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In this chapter, shit gets REAL! Meaning, things get a bit depressing for poor Belarus~ But you'd be depressed if you found the person you love-*censored *! It was written while I was listening to a random mix of Higurashi and Vocaloid songs...

22nd August


Today was... really bad... I'm not even sure if I can look at big brother in the face ever again...

I got up really early so I could see big brother before he left for America's house today, but he'd already left the house. As I opened the fridge to get some milk out for cereal, I noticed a note attached to the carton. It read:


I'll be staying over at America's house today to discuss some important political things, so don't forget to do your chores~! And don't follow me. That includes you, Belarus, da~?


Big brother Russia has always come home after meeting with America... I knew they'd probably be doing what I'd seen them doing for the past week during the day, but if he was staying over... I decided to pay them a visit. Without either of them knowing, of course.

So, at about midnight, I sat on my usual branch outside America's house. For some reason, Estonia followed me up there again.

"Why are you here?" I called to him, looking down to see him scramble up the tree, a bag slung over his shoulder. When he reached my branch, he leaned against the trunk to catch his breath for a minute. I got the feeling that Estonia doesn't go around climbing trees every day.

"It's cold, so I... wanted to give you this," He said between breaths, reaching into his bag to take out a familiar looking scarf. Familiar, because it was the scarf he'd bought when we went shopping. Before I could reply, he wrapped it around my neck, securing it with a loose knot.

"I was going to save this for your birthday, but I found something better..." He murmured, his hands staying on the scarf longer than necessary. He stayed like that for a minute, looking into my eyes, before he shifted his gaze to the side. I thought I saw a blush... Probably not.

"Hey, Belarus... Did you hear that...?"

After a few minutes of silence (It wasn't an awkward silence! Talking would be stupid when you're trying not to be found anyway!), Estonia pointed to the window that he heard something from. It was America's. Pointing my binoculars in that direction to get a better look, I tried to focus on what was being said too. Even though it was faint, to me it was so loud it might as well have been shouted into my ear.

"Alfred... I love you..."

"I love you too, Ivan..."

That time, I really did break my binoculars. Because as well as that, I'd seen them taking each others clothes off. Not wanting to be there any longer, I tried to climb down the tree as fast as I could, with Estonia shouting at me to be careful. After that, I don't remember much, apart from someone reaching out to me, screaming my name- my real name- out.


23rd August


I woke up at about 7pm the next day, my head feeling like it was about to burst. At first, I didn't know where I was, which unnerved me a bit, but everything fell into place as I recognised the familiar walls of my room. I still couldn't remember how I'd got there in the first place, but judging from the pain in my head, it had hurt. After laying there for a few minutes, I felt something in my hand. Something warm. I tried to sit up and see what it was, but before I even got halfway, I cried out in pain and collapsed back onto my bed, thankful that it was soft enough to cushion my landing. After that failure, I stayed put for another few minutes, gathering my strength for another attempt. But when I was successful a few minutes later, I was surprised to find that the warm object in my hand wasn't an object after all. It was another hand. Belonging to a certain sleeping Estonian. Had he been there the whole time, sitting on the floor next to my bed? I was quite impressed. His hair look slightly dishevelled, and his glasses were somewhat askew; I guessed that he must have moved around a lot in his sleep. Even with that worried expression on his face, he actually looks quite cute when he's sleeping... Wait, what did I just write...? Th-that's not true! Before I could scold myself any further, a low mumble escaped his lips, and his eyelids flickered open. I quickly layed back down on the bed, pretending to still be unconscious. I wanted to see how he would react.

"Oww... That was a stupid place to sleep... My neck hurts now..." I could imagine him rubbing the back of his neck as his complained. Why did he even stay there? He could have slept in his own bed, instead of on my floor... Shortly after, I felt my mattress sink a little bit next to me. He must have sat down there.

"Well, it can't be helped. I had to make sure Belarus was okay..."

...What? Why does he care? I didn't even think he was capable of caring for anyone else other than that damn laptop of his! N-not that I'm jealous or anything! I mean, what kind of idiot would be jealous of an inanimate object? Not me, that's for sure! And doesn't he know how stupid he sounds, talking to himself?

