And now Part II of the first day in this story and this is where the real action shall begin. Not only am I revealing new characters, but the chain of events that are going to start will eventually roll out to reveal the true intentions of this entire trilogy! And to note: this came to me last year when I was planning out this story.

So allow me to say this: not only are you going to catch a glimpse at the main villain, but you will also see the Ed boys in action, along with some bonuses. Though I really have to ask this… seriously, what is up with the freaking moon in Soul Eater?

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Chapter Two – The Darkness Hour Strikes
And Woe the Moon Bleeds Red?


"August 10:

"Today started out like any other day here in the cul-de-sac, with the possible exceptions of some minor pulses in my head, but those have been pretty common recently. It all started when I got a call from Ed inviting me over to his household, rushing on something 'amazing' he recently discovered and wanted to show to me and Eddy. Well after waiting in his room for three hours, dealing with the pain in my head and learning about the serial killings getting closer to Peach Creek, Ed did showed off what he wanted to show, and that was the ability to shoot a bullet out of his finger!

"I was simply amazed and frightened by how Ed could possess such an ability like that, so that got me interested in knowing more. Before I could begin my research, a strong pulse pound at my head and I felt very ill, but Sarah was kind enough to treat my headache but I refused to take her medication her family has. I made the effort of heading back to my home, but the journey took forever and my sight begins to slip into another horrific vision. This vision… this nightmare, contained a destroyed city and what appears to be the cul-de-sac, and at the very center of the carnage was a man dressed in entirely black, with only red hair and eyes. Somehow I remember who this man is…

"Continuing on, the nightmare broke as soon I touched the doorknob and opened the door, stopping me from seeing more of that destructive city. Once inside, I walked in on an empty house, meaning my parents must have gone out shopping for the day, and I walked into the kitchen to find a note from Mother telling me that I got a letter. The strangest thing about this is that the letter I received is an acceptance letter to a private institution out in Nevada, with a name of Death Weapon Meister Academy, and the letter itself is written in Japanese. I am in the process of deciphering the letter, but I can get the feeling that this letter is an acceptance letter without even knowing what the letter really says.

"After starting cracking a few lines with my trusty translator and also knowing a few characters, I heard Eddy's voice blaring outside about some challenge he set up and I wondered if I should head out and see what Eddy has gotten himself into. It was then when I heard a loud bang, obviously from the same challenge Eddy is doing, so I rushed out to find the other children trying to lift a claymore from a boulder. Once everyone was done, I went up on stage and somehow unconsciously drew the sword, which surprisingly turned out to be Ed, and this had led to another question for me to answer. First Ed possessing the ability to shoot out from his finger and now this ability to transform into a claymore, then Eddy getting a freezer burn after touching Ed but I'm the only one who can wield Ed, and finally me having that nightmarish vision today out in the cul-de-sac.

"What does this all mean? I'm going to find out once I crack this letter!"

An opened journal rests on top of a cluttered desk, joining with the same parchment letter mentioned in the current entry, as the writer is away from his desk to take a break. The bedroom door opens and Double D strolls in, feeling much better after taking some new medication. The medicine is helping to ease the pain, along with some new painkillers his parents bought for his head. The smart Ed strolls up to where he keeps his clothing and gathers his sleeping attire for the night, but he is not ready for bed as of yet. There is the matter of the letter he got in the mail and he wants to know what the message says.

Putting his clothes on his bed and pulling up a chair to his desk, the Ed grabs his translator his parent gave him and the letter to check over his translation thus far. The process of rewriting the letter has been taking him hours and he recognized a few characters to help him speed his translation, but the rest of the letter is as foreign as the country as itself. Double D checks over the envelope to see that the school is within America, but the question remains is why the letter is written in Japanese instead of English. Unless the school acquires the student to learn Japanese for their classes, then understanding this letter proves to be a challenge… only for those without a translator.

With the electronic translator in hand, Double D quickly presses several keys in rapid succession, writing the entire letter into the device until he is at the last line. Finished with writing, the boy hits the "Enter" button and waits for the letter to be translated. After a few minutes, the first line scrolls across the screen and the Ed grabs a pencil to write on his notes. As the letter scrolls on, the boy notices something off about the letter's message, appearing to be quite different than what he has on his paper, and at that moment a man's voice begins to speak, uttering the same message on the translator.

Another strong pulse strikes the Ed from out of nowhere, causing him to cling onto the side of his head as the world once again begins to melt away around him. He is experiencing the same sort of pain from two years ago, yet this time a familiar voice is echoing all around him, chanting the message playing on the translator. The message itself is a haunting encryption, speaking of a world suffering with an artificial plague and how this plague is going to bring about the end of civilization. Such graphic words being chanted by a venomous voice is making Double D feel very ill, all the way to his stomach, when suddenly a click of the clock seizes everything in the room.

With a blanket of silence covering the whole bedroom, Double D pivots around and scans every object to see if someone has enter his room or if there is any new items added during his spell. He is lucky to be spared this time, finding nothing unusual, and he lets out a sigh of relief as he heads over to his desk to check his letter. He reaches out to grab the translator, but when his fingers made contact it crumbles into dust. Double D is shock to see such a fresh, and hardly used, device would fall apart like that, but to his amazement the same phenomena happens when he touches the letter.

Now the Ed is getting worry and frighten by his touch, losing the two key items by turning them into dust. He stares down at his hands, seeing them shaking with fear as something bright flashes in the corner of his eye, prompting the Ed to look out his window to notice a new fear. Instead of a peaceful nighttime atmosphere in the cul-de-sac, there lingering in the skies is a sinister glow of fiery orange, blazing right out in front of the boy's house. Despite the window being closed, there is the sound of an army's footstep rhythmically marching down the street, and overhead of all of them is a tall black shadow that Double D once saw in a history book, staring down at the devastating happening outside.

With his mind running on overdrive, Double D begins to come up with a plan, deciding on whether to find a safe place to hide or head outside to see what is going on. After finally deciding, the Ed bursts out of his room and heads down the stairs to get right in front of the front door, all while missing the chance to see if his parents are anywhere in the house. Heat from the fire outside radiates through the wooden door, warning the boy not to head out into the world, but the urge to learn what is going on is getting stronger inside Double D before he unconsciously opens his door and flings it open.

A large gust of hot air blazes right by the Ed, heating the poor boy up as he stares out at the cul-de-sac to find his home in a devastating landscape. Empty shells of homes are split open and burned down to their wooden skeletons, the street and sidewalks are crack and uprooting, street lights are twisted into unusual shapes, and fires paint the night sky, leaving the Ed in a setting of destruction and death. The marching is getting closer and Double D looks down the street to notice an army of black robots heading right towards him, coming from the destruction of town and aiming towards his right side. All of these robots march in a rhythmic unison, keeping their red robotic gaze out in front of them, and not a single one of these creations paid any mind to the spectator watching their movement. Strangely, these robots appear to be built similar to one design he saw a long time ago, and Double D continues to watch the army until they pass over the ruins of his friends' homes.

