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To the Ends of the Galaxy


XS Freighter: Mynock's Talon

Orbit over Nal Hutta

The Mynock's Talon exited from hyperspace. The XS Freighter ignited its engines and flew towards the capital of the Hutt criminal empire, Nal Hutta. The bridge comm crackled. Incoming freighter stop your approach towards Nal Hutta. If you move another meter towards Nal Hutta we will fire upon your vessel. An inspection crew will board your vessel and clear it of anything that could pose a threat to Nal Hutta and her space forces.

The Talon did not slow its approach, in fact it sped up. The comm crackled again. Unidentified vessel you have violated Hutt Space. You will now be treated as a hostile target and shall be dealt with accordingly. The comm went dead and the Talon continued to rocket towards Nal Hutta. Ahead, defense platforms that surrounded the planet began spitting red lasers at the ship.

Down on the planet below seven Hutt fighters lifted off to destroy the Talon. By the time they had entered lower Nal Hutta orbit the heavily modified freighter had just started to break through the atmosphere. It had taken heavy damage from the defense platforms, but had flown by so fast they hadn't been able to finish the job.

As it pushed through the atmosphere of Nal Hutta, the Talon was an out and out wreck. Parts of it were already flying off, but what mattered was the cargo inside of it, which had survived the trip so far. As it continued to plunge through Nal Hutta's atmosphere the Talon began burning up and looked like a falling meteor to bystanders on the planet below.

As the Hutt fighters neared the Talon a dozen and a half missiles were fired from the apparently doomed ship. This greatly surprised the pilots pursuing the Talon. Five of them were destroyed right away and the other two managed to evade the missiles before other ones smashed into them a few seconds later.

By the time more fighters could be scrambled the Talon was approaching its target. On board the Talon the five droids that were occupying and running the ship left the bridge and headed to the cargo hold. They picked up a large durasteel container. One of the droids typed in a security code in the small keypad along the wall of the Talon's cargo hold. Miraculously the loading ramp had not been torn off of the wrecked ship. The ramp slowly lowered itself. If there were sentient beings aboard the Talon they would have marveled at the thousands of different shades of red, orange, and yellow that trailed off of the ship. The five droids just lifted the heavy container off of the floor and slowly walked over to the edge of the ramp. They set the container back on the floor and shoved it off of the flaming ship.

The container plummeted to the ground. One of the droids then walked back up to the barely intact comm system. On a secure frequency a short, four-word message shot off into space, barely managing to evade the Hutt jamming signals. A few minutes later the Mynock's Talon slammed into an apartment complex. The explosion was tremendous.

Headquarters of the Sith Intelligence Bureau

Dromund Kaas

The aide rushed down one of the many corridors in Sith Intelligence Headquarters. The datapad he was holding was of critical importance and he had to get to Darth Jadus as soon as possible. To his misfortune the hallways were packed. It just so happened to be orientation day for the new cadets. He pushed and shoved through the mass of eager cadets.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably a few minutes, the aid cleared the hallway and rushed down another, this time empty, corridor. After a couple dozen or so minutes of twisting and turning corridors he arrived at Darth Jadus' personal office. He stood in front of the door for a few moments to slow his breathing. Darth Jadus did not like his aides to be unprofessional.

When he reached out to turn the doorknob the door itself swung out and a deep voice beckoned him to the small desk in the center of the room. There was a single wooden chair in front of the desk. Behind the desk a looming figure that exhumed power and coldness was staring out at the Imperial City through a large window in the back of the room. "Sit." the figure said icily. The aide quickly sat down. "What are you doing here? You've interrupted my meditation exercises. Explain yourself. Now."

The aide gulped and gave him a short answer. "Sir, Operation Criminal Takeout was a success." The aide handed Jadus the small datapad he'd been carrying. "Leave me." demanded Jadus. The aide bowed and left the room. Jadus stared at the only words on the datapad: Operation has been completed.

Using the Force Jadus lifted the datapad in the air and quickly crushed it into a small metal ball. Using the Force again he hurled it out of the window. The now destroyed datapad flew out of the window, along with some glass, and tumbled down to the ground. Jadus sat back on the floor and restarted his meditation techniques.

Entertainment District

Nal Hutta

Valo Xenorex watched as the freighter smashed into Apartment Building 13. He smiled inwardly. It just so happened that that apartment complex had been the living quarters of a Bothan pest who had been following him ever since he'd landed on this slimeball planet the Hutts called their capital. He brushed off the appealing thought and quickly strode over to where the container that had fallen out of the burning freighter landed. It had landed in an alley. Just as planned he thought to himself.

