Belarus's Brother-Stalking Diary

I've been looking at some of the diary stories, and they look awesome so I want to write one too! So, I will make one for Belarus, because that could be interesting. I don't know if she already has one, because I haven't looked, but oh well~! The pairing will probably be EstBel, because there is nowhere near enough of it... And there'll be very small mentions of LatUkra (Does that even exist? ...It does now~!) and RusAme, because I don't like RoChu~ Also, Russia, his sisters and the Baltics are living together in this fic, just to make things easier.

There will be 3 entries a chapter, because the entries probably won't be that long! But for the first chapter, there will only be 2, because I want to see if people like it first. I'll continue even you don't, though~! I don't know how long I'll be writing them for, either. Probably only a few weeks... Well, enjoy~!

18th August


Big brother gave me this diary, so I will write in it, like he said I should. When he gave me it, he said, "You're always so angry all the time, Belarus~! Maybe if you write what's bothering you in that diary, it would help you get it off your chest, da~?" I told him he could read it whenever he wanted to, because we'll be married some day and we shouldn't keep secrets from each other, but he just blushed and backed away, shaking his head... I'm sure he's just shy.

Today, I followed big brother to America's house again. He brought some sunflowers with him; at first, I thought they were for me, but he gave them to that America... He's been going there a lot lately, and it's making me suspect something. He came out of his house looking especially cheerful, and his cheeks were slightly red... The only person causing big brother to act like that should be me, not that bastard! But, I didn't bring my knives with me today, so there wasn't anything I could do about it. It doesn't matter, I'll be married to big brother Russia soon...

After that, I ran straight back home, being careful not to be seen by big brother. I must have been looking especially irritated, because Estonia, who was sitting at the dining room table on his laptop, asked if I was okay... He probably just asked for the sake of it. Why would he care? All he seems to be interested in is that laptop that he's always typing away on. He even looked up from his laptop when he was talking to me, which is weird; he never does that for anyone else... I told him I was fine (maybe I said it more forceful than necessary...), grabbed a snack from the cupboard, and ran here, to my room. I think he said something after that, but I didn't catch it. I'm sure it wasn't important...

It's only another week until my birthday... I wonder if big brother will propose to me? That would make a nice present. And I must remember to get big sister a present too, since her birthday is the day before mine. What would Ukraine want...? Maybe a better bra... Latvia's face when she runs... it almost makes me smile. I think he has a crush on her. If I was a nicer person, maybe I'd help them get together.

19th August


Big brother left early again to go to America's house today... With another bunch of sunflowers. I wish he'd give me bunches of sunflowers like that... Maybe he doesn't because he knows that I already love him, so he doesn't need to... Wait. Could that be why he's giving them to America? To tell him that he loves him? There's now way that could be true, right? He loves me! So, I followed him again today, just to make sure that America isn't doing anything to my brother.

I should've killed America yesterday... He hugged my brother! And he actually let him! That wasn't the only thing he did, either... And even worse... big brother looked like he was enjoying it! To say that I'm annoyed would be an understatement. A massive understatement. Anyway, what happened before that...

Soon after he arrived at that idiot's house, they left, with a picnic basket in big brother's hand and a blanket in America's arms. Typical America, wanting to carry the lightest thing. How inconsiderate... I guessed that they would be heading for the park with stuff like that, so I ran there ahead of them, to find a comfortable tree to sit in.

After a few minutes, they arrived. HAND IN HAND! Brother, why are you letting him do that when we're going to get married? I almost broke my binoculars, because I was gripping them so hard... America actually helped set out their food, which kind of surprised me... But that still doesn't make it okay! So, after they finished their food (during which that bastard America tried to spoon-feed my dear brother... I swear, he's going to wake up at the bottom of the Baltic Sea tomorrow... Well, he won't wake up, but you get the point.) Russia laid back on the blanket, and America decided to rest his head on my dear big brothers chest! When he put his arms around big brother, AND HE PUT HIS ARMS AROUND AMERICA IN RETURN, I almost dropped my binoculars out of shock. I really should treat them better. They finally left after staying like that FOR TWO WHOLE HOURS. Sure, I could sit in a tree and watch my brother on his own for the whole day, but when he's acting like that with someone else... I can't stand it!

Estonia was sitting in the same place as yesterday, typing away at his laptop at the dining room table again. I wonder what he does on that thing? I guess I'm slightly curious... So I asked him.

"Estonia, what do you do on that laptop all the time?" He looked surprised that I was talking to him, as opposed to shouting at him, but he gave me a reply.

"It's nothing much! I'm just filling out some forms that your brother doesn't have the time to do." Once again, he looked up at me when he was talking. I wonder why?

"Belarus..." he began, looking at me nervously. He probably thought I was going to kill him or something, "Are you okay? You've been coming back here looking particularly irritated recently..." I was surprised he noticed. I thought he always had his eyes glued to that laptop...

"I'm fine. It's nothing you can do anything about, anyway." I told him, looking away. I probably sounded cold, but I was irritated. He just sighed, and got back to typing at his laptop again. At least he's doing something to help big brother.

6 more days until my birthday, and 5 more until Ukraine's... I'll go shopping tomorrow for a present. I think I can trust big brother for one day, because I know that he loves me, and not that bastard America. Right...?

Done~! Well, the first two entries are, anyway. Please tell me if I sound like Belarus! If it was my diary, there would be exclamation marks and squigglies all over the place, but I can't imagine Belarus doing that, so there aren't any~ I'll (probably) upload the next chapter tomorrow, regardless of how many review I get~! But still, a few reviews would be nice.
Lithuania will (probably) make an appearance tomorrow; don't worry, I haven't left him out!

Oh, and happy birthday, Belarus~! XD