"It has been a long time, Eddward…"

The said Ed jumps slightly and stiffens up upon hearing his first name, and he looks out onto the street to notice the very last person he wants to see in this devastation. Standing motionlessly out in the heat is a man dressed entirely in black with nothing but the upper half of his pale head and his fingers gripping onto his arms. A longcoat, shirt, long pants, shoes, gloves and a scarf is his attire, and yet there is not a single drop of sweat trickling down his whitish-peach skin. A chilling, evil stare is emitting from blood red eyes right into the Ed, burning an imprint of that stare as Double D notices that man bears fiery red hair that is strangely dancing like the flames burning around him.

Double D rubs his eyes to make sure he is really hallucinating, only to receive another blast of hot air to pin down his conclusion. What he is seeing before him is the destruction of Peach Creek and right before him is a man he knows very well but cannot bear to recall his name. For all he knows, this man is shrouded in mystery similar to the darkness that lingers around this man. Finding some nerves, the Ed slowly opens his mouth to speak but he finds it is hard to come up with the words to say.

"Lost on words? That is too bad for you," said the man in a calm, but unsettling, tone. "I was hoping you would ask me why I am here, but I guess you are too frightened to speak your mind."

"W-W-W-What's going on h-here?" Double D asked finally, his body shaking all over. "I-Is this r-r-really… the e-e-end of human c-c-c-civilization?"

"Life, as you know, it is nothing but an atomic fraction to the vast, eternal universal equation. The human race is given a direct path to travel, going from birth to death, but the final destination is unknown due to many branches leading to various events. All in all, whatever path you have taken in life, it will lead not only you but all of humanity to its end, and what you see is the result of not just my actions…"

"S-So… you're t-the one responsible for t-the destruction of the c-c-cul-de-sac!" Double D blindly stated, uncertain if this man is the true source of this apocalypse.

"Did I not say that the fall of your home is not only my doing? You and the rest of humanity are nothing but weak creatures in nature, all because you are losing your touch to the once natural animal instincts. No matter how much you train or how strong you are right now, every human being that is still alive is weak to defend for themselves and cannot possibly leave a scratch on my body."

"But h-how is t-that…"

Before the Ed can finish his sentence, another gust of wind brushes by him but this time there is no heat. Instead, this gust feels like a strong press of pressure, as if he is walking down on the floor of the ocean. This strange gust of pressure is getting the boy's curiosity and he starts to check around for the source of the pressure, only to then look straight up above him and lost everything within him. Covering what are the remains of Peach Creek is a dome made out of a black transparent material, reaching up high into the black heavens, its walls moving like a jet stream and sitting on top is a flame-like tail whipping about in the air.

Double D takes several steps back towards his door in fear, his mind trying to comprehend what is surrounding the cul-de-sac and the town. "W-W-What is… What is all of this?" he barked, finally getting a clear sentence out.

"All of this is the future that has been set in stone, boy," the man answered, his tone getting darker. "The fate of all of humanity, and the world, will succumb down the path of death, leading everyone to one exact point. There is nothing that will alter the future, Ed boy… I have foresaw what is to come and I will make it certain what you see around you will come true, leaving the world barren and no threats to stand in my way."

"That's… That's not true!" Double D stated angrily. "The future can change no matter what! Even if it's set in stone, there's bound to be someone or something that will alter the course of history and set things to prevent all of this from ever happening!"

"But what if your solution to this destruction exists in a time after the apocalypse has come and pass?"

The Ed is now lost on what to say. If what the man is saying is true, then there is no hope in stopping the destruction of his home. No! There's got to be something that can stop this man! Double D stated in his mind. I know there is a way of defeating this man and I just need to find it before he can do all of this for real. Or is this real?

"There is nothing in this world that can help you in your mission to stop my future," the man replied with some shadows gathering at his feet. "Even if you still possess the two weapons with those special moves, you are still a weak individual standing in my way. And now… it is time for you to die."

In the distance, the walls on the dome begin to violently ripple and the pressure gust increases its speed as the man finally shows some real movement. Shadows rise up from the uprooted ground and latch onto the man, quickly building on top of each other as the man's body begins to bubble and shake all over the place. The body slowly starts rising up, getting higher up to the towering shadow, and skinny arms sprout out from the black mass as the body starts to smooth out. The head of the black mass is shaping out to be a hideous mash-up of razor teeth, deformed features, sharp red eyes, and fire burning brightly on top of its head.

Beyond the limits of his fear and completely scared out of his mind, Double D is frozen in place as he watches the man become a monster. The creature turns its disfigured head onto the scared Ed as the being lets out a horrifying screech from its mouth, echoing out into the horizon. The lower jaw hangs loose and another screech is let out from the monster, as the creature backs away for a moment before lunging right at the Ed boy…


A second later, the world around Double D snaps back to normal and the boy flings himself out of his seat, landing down hard on the floor and panting heavily. The Ed puts a hand to his head to feel the pain is gone and he picks himself up to notice that he is back in his room, with everything unchanged. He walks over to his desk and gives one good tap of his translator, making sure that the device remained intact. Once sure, the Ed checks his letter and his translation notes to make sure they are the same, instead of an encrypting message. But to Double D, he wonders why that vision, that nightmare, felt so real and why did that mentioned those things.

A future that is set in stone, where the cul-de-sac, Peach Creek and the world suffer an apocalypse by a single man dressed in black, all to gain control over the world. One of his friends has the strange ability to transform into an unusual sword and shoots like a gun, and another got a freezer burn from touching said sword. And now staring before him is a message he barely completed, but has given him a message other than what he has gathered so far. Whatever is happening right now, the Ed boy wants to solve this mystery before another vision like that nightmare destroys the boy.

The starling ringing from a nearby phone fills up the air and the boy looks over to the landline rumbling on his desk. He picks up the receiver and he states his introduction through the microphone, only to hear a familiar voice emitting through the speaker. "Hey Double D, you mentioned something about a letter earlier today?" asked the voice of Eddy.

"Yes, I did," the smart Ed replied. "Are you implying that you have the exact letter that I possess?"

"I'm not saying it's the same thing as yours, but I can't read the crap written in this letter. I figure that this must be some junk mail that my Korean pen-pal wanted to get rid of."

"Eddy, what is written on this letter is Japanese, not Korean. There is clear difference between the characters that they use in their writings. And second, from what I got so far is that this letter is an acceptance letter to some 'Death Weapon Meister Academy' out in Nevada."

"An academy out in the scorching desert?" echoed Eddy. "Are you certain that this isn't like a military or a reformative school, because I don't remember me or my parents sending any letters to that school. Unless it was my damned brother…"

"Eddy, watch your mouth, but I'm as confused as you are about this Academy place. If I finish with my translation, then this school will be nothing like we have seen before."

"Unless somehow we wounded up in an alternative dimension and we somehow gained the memories of being at this school…"

"I really doubt that we are in an alternative universe Eddy, but even if we were those adventures were very, very generic. I strongly believe that this is going to be a lot different from what you're imagining, and to prove it I just need a few more words…"

The smart Ed grabs his translator and starts imputing a few strokes into the device, his eyes scanning over the areas he did not finish translating and watches the words appear on the screen. With a pencil in his other hand, he jots the words down onto his notes and fills in the blank spaces, quickly shifting his eyes back and forth between the letter, his notes and the translator before he realizes there are words he can automatically fill in. With his pencil dull, the Ed lifts his tool from his notes to notice a full, completed translation of the letter is sitting in front of him.

