green hue.

Maverick was speechless as he stared at her and, at the moment, wished he was a wolf if only to catch her eye.

"This is Matilda Maldune, she has served alongside me for many a year now and I'm confident in her abilities."

Matilda shock Sven's paw.

"Sven Heeren at your service"

"A pleasure I'm sure" said Matilda "captain I've inspected the vessel, she is a seaworthy craft, we should expect no trouble from her"

Maverick quivered a bit, this beautiful wolf had just complemented his ship. Maverick wasn't able to say a word to her before she and the captain were off.

"Claus I think I'm in love"



"Oh its that fox wench over in Stortebeker's isn't it, aye she be a saucy one"

"No not her"

"Oh, then you mean the light house keeper's daughter, she be a beauty"

"No! no the wolf! Matilda"

"Ohh her… Her!"


"She seems…er a little out of yer league"

"Oh what do you know, you've never had a girl in your life!"

"Exactly, I know that ladies be judgmental, and neiver of us are very…er what's the word?"


"That'll do"

"Ah shut yer gob Claus, just give me a few minutes with her and next thing you'll know your best man at me weddin'"

Claus Shrugged and wandered off to find something alcoholic to drink, leaving Maverick on deck thinking about Matilda.