He quickly typed in the security key and took out the contents. Inside were sixteen small vials of Mynock blood that had been tainted with some disease that he could not think of at the moment, but was supposed to be lethal to Hutts when airborne and, if placed in water, lethal to species ranging from Kaminoans to Humans to Zabrak to Rodians. He quickly pocketed the vials in the hidden pockets within the brown robe he was wearing and strode off to the building he currently lived in.

When he arrived at the entrance to his door Valo sensed malicious thoughts in his room. He pulled out his lightsaber and ignited it. The blade extended out of the hilt and bathed the narrow and dark hallway in its deadly red glow. He summoned the Force and pushed the durasteel door forward. He heard the screams of a few beings and shattering glass as they, and the door, flew out of the window. He smiled savagely and stormed into the room. The thieves were still in shock over what had happened to their comrades. During their distraction Valo struck with immediacy, power, and accuracy. By the time the thieves could bring their weapons to bear he'd cut down six of the remaining ten. Luckily for him the remaining four were all on the left side of the room. Bolts of blue lightning shot out of his fingertips at the remaining, luckless, souls. Three of them were electrocuted to death. One of them, a Zabrak, managed to dive out of the way. He crouched behind a chair and managed to squeeze off a couple of laser bolts before he dropped his blaster pistol and started reaching for his throat. Valo lifted the Zabrak off of the ground and slowly squeezed his fist together. The Zabrak tried to, but couldn't, manage a scream. He whimpered and slackened.

Valo dropped him onto the ground and calmly walked over to the holophone and demanded to speak with Carion, the Hutt in charge of the Apartment Complexes within Sector A of the Entertainment District of Nal Hutta. After some threats he managed to speak directly to Carion. When Carion's hologram appeared Valo winced inwardly. As most Hutts were, Carion was a slimy, disgusting worm who was just begging for a slow and painful death. Valo brushed the thought aside. He began speaking Huttese, "Carion this is the second time thieves have broken into my apartment since I moved into this closet you call a luxury suite. Improve the security systems in this building or something unfortunate may happen to you and your revenue sources." Carion just bellowed in laughter. He angrily hung up and began plotting ways to deal with the Hutt. Then he could concentrate on his mission.

Western Dune Sea


Jedi Knight Brianna Lov flipped over a rock that had been thrown back at her. The Sith she'd been chasing Force pushed a boulder at Brianna. She ignited her lightsaber and sliced through the boulder, separating it into two parts. The Sith apprentice, she'd figured out what he was by his weak use of the Force, jumped on top of a rock arch. Brianna, too, leaped onto the arch and continued to chase the apprentice deactivating her lightsaber in the process.

While not strong in the Force the apprentice was quite smart and quick on his feet. From the records she'd studied, during her apprenticeship to Jedi Master Ron Dualt, she'd also concluded that the Sith was training to be an Assassin. Well she planned to stop his training right here on Tatooine.

She continued dodging whatever the apprentice threw at her. She was slowly gathering the Force so she could Force leap in front of the assassin-in-training. When she'd gathered enough energy she leapt in front of the apprentice. He skidded to a stop. Genuine surprise covered his tattooed face. She ignited her green lightsaber and made a come-at-me hand gesture.

Fury, probably at being outsmarted by a Jedi, soon pushed away the surprise from earlier. He ignited his blood red lightsaber and charged towards Brianna. Brianna shifted into the Soresu stance and deflected each and every one of the strikes made by the apprentice with minimal effort. The clash and sizzle of the lightsabers was both blinding and deafening, but Brianna didn't even notice. She had given herself completely to the Force, trusting it to keep her alive and extinguish the dark presence before her.

The apprentice began tiring and Brianna quickly shifted to the Ataru style of lightsaber combat. The lightsabers clashed once again, but this time Brianna was on the offensive. Brianna drove the apprentice back towards the edge of the rock arch they were on. He clumsily blocked her precise and powerful strikes, barely managing to block more than a few of her strikes and stabs.

Brianna spotted an opening in his faltering defense and in one swift motion she knocked the blade out of the apprentice's hand and force pushed him off of the arch. She leaped down a few meters away from him. "Young Sith as a Knight of the Jedi Order I am ordering you to stand down and be prepared for arrest. You have until three to- oof!" Suddenly Brianna was knocked onto the ground. The Sith apprentice stood up and half-ran, half-stumbled towards the speeders that they'd been on when Brianna's chase had begun way back in Mos Eisley.

She quickly got up and Force Ran to the stumbling apprentice. When she realized she wouldn't reach him in time she threw her lightsaber at the young man. It bisected him by entering near his right shin and exiting through his left elbow. She summoned back her lightsaber and walked over to her speeder. She hopped on to the speeder and zoomed back to Mos Eisley, leaving the Sith's body behind to be forever buried by the merciless sands of the Twin Sun planet, Tatooine.