"Hey, are you still there?" asked Eddy, his voice sounding slightly annoyed for waiting in silence.

"Sorry for the brief silence Eddy, but I have finished translating the letter," Double D replied.

"You actually translated the whole letter? That's great Double D! Why are you holding out on me? Read that sucker out loud so I can find out what I got!"

"Uh, can you hold on for a minute Eddy," the smart Ed pitched, hearing a beeping sound in his ear, "I'm getting another call on the line." The boy reaches over to his phone and inputs a sequence needed to put Eddy on hold, and he switches over to the person calling. "Double D's room, Double D speaking."

"Uh Double D, do you know how to speak Japanese?" asked the voice of a confused tall Ed.

"Unless you are talking about the same letter that I possess, I have no experience in speaking or understanding the language. So I'm guessing you're calling about the same letter that Eddy has received as well."

"How did you know?"

"What else would you be calling me about speaking Japanese at an hour like this? I told you both about a letter I received in the mail and you said you got something similar to what I have."

"So do you know what this letter said?"

"I have finished completing the translation and I have my notes right in front of me, but it is getting late and I want to go to bed after this long day."

"Oh please Double D, can you tell me what the letter said?"

"I'm sorry Ed, but I haven't been feeling good today. How about you and Eddy come over here in the morning, and I'll show you both what I got from my translation."

A moan is let loose through the speaker and Ed said his goodbye to Double D. Once the smart Ed hears the click of a phone hanging up on the other end, the boy switches back over to Eddy and he talks to the greedy boy about coming over to the medium Ed's house in the morning. Finished for the night, Double D places the receiver back up and lays his pencil down as he checks over his note for one more check. Letting out a silent cheer, the Ed got out of his seat and starts switching out into his nighttime attire. Once finish, he heads out to get a cup of hot milk to help him go to sleep, along with saying good night to his parents.

Elsewhere in the cul-de-sac, the short-tempered Ed boy is pacing around in his bedroom, thinking about the acceptance letter he has received and what the message reads. His hands are now wrapped up in bandages, along with some ointment underneath to help with the healing, and in the background a record is playing, drowning out the noise outside of his room as Eddy sits himself in front of his vanity. There taped onto the mirror is a centerfold from one of Eddy's magazines and a sticky note reminding the boy to earn some money for the next school year. After learning about the acceptance letter, he is going to need some money if he is heading out of state, along with a briefcase for clothes and other necessities he wants to bring along for the flight.

In the greedy boy's mind, he imagines that the letter is a school out in the one place he wants to visit, Las Vegas. Eddy has a wide grin as his mind pictures him being taught by showgirls and going to the casinos to learn the trades of all the card and dice games, even learning how to control the odds on all the slot machines. There is also going to all of the stage shows and learn the trade from famous magicians, jokes from comedians, and possibly sing with a famous musician. All of this thinking is making Eddy wanting to head out the door right now, but checking over the address on the envelope puts a frown on his face and his fantasy is smash into pieces.

Stated on the envelope, the origin of the letter came from an unknown city to the boy call Death City. There is nothing that is familiar to Eddy about this city other than being out in Nevada, home of Las Vegas and Area 51. Eddy is clearly interested in going to Las Vegas to take his chances, and he knows that Ed will do anything to get near Area 51 while Double D will be the only one heading for Death City to attend the school there. If there is anything that the Ed can do to get to Las Vegas, this letter holds the secret that permits him to go but he needs to wait for the sun to rise up if he wants to get some answers.

Deciding on going to bed, Eddy leaves his vanity and heads into his walk-through closet to change. In seconds, the boy is walking out of the closet in his typical sleepwear of a white beater and boxers, and he grabs a hairnet from the vanity to cover his spiky hair. Turning out the lights and music, Eddy jumps onto his round blue bed and got himself in the middle, flipping on his lava lamp on his nightstand as he got under his covers. Once settle in, Eddy reaches behind his pillow and grabs the latest magazine he "acquired" and opens it up to read one of its many articles.

In another home in the cul-de-sac, Ed is wide awake and busy flipping through the different channels, seeing what is available at this time. Moments after the lifting challenge out in the cul-de-sac, Ed returned home to an angry Sarah and she scolded him for not repairing the hole made, and he was forced to cover the holes all by himself. The repair process took Ed over an hour, which was enough time before his parents came home and not bother asking about the recent shooting. Sarah did her part in the clean-up in the backyard, picking up any forgotten shards of glass and shoved the table down into Ed's room, and she did not tell her parents about Ed's latest destructive act.

The sword boy zips through the news channels, uninterested by the repeating stories, until he slows his surfing and heads back to listen in on new details of the serial killer. The news station he is watching is reporting that the killer is within Peach Creek and is going to make his move around midnight, with police officers out around the town all to catch this man, despite several past attempts before. Once acquiring the information Double D missed earlier, Ed continues on with his channel surfing when he stumbles upon a new show. He is grinning widely than normally and he wants to watch this show peacefully, so he takes his remote and adjusts the volume of his television.

Assassins Rule #01: Silence. Dissolve into the darkness and erase your breath. Wait for an opening to attack your target.

Now with the sound at a respectable level where the Ed boy can hear his television but not loud enough to wake anyone in his home, the tall Ed reclines back in his chair and starts to relax. As he watches the active screen, there is a brief glimpse over to the window outside and Ed notices the faint outline of a boy looking inside his room, but the shadow vanishes in seconds. This new person strikes the nerdy boy's interest as he straightens up and stares out through his window, hoping to see if the shadow will return. Ed knows that he has never seen this person before and he begins to think that this boy could be the serial killer, so he heads over to the window and unlocks the hatch.

Assassins Rule #02: Trans-positional thinking. Analyze the target in order to predict his thoughts and movements.

Opening the window up and sliding out onto the wet grass and into the open night air, Ed got up onto his feet and checks all around him to see where the mysterious shadows went off to. He walks out from his house and scans every square inch of his backyard, only to come up empty. The Ed decides on turning back and returns to his room, when he then decides to look up at the starry skies. Panning his head up, he passes his roof, a shadow resting on the roof, and several blinking stars to stare at the bright moon. In the boy's mind, warning sirens are going off about the shadow on the roof, but it is too late.

Assassins Rule #03: Speed. Take out the target before the target notices your presences.

The shadow leaps up from the rooftop, launching up high to reveal the outline of a boy carrying two chain scythes, all while eyeing Ed with a mission to accomplish. The shadow lands very near to the Ed's house, camouflaging into the shadows of the building, as the chains scythes are loosen from his hands so he can throw the weapons. Ed's brain warns him that he is under attack, so the boy works to shoot at this intruder, but he does not want to wake the sleeping wrath that is Sarah. Noticing a scythe heading right towards him, the Ed steps out of the way, dodging the blade by inches, as the Ed finds the shadow closing in on him and punches Ed across the face.

The tall boy is sent flying across his backyard, hitting the grass and sliding across the dirt before slamming into the wooden fence on the opposite end. The sword Ed quickly recovers from the blow and he notices the shadow making another attempt to hit him. Ed jumps out of the way to watch the shadow boy takes a chain scythe and swings it right at Ed. The nerdy boy dodges each of the swings of the scythes as the shadows recalls his weapons to allow them to change into a dagger-like blade. Ed is now interested in transforming into a different form in his weapon form, but at the moment he is worry about staying alive, and he takes his left arm to allow it to transform it into a side of his claymore blade.

With a wide smile on his face, Ed takes his new sword arm and starts using it as his defense tool, as the shadow uses his blade to strike at Ed. The two fighters trade strikes with their sharp blades, clashing every few seconds and letting sparks go flying all over the place. With the moonlight lending itself to help both of the fighters to see, the two swordsmen continue to face off until the shadow boy knocks Ed down onto the ground. The tall boy got back onto his feet and watches the shadow prepare his final blow, leading Ed to come up with a plan to literally use his head to knock the shadow boy into the Ed's pond.

A splash of water rises up from where the boy fell into the pond, and the shadow breaches the surface to get a gasp of air. The blade in his hand leaps out and lands on the edge of the pond, all while glowing brightly before transforming into a woman. This woman is very similar to Ed, in how she is capable of transforming into a weapon, and she reaches out into the pond to grab the boy out. Ed offers to help the woman in getting the boy out, and in seconds the three of them are sitting on a wet patch of grass, with the shadow boy coughing up some water.

"All right, just what the hell were you think you're doing?" the shadow boy ripped, his voice booming out far into the night. "What was the freaking big idea shoving me into that pond with your head and trying to drown me?"

"Oh please, keep your voice down!" Ed pleaded, hissing his cry in fear of Sarah's wrath.

"Don't be telling me to keep my voice down, peasant! Do you have any idea you were fighting here? I am the man who has surpassed God and you can't order me to keep my voice down!"

"Please Black Star, just listen to what he has to say," the woman pleaded, her voice as low as Ed's. "He's obviously frightened by something or someone, plus he isn't the one we're seeking."

"Ha, as if he needs to be scared of someone or something, unless that someone happens to be me!" the shadow boasted, letting out a loud laugh.

Lights flick on from up in a second story room and, in a few seconds, the window flies open to allow the head of Sarah to stick out into the backyard. "Ed, keep whoever you have back here down!" she shouted, sounding louder than the shadow boy. "There are people trying to sleep around here!"

"Hey, if you're so concern about the others getting sleep, then try keeping your own mouth shut!" the intruding boy protested. "I think the others won't mind hearing the shouts from me instead of your loud mouth!"

Irritated by the boy's argument, Sarah lets out a growl as she grabs a ball from a toy chest and chucks it at the boy. The ball hits the shadow boy square in the forehead, all with enough force to knock the intruder off of his feet, and the others look in shock by the force of Sarah's throw and the impact. "Now keep it down or I'm calling the cops!" the little girl shouted, tucking her head back through the window before slamming it down.

The woman is in horror upon what happened to the boy and she rushes over to check to see if the intruding boy is still alive from getting hit like that. "Black Star! Black Star, are you all right?" she stated, keeping her voice low to prevent Sarah from getting them into more trouble.

The shadow boy lets out a groan in return, rising up from the woman's grasps, and he got back onto his feet as he grips onto his throbbing head. "Does it look like I'm OK?" he asked irritatingly, speaking in a normal tone. "I just got hit in the head with a freaking ball! That damned little brat is going to pay for doing this to the great Black Star."

"No! No one shall lay a hand or touch a little hair on my baby sister!" cried Ed, leaping onto the intruder to pin him down.

"Hey, get off of me you freak! Do you really want to die and have your soul eaten by Tsubaki?"

"Black Star, please stop all of this right now!" protested the woman angrily, stepping in to stop the two boys from fighting. "I'm not going to kill some random person for his soul, and I told you we've been fighting the wrong person all this time! The real killer is still out there, possibly getting close to his 99th soul!"

The intruding boy being referred as Black Star backs away from the tall Ed and gives him a full investigation before realizing the woman is right. Letting out a long string of curse words, the intruder calls to his partner as he and the woman leap out of the backyard and head out into the cul-de-sac. Ed watches the duo leave his backyard as he decides on heading back to his room to finish watching the show he wanted to watch. When he got to his window, he hears the sound of gunfire, freezing him in place as another shot rings out into the air.

The two gunshots sound very close to his home and those two shots sound much more powerful than his own shots. Fearing that the gunman would enter his house, Ed rounds the house to check out the scene in front of his house. Sarah turns on her lights again and throws her window, sticking her head out to check if the fighters are still on the lawn, but instead hears another gunshot from the front yard. Knowing this is not from Ed, she sticks her head back inside and heads towards the nearest phone to call the police. Down on the ground, Ed looks around the cul-de-sac to find where the shots are coming from, only to notice Black Star hitting the pavement after flying from the shadows.

Walking into the light, a large man built for weight-lifting strolls up to the fallen boy with a serious, smug look on his face. Smoke is snaking out of a sawed-off, titanium double-barrel shotgun, with the two barrels sticking out of the man's right arm through a mechanical slot. The man is wearing a torn gray leather longcoat with no sleeves, a black beater underneath, worn out brown jeans, a belt hanging loose on his waist, and several clips of rifle and elephant-grade shotgun shells hiding under the coat. The man is very rugged, with a five o'clock shadow wrapping around his chin, dark circles under his eyes, slight wrinkles on his brow, a couple of scars on his cheeks and a black crew cut.

In his active head, Ed distinctively remembers seeing this mountain of a man somewhere before on television, especially that prosthetic arm carrying that shotgun. Black Star got back onto his feet and prepares to throw one of his chain scythes, but the man takes his arm and lets out another round at the boy, only missing Black Star by inches. The bullet went on to hit Ed, but he quickly uses his blade arm to deflect the powerful bullet, protecting himself from getting killed.

The intruding boy takes his eyes off of the fight to look back to notice that Ed is right behind him. "Huh? What the hell are you doing out here!" hissed Black Star. "Can't you see that this man is armed with a gun?"

"I'm here to protect my baby sister! No one shall enter this household while I'm in charge!" stated Ed, stretching his arms out to his side.

"Then do me a favor and get out of my way! You're just going to get yourself killed if you just…"

Before Black Star can finish his statement, he catches the mountain man aiming his gun at him and he, along with Ed, dodge this single bullet when the man fired his gun. "Are you done talking to your new friend kid?" the man asked. "If you are, I would like to put an end to this fight so I can eat your souls."

"Eat our souls?" echoed Ed, thinking over the idea in his head.

"Why should we allow you to keep on walking this earth and feeding your appetite?" asked Black Star, getting his weapon ready to strike. "You're only going to get yourself kill if you continue walking this path of a kishin."

"The life of an actor is a stressful one, especially when one has to eat nothing but junk and slop served by the amateur cooks," the mountain answered, loading a few shells into his weapon. "It just so happen one day we experienced a terrible accident on the set that killed a fellow actor, and everyone but I was in fear because of that accident. I was hungry and when I saw that glowing sphere, I know that one soul will fill my empty stomach."

"And one by one, you continued your search for more victims for only their souls," the chain scythe pointed out. "You think that you can achieve the status of Death Scythe, but really you're getting yourself closer to becoming a kishin! Why would you want to do this?"

"Death Scythe?" echoed Ed, now adding a new topic to his train of thoughts.

"When I discovered that you Demon weapons are working for this status of being the Grim Reaper's personal weapon, you need ninety-nine human souls and one witch soul, and with one hundred souls it'll give me a full stomach and tremendous power! With each soul that I eat, I gain a certain amount of power that fuels me to crave for more souls!"

"So you really want to end up like a kishin and possibly have your skin to be use as a sack to hold your bones and organs?" asked Black Star rather venomously. "Do you want to have the entire world, including yourself, go mad from you walking about?"

"Boy, I am and always will be an actor. The world around me is nothing but a stage, where everyone is allowed to perform and every single person is a character in my eyes. Say if I do go mad from the power I have obtained, it'll be pretty easy for me to cover it up. Of course once I get my fill, then I'll take center stage and I'll use my powers to deal with all of the insane men on this damn planet!"

"Oh! I know who you are!" state Ed, dropping the subjects in his head. "You're the lead actor from my favorite show Zombie Brunch Fest, John Wilkes Booth! … Can I get an autograph?"

"Ah, it's great to see another loyal fan. Of course you can have one… once I kill these Academy brats and eat their souls," the mountain now named Booth replied, replacing his shotgun barrel for his rifle and then aiming the gun at Black Star.

The intruding boy lowers the chain scythes from his hands and he starts spinning them around, as he charges right at the former actor. Booth pulls his arm back to get it ready for a punch, all while waiting for Black Star to get into position. Once close enough, the boy throws a scythe and Booth grabs a hold of weapon and the chain, prompting the actor to swing the boy around. Tossing Black Star up into the air to only slam him down into the pavement, Black Star frees his grip and drops down so he can slam his feet onto Booth's head.

The actor recoils back in pain as the intruding boy lands in front of Booth and grabs the scythes to toss one of them at Booth. The mountain takes a step to the side to dodge the blade and curls his fingers as Booth sends his prosthetic arm at Black Star. During the attack, Ed steps right in the middle of the punch to receive the full blow, surprising both Black Star and Booth that the sword boy wants to join in on the fight and take a heavy blow to the face. However, Ed remains standing on his feet and he puts on his trademark smile as he aims his semi-automatic hand right at Booth. Unloading a few shots, Ed is then surprise that he missed all of those shots, which gives Booth the opportunity to grab onto Ed's head.

With a tight grip holding the nerdy boy down, the actor flashes a wicked smile as the rifle barrel shines brightly in the street light, patiently waiting to be fire. Black Star panics at the sight of this and he orders for the chain scythes to transform into a smoke bomb, which looks distinctively like the woman's head. Tossing the bomb over to the two fighters, the casing breaks and smoke is release, startling Booth from the sharp bang of the bomb and freeing Ed so he can make his escape. Booth lets out a growl as he starts to shoot aimlessly through the smoke, trying to hit Ed, Black Star or the woman as the smokes starts heading back to Black Star to form into a black katana.

Upon grabbing the grip of the katana, dark blue lines appear on the intruder's face, leaving Ed to ask why his sword did that to him. Before Black Star can answer, a gunshot fills the air and the two boys quickly dodge the shot, looking towards Booth to notice the ravenous look in his eyes. Shoving the rifle into the arm to replace it with his shotgun barrel, and he unloads several rounds at the boys. Ed and Black Star went their separate ways, with the tall Ed heading off to a safe location and the intruder making his way towards the actor. Being light on his feet, Black Star dances his way towards Booth, dodging each one of the shotgun bullets, and the boy uses his katana to strike at the man but the actor takes the barrels to use them as a shield.

The two of them are lock in a standstill, with Black Star eating his way with the katana while Booth is blocking with his gun arm and occasionally punches the boy with his normal hand. Ed watches the fight from afar, safely watching Black Star and Booth trade blows, and an idea pops into the tall boy's head that will help win the battle. Shooting off a warning shot, both Black Star and Booth turn their heads to look over at the Ed boy, only to see him charging right the two of them. The sword boy then transforms into his claymore form, throwing himself straight at Booth, but the plan backfires when the actor reaches out with his prosthetic arm and catches Ed by the grip, all while having no reaction upon grabbing the sword.

"But, how is this…?" questioned Ed, surprised by Booth grabbing him.

"Dammit boy, I'm trying to get a free meal here! Get out of my way or you'll be next on my plate!" growled Booth, taking the claymore and swinging it towards Black Star.

"Hey, that's a very lame line!" Ed stated, stretching out his last word as he is sent flying. Missing the intruder, the claymore hits the hard asphalt, tumbling along before hitting the sidewalk and continues on traveling across wet grass. Before long, Ed lands in front of someone's house, creating a large crater in the wall from the sudden stop, and the whole house is rocking from the force of the impact and the weight of Ed's sword form.

After the house finishes shaking, the front door swings open and Double D wanders out to notice the battle happening out in the middle of the street. His eyes then shift over to where the crater is and he watches Ed transform back into his regular form before rushing over to his aid. "Ed, what in the world is going on here?" the smart boy stated. "Who are these people and why are you trying to create a hole in my house!"

"Double D, you won't believe what is going on here!" Ed stated, getting all excited. "I'm actually fighting against the lead actor from Zombie Brunch Fest, plus I also fought against an intruder with this pretty female weapon, who can transform into multiple weapons, and I thought they were the serial killers until that woman mentioned the killer was nearby…"

"So are you saying that one of those two people over there is the serial killer? But I don't see the female… oh wait, sorry I forgot that line. But how can you tell which one is the serial killer?"

"Well Bruce mentioned something about eating souls, Death Scythes, the world being a stage to him, an academy…"

Upon hearing "an academy," Double D looks over to the fight to notice Black Star's outfit, only to then shift his mind to something else. "Ed, I'm sorry that I have to disappoint you on this, but what you're probably hearing was something from a script and that other boy is probably an actor," said the smart Ed. "I'm sure that there're cameramen filming the fight, though I'm surprise I didn't hear about this or how in the world did you manage to get onto an actual film lot."

"But I didn't see any cameramen, nor any camera or anyone else when I was fighting," Ed pointed out, sounding slightly disappointed.

"So if what you're saying is true, then that man Booth there is really…" The thought finally clicks in Double D's head and he immediately starts to beg Ed to get inside his house, but Ed begs to head back to continue fighting. "Ed, get into this house this instance! If you don't want to be shot at by your favorite actor, then I suggest you get inside my house before he kills the both of us!"

The actor takes one of his arms and bat Black Star right over towards Double D's house. The two Eds got out of the way as the intruder lands back on his feet, skidding to a stop, and the weapon leaps out from the boy's hands to transform into the woman. Black Star wipes away some blood from his mouth, panting heavily as he thinks up a plan on how to defeat the actor and protect the others from being killed. While Booth is reloading his guns, Black Star turns to the woman and the two of them start to come up with a plan.