"Wow... I've been asleep for this long? Well, I did stay up late last night treating Belarus's injuries. I'd hate it if anything happened to her..."

He stayed up for me? And almost as soon as he mentioned it, I could feel the tight bandage wrapped around my head, and a few plasters on my hand. So something quite bad must have happened last night for me to have all of these injuries...

My thoughts froze when I felt his lips gently brush against my cheek. It took all of my inner strength to stay still, and not open my eyes.

"I know you can't hear me right know, but... I love you."

And then he got up, and I guessed that he'd left the room from the sound of the door closing. After I was sure he'd left, I sat up, touching a hand to my cheek where I'd felt his lips a moment before. He... loves me? That can't be right... Pushing those thoughts aside, I got up to try and find him. I still wanted to know how I'd ended up unconscious, anyway, so it's not like I was only going to see if what he said was true...

I finally found him 4 hours later, in his room. Brother's house is quite big, which is why it took so long, though his room should have been the first place I looked when I think about it. I'd stopped half-way through my search to have something to eat though, since I hadn't had anything to eat since the day before. Thankfully, nobody was there to ask questions. Not that I'd be able to give them answers anyway, with my mixed-up memory.

"Come in!" He shouted after I knocked on the door. I did just as he said, closing the door behind me. As soon as he saw me, his face became full of worry again.

"B-Belarus? Shouldn't you still be resting?" he exclaimed, leading me over to his bed to sit down. I wasn't that badly injured... He straddled the computer chair in front of his computer, folding his arms over the back and resting his head on them, and rolled over to where I was sitting.

"I'm fine, really." Estonia still didn't look convinced, so I changed the subject. "I want to know what happened last night."

For some reason, he looked extremely uncomfortable when I said that.

"Oh, that... Are you really sure you want to know?" he laughed nervously.

"Just tell me!" I snapped, maybe a little harsher than necessary.

"O-oh, okay... But don't kill me when I tell you!" he stammered, looking around his room for something to protect himself with. Finally deciding on a pillow (what good would that do if I really did attack him?), he hid behind it and began to tell me.

"Well... I found you up a tree spying on Russia and America, and I thought you looked cold, so I brought you a scarf..."

"Where is that scarf?" I asked, beginning to remember things as he told me.

"It's drying outside. I had to wash it since it was covered in blood..."

"Oh," was my intelligent response.

"Anyway, I don't know what you saw, but it must have shocked you a lot, because you crushed your binoculars to pieces... You fell out of the tree while you were trying to get down and banged your head, and since you were unconscious, I had to carry you home," he mumbled from behind the pillow, "You were bleeding a lot, so I stayed awake to clean it up. The wound didn't look too bad when I'd finished, so I... I-I went back to my own room to sleep..." I know that that's a lie. And even if I didn't know that for definite, I'd have been able to work it out from when he hesitated... But why does he need to lie about that? If he really wants to keep it a secret, I guess I won't let on that I know...

And then I remembered what had made me crush my binoculars. Estonia must have noticed the look of realisation on my face, because he grabbed another pillow to protect himself with. Tears threatened to spill out as I remembered what I had seen, and Estonia, not expecting that at all, didn't know what to do. He got up off the chair and warily sat down next to me on his bed, and pulled me into a hug. If it was any other time, or any other person, I would have pushed him off immediately, but for some reason I felt comfortable in his arms...

"D-don't cry, Belarus..." He whispered soothingly, running his hands through my hair. That just made me cry even harder, and cling on tighter to him. By the time I'd finally calmed down, I noticed the time; it was already 1am. I'd just been laying there, with his arms around me, for hours, and I was starting to feel tired. Noticing as I stifled a yawn, he smiled.

"Would you like me to take you back to your room?" Estonia kindly offered, pulling away from me. I don't know why, but as soon as he pulled away, I missed his warmth... I wanted to stay there for just a bit longer...

"I... I want to stay with you..." I murmured, catching him off guard by laying down on his bed and pulling him down next to me, "If that's okay with you..." He seemed to be at a loss for words for a moment, just staring at me with surprise in his violet eyes, until he smiled softly, and pulled me towards him again, whispering in my ear.

"That's fine by me."

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