"All right Tsubaki, you stay here and make sure these two don't get involve any further in this fight," the boy ordered. "I'll go ahead and deal with this guy all by myself, perhaps give him a taste of my Black Star Big Wave."

"Right," the woman replied, nodding as she watches her partner sprint off to rejoin the fight against Booth. She turns around to notice Double D help clean off Ed as he inspects the damage

"Uh, excuse me miss, but can you explain to us just what in the world is happening in our cul-de-sac!" Double D questioned, starting out calm before finishing with a scream.

"Hey Sock-head, can you keep the racket down?" the voice of Eddy stated angrily. The group turns to notice the greedy boy right towards them, still in his sleepwear. "Seriously, I'm trying to get some sleep and what is going on here? Who's the hairy ape, the blue-haired freak and this lovely lady?"

"Eddy, try to show a little respect to our guest here, and also one question at a time," said Double D. "I'm also in need of some answers, but now is not a good time for you to be out here. Why don't you head back to your house and hopefully ride this out."

"What? Are you trying to hold me out from a fight here? No way Double D, I'm not going to be put on the sidelines," the burned Ed retorted. "I'm wide awake right now and no matter whatever happens here in the cul-de-sac, no matter what time it is, we'll band together and ward whatever is threatening us off!"

"Then join us Eddy in putting a stop to a traitorous Booth and we the Eds shall help save the human resistance from a soul-hungry zombie!" Ed stated proudly, grabbing his friends and bringing them for a hug.

"That's great that you want to help us out, but Black Star told me to stop you from interfering with this fight," the woman, now named Tsubaki explained. "We really don't want other people joining, especially regular citizens, in on the fight where they can get killed."

"But can I join in if I can turn into a rutabaga?" Ed asked in a begging tone.

"What my friend means is that he can transform into a claymore, and between the two of us I'm the only one who can wield him," added Double D.

"Well I've noticed your friend having the qualities of a weapon during the fight and saw him transform into the claymore, and if what you said is true, then you must be a meister," said Tsubaki before looking over at Eddy's hands. "From what I'm guessing by those bandages, you must be a meister yourself?"

"Honestly I have no idea on what you're talking about," the greedy boy replied, "but if you're saying something about me grabbing Ed and then getting a freezer burn on my hands, then yeah I'm whatever you called me."

Before the girl can open her mouth to say something, there is a loud crash right behind them and they look back to find Black Star rising from his crash site. His body is shaking from exerting too much energy and cuts are appearing over his body, while Booth is still in one piece despite his overall appearance. "Well, well, I have to admit kid, you're quite impressive," said the actor, adjusting his prosthetic arm. "Not once in my career has the gall to try breaking my arm before and yet here you are now. Maybe you have the chance of making it to Hollywood, kid."

"Hey, who are you calling a kid, you big hairy ape!" shouted Black Star, with Eddy perking his ears from hearing his insult to Booth. "Don't you know who're fighting here? I'm the one who's surpassed God! You shouldn't be calling me a kid and should be kneeling before me!"

"Ha, that's quite a stretch," the actor laugh. "A little boy like you took on a god and actually won? By the looks of it you have a better chance of going up against Death than an immortal god."

"Oh no, this is getting worse," muttered Tsubaki, obviously frightened by something. "With all the souls he has eaten thus far, he is surely going to give into the madness and the world's going to have another kishin to deal with!"

There is a moment of a confusing silence between the Eds, as they try to comprehend what the woman is trying to say. "… What?" replied all three Eds in unison.

"All right, there isn't much time to explain everything but I'm going to need your help if we want to defeat this man," Tsubaki rushed. "Now, I need you two to work together as a team, since you mentioned that you can wield him, and I need you with the bandaged hands to wield me for the moment."

"Uh, you do really want me to suffer more pain after what Ed did to me?" asked Eddy.

"And are you trying to say that we should kill this man to stop this fighting?" questioned Double D, shocked by this idea. "I… I refuse to accept in taking part of this ordeal!"

"What! We need to kill him!" barked the woman. "If he was to kill any of us, he's going to be one step closer to become a kishin, and at that point we're doomed because what kishins to this world!"

"By the sound of that, these 'kishins' probably mean something like a non-human thing," explained Eddy, completely unsure if this is true. "We've dealt with plenty of non-humans before and let several people alive while you're the hero. It's not like this is anything different."

"I guess that is true about that, but there is a difference here Eddy," the smart Ed pointed out. "That man isn't a 'kishin' yet, so he's very much human at this point."

"We're wasting time here!" blurted Tsubaki, transforming into her chain scythe form and landing in Eddy's hands. "I know I'm asking a lot from you guys but we need to do something before BlackStar gets kill. I may be breaking the rules on letting non-Academy meisters and weapons joining this fight, but we need to help BlackStar and fast!"

"Hold on, what's this about breaking the rules? Double D asked, watching Ed transforming into his claymore form and grabbing onto the grip.

"How about less talking, more fighting shall we?" protested Eddy, getting a tight grip on Tsubaki as he takes his first step with the weapon, only to feel woozy. "Whoa… why is my head spinning all of a sudden?"

"That may be from our soul wavelengths not being in sync with each other," said the chain scythe. "That would also explain how you got those burns when you tried to wield your friend."

"Well the good news is that I can fight without any pain," the greedy Ed boasted, stumbling slightly as he tries to focus on the fight.

"So now that we are set, shall we proceed to the fight?" the smart Ed sighed, losing interest in the fight.

Now equipped to fight, the two Eds hit the street charges toward the battle, with Double D lagging behind due to Ed's length as a sword and also the pulses in the boy's head. Eddy asks if Double D is all right, and the smart Ed replies he will be fine, leaving the greedy Ed to run ahead to use Tsubaki and Double D to cope with his newest headache. As the pulses pound away at his head, the Ed boy catches glimpses of events in the past and yet to come, along with seeing the man from his nightmare and the tall shadow overlooking the future. It is at that instance the pain suddenly disappears and Double D is left standing in a world full of blackness, except for only a few multicolor, glowing spheres bearing a face and some spikes to represent hair.

"What… What is all of this?" the boy asked, looking all him to notice more of these sphere beyond the fight, only noticing that these spheres are blue with a flame-like tail. "Are these… souls I'm looking at? Am I really looking at people's souls?"

In his eyes, the Ed boy can see the four different spheres he calls souls right in front of him, each one of them different in color and in design. He can easily tell whose soul belongs to who, with a yellow irritated soul with three spikes being Eddy's, a loud blue soul with spikes going all over the place being Black Star's, another yellow soul with a concern, but pleasant, look with a long tail that belongs to Tsubaki, and the dark green, rugged soul with a short tail and a flat top that belongs to Booth. Double D also notices the connection between Eddy and Tsubaki, noticing the rippling waves between the two souls. Is this perhaps the soul wavelength the girl was talking about? Double D thought.

Double D is suddenly sent back to reality when the greedy boy lands in front of him, and Eddy quickly got back up onto his feet to rejoin the fight. The smart Ed shakes off whatever is going through his head and takes Ed by the grip as he prepares to use the claymore, grabbing the single glove to slip it onto his left hand. Once ready, Double D steps forward and enters the fight, only to receive a bullet from Booth and skillfully blocks it with Ed. The smart Ed lifts the claymore up to try to swing him, but the claymore fires off one of its own shots right at Booth, missing him entirely.

"Ed, remind me to ask you how you did that," the smart Ed calmly said, surprised by his results.

Taking a good look around him, Booth is now surrounded with three different people circling around him, with two of them bearing weapons and the other is defenseless. The actor puts on a wicked smile as he launches himself at Double D, and the smart Ed raises Ed up for his defense. Booth starts to pummel away at the hard steel that makes Ed up, bruising both his real and artificial hands, and occasionally breaks to allow Double D a chance to strike. Using his double-barrel shotgun as a shield, Booth takes all of the Ed's swings very similar to when the man fought against Black Star, however the weapon this time is much larger and now he is vulnerable to attacks in the back.

Eddy takes this opportunity to do some damage to help win this fight, but when he got close to Booth the actor jumps around Double D and latches onto the boy's hat. Taking the smart boy and swinging him around, Booth bats the greedy Ed far away from him. Eddy looks up to notice a lamppost coming up and he sticks the blades of the chain scythes out, allowing him to latch onto the metal pole and spin around. Once attached, he swings around once and he frees Tsubaki from the pole, launching the two of them right at Booth and kicking him hard in the stomach.

Taking one scythe and tossing it, Tsubaki wraps herself around the actor's prosthetic arm, getting Eddy to give one good tug on the chain to snare the scythe on and making sure Booth will not use his gun or go anywhere. Booth struggles to get move the chain and scythe free from his arm, and he looks over to Eddy to notice he is still out of sync with Tsubaki, which is giving the boys another chance to strike the actor in the back. Black Star came from out of nowhere, hurling his entire body at the actor as he skids across the ground and shouts the name of his attack.

The intruding boy's attack hits Booth strongly, using his elbow as Black Star slams into the actor's back with enough force to break his spine, and that one attack sent Booth flying forward. Tsubaki reverts to her human form to prevent herself from going flying off with Booth, watching the main sail right for Double D. The Ed is uncertain about what to do next, as the next few seconds come to a standstill and he notices a disturbing sight before him. There resting on the claymore is Booth, with the blade strangely piercing through his torso, his face dazed and shocked from the force of both attacks, and Double D is left staring in wide-eye horror of the bloody mess laying before him.

The swordsman Ed drops his weapon from his hands, terrified that he is wielding a murder weapon, and he allows Booth to stand up with his remaining strength. Feeling cold on the inside and the trickling warmth of red streams of blood running down his chest, Booth coughs up more blood onto the blade as his entire body shakes. "Well… I guess this is the end for this pathetic actor," he muttered, his tone cold and lifeless. "Funny… I thought I was going to die on my show by the same zombie actors and I become one of them. Perhaps in another life…"

With his dying words, the body of John Wilkes Booth falls back and starts to turn back, transforming into strands of shadows as a red ball is glowing in the center. These strands collect onto the red sphere, building it up before the body implodes and all that remains is a soul. However, unlike the souls Booth has eaten, this soul is red in color with black hexagonal plates on the side, along with having a red halo glowing around it, but the soul still bears the same flame-like tail on top.

"What… did I… do? Did I… Did I just… I killed him, didn't I?" Double D questioned, gripping onto his head as he starts to freak out.

Ed reverts back to his regular form, lying on his back from being dropped and noticing the lack of blood on his clothes, and he looks up to notice the red soul floating above his head. "Oh cool, a snack," he said, reaching up to grab the soul.

"Ed don't you dare touch that vile thing!" barked Double D, his voice reaching out throughout the cul-de-sac. "You don't know where that thing has been and oh my Lord I just committed homicide with one of my friends. Ed and I both committed a murder on a famous actor… No, this isn't happening!"

"Geez, you're overacting a lot about this," groaned Black Star, sounding a lot like Eddy. "You did us a favor back there by getting rid of this guy, so now we're going to take this soul with us now."

"Hold on there for a minute… are you saying that you were going to kill that man yourself all this time? Then why didn't you say something in the first place!"

"All right Double D, let's take it easy here… Just calm down and let these people try to explain the situation to us," eased Eddy, hoping to calm his friend down but nothing seems to work.

"Calm down? Calm down? Eddy, this isn't the time to calm down! What me and Ed just did was took the life of another man, the one that was going about killing others for personal gain! This isn't Justice Eddy, this is freaking murder! I can't simply go home and forget all of this knowing that we have the soul of the serial killer resting right here in the cul-de-sac, thanks to me and Ed!"

"Really, this isn't something you should be getting all work about," Tsubaki calmly explained. "We do this sort of thing all the time, except for having the three of you join in on this fight…"

"So that means that you two are the real serial killers, not that man!" snapped Double D, his face red with anger. "You two should be ashamed for yourselves for allowing us to participate in your attempt of murder and then allowing two of us to commit that murder! In fact, you two should be put on death row for getting this far in life!"

"Hey, we're the good guys in this, buster, and we didn't think of bringing the three of you into this fight!" protested Black Star, his voice as angry as the smart Ed's. "We were sent here by Lord Death because that man was on the verge of becoming a kishin, and you should be thanking us for getting here before he had the chance to kill the three of you!"

"OK so if that's true, then perhaps you should have done the logical thing and call the police! They would have sent the man to jail for his actions and we wouldn't be here in the first place!"

"You don't understand a thing, don't you?" the intruder boy growled. "This is our job to go around the world looking for people like him and collect their souls for Lord Death to prevent another kishin from being born into this world, and also to get Tsubaki the title of Death Scythe."

"So what you're saying is that you're collecting other people souls from all over the world, all for some mere title and also you work for the Grim Reaper?" stated Double D, completely baffled by this idea. "All right, that does it! I give up in all of this! I officially quit!" With that, the smart Ed throws his arm into the air and starts heading towards town.

"No, don't go Double D! We need you in this!" Ed protested, producing tears in his eyes.

"I'm really sorry Ed but I'm not going to participate in some story that has me going about killing random people for entertainment and for me to get answers! No, I rather turn myself, and you, in to the police and place the two of us behind bars for the rest of our natural lives."

"But your name is in the freaking title!" stated Eddy. "How can we go on without you in this? Me and Ed aren't compatible with each other and we can't go anywhere since you have the translations!"

"What are you talking about?" questioned Black Star, wondering about the greedy boy's first sentence.

"Uh, that's really nothing. But anyway, I'm dead serious about this. We're can't go anywhere unless you join us to go to Death City! You have the answers to our questions about that Academy and what the letter says!"

"Hold on… you said something about Death City and the Academy," pondered Tsubaki. "If by chance are you talking about attending the Academy?"

"And what is this so call Academy we are talking about here? Then again, who the hell are you people and why are you here, other than to kill that man?"

"Well, perhaps this is the best time to explain who we are and what we do. My name is Tsubaki, and this is my meister Black Star…"

"'Sup," the boy replied, rising up a hand.

"… And we're part of a meister-weapon team working under Lord Death at Death Weapon Meister Academy, a school out in Death City like you have mentioned," continued Tsubaki.

"Uh… you just lost the both of us," Eddy grumbled, with Ed giving a blank stare. "All we got was your name and that's it. What's this about a weapon-meister team and working for a 'Lord Death'?"

"Uh, excuse me, but did you say Death Weapon Meister Academy?" asked Double D, deciding on turning back after hearing the name of the school. "Are you saying that you two go to the school we got the acceptance letters from?"

Both Tsubaki and Black Star throw a confusing look at each other, surprised upon hearing about a letter from the school. "What's this about an acceptance letter?" the girl asked. "I don't remember the Academy sending me an acceptance letter."

"Same here, but to answer your question yes, but there's something you should know about us," said Black Star. "From what you can see from our uniform, we are part of a certain class known as Spartoi, a group of students that are two-star meisters that are much stronger than the other students at the Academy, but we still collect kishin eggs for Lord Death."

Tsubaki begins to explain the history of the school and also their particular class they are in, saying that they were part in a war against the school by an organization that wanted to bring the Academy down. The group was formed after one meister-weapon team killed the leader of the organization and eaten her soul to achieve the final step in becoming a Death Scythe. Since then, the selected students became two-star meisters and are now allow taking on special missions offered by the school and participating in large scale wars.

The two students that are before them are dressed for the part, with the boy called Black Star, now shown in the street light, is wearing two layers for his top, comprising of two separate tank-tops with one being black and the other white with a black star, blue dress pants with the legs rolled up slightly, white shoes, and what appears to be a white jacket with unusual cuffs and a tie wrapped around his waist. The boy is well fit, appearing to train everyday to maintain his muscles, and on the boy's wrists are some white arm bands with the same black star on his shirt and a star tattoo on his right shoulder. He also has some spiky hair and strangely it is a light blue.

The girl known as Tsubaki is much taller than her meister and she is well-developed, but she does appear to be fit since her meister is somewhat of an assassin. Her outfit is of a typical sailor-like school girl outfit, with a white shirt with a blue collar, a blue miniskirt, black socks going up to her knees, white shoes, an unusual red tie wrapped like a bow and a black scarf. The girl is very cute in the face, bearing a mane of black hair with a very long, and thin, ponytail and eyes matching her hair and scarf.

"To be fair, we're actually out here because Lord Death sent us to find a couple of meisters and weapons that are living out here," said Tsubaki. "It's was all coincidence that Booth was heading out this way, so he gave us the assignment of making sure to put a stop to him as well so he doesn't go full kishin."

"And also since you were the ones that got the kishin egg in the first place instead of us," noted Black Star, reminding Double D of the killings, "you and your weapon got yourselves a head start of everyone joining the new year. Now if Tsubaki were to get that soul, we would have to restart from the very beginning."

"So you already have the ninety-nine souls?" asked Double D, with the girl nodding in response. "Well that's really interesting to hear, but how are we going to get this head start if the said item is missing?"

The group notices that the red soul is missing and they all start to look around to see where it went off to. The Eds look all around the cul-de-sac, only to find Ed chewing on something big in his mouth, sitting in the middle of the street where the soul has been all before swallowing the thing. "Yum, tasty like a Jawbreaker," the tall boy critiqued. "Could have used some flavor though…"

"Ed… did you just… eat that soul?" asked Double D in disbelief, and Ed nods happily in response.

"Ed! You freaking idiot! That was our one-way ticket in getting a head start at the school!" shouted Eddy, grabbing onto Ed's jacket and starts shaking him violently. "You just had to go eat the stupid damn thing, didn't you?"

"I'm sorry Eddy, but I didn't get dessert!" Ed replied in protest, his voice wavering due to him being shaken up.

"Actually it really doesn't matter if he has eaten or absorbed the soul, or have left the thing intact, he still has the advantage against the other students joining the Academy," said Tsubaki. "That soul belongs to him now, and all he needs is ninety-eight more kishin eggs and one witch's soul, and he'll be on his way to becoming a Death Scythe much like Soul!"

"So this means we're going to be killing more people in the future," said Double D grimly, with the experienced team nodding in response. "This is going to be a long story…"

"So this means we're going to be fighting witches? Pinch me Eddy, I must be dreaming!" Ed stated, grabbing onto the greedy boy as the two of them spin around in place.

"This is no dream Ed, this is all real and it's happening right now," said Eddy, sounding as grim as Double D. "I'm afraid this is just the beginning for us…"


In an unknown part of the world, the dark sky hangs ominously over the blacken earth, painted a dark red to represent the eternal flames burning throughout the world. Rising up from the dead soil, a mountain in the shape of a fortress sinisterly stares out into the barren horizon with blank, open eyes. The fortress is a large building, void of living beings except for three brave souls, and two of these souls are walking towards the door to the tallest tower of this fortress,

The towering metal doors swing open and the two people stroll in with the same looks on their faces. Both of them are of the same gender but of opposite colors, with one with a theme of fiery red and the other is wearing a calmly blue attire. The two males walk on top of a long passageway, hovering above a patch of lava deep below, until coming to a stop near the edge of the pathway. Waiting patiently, a narrow column of black shoots out from the ground and reaches up to the ceiling, all before coming to a stop and a being starts to form from the black mass.

Once set, the guests wait for the column to lower itself to allow the two males to see who this being is, noticing the demonic face of green lips, curled teeth, soulless black eyes, four horns and eyebrows burning like flames. "So… everything is starting to fall into place, correct?" the being asked in a booming voice.

"Indeed, our liege," the boy in red replied, bowing slightly to the being. "So far the one Ed in red has received a vision from the Man in Shadows and all three obtained the letter from the 'Academy.'"

"Along with that, a meister-weapon team appeared and the five of them took out their first victim, leading the boys to collect their first egg," the boy in blue explained in a rather monotone voice.

"This is all excellent. So far everything is going according to plan. If things stay the way they are, I will have those Ed boys out of the way, and soon the rest of the world will fall along with them…"

Ladies and gentlemen, the Man in Shadows has return! (It's kinda surprising that I've never really gave him a full description of his appearance until now…)

Yeah Eddy, this is going to go all downhill from here for you guys… but this is just the beginning for all of us! So what you have just witness is the return of the Man in Shadows, the Eds learning who they really are, and the semi-introduction of Aku. And when I mean semi-introduce… I mean I haven't given him a true introduction. If you read the descriptions of each character, that is basically an introduction (if I'm not talking about a one-shot character, then it's either "you're important to the story or you're nobody").

OK, I do want to talk about Booth and some other things as well. Basically Booth is based off of the John Wilkes Booth of the same name, who is the man who assassinated Abraham Lincoln. Now why in the world would I be doing this sort of thing? Well if you pay attention to the Soul Eater series, the "first" guy that Maka and Soul killed was a revision of Jack the Ripper (by "first" I mean they killed that person first in the show, but really it was their 99th soul), along with the second "villain" in Episode 02 was Al Capone. And then there are expies of famous villains from horror movies (ex. Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees), so really I just want to go along with the idea by adding a well-familiar person and revision him into this story. And come on, there are people out there that will do the same thing I just did.

And I did say that this is going to be a three-way crossover with the Eds, Soul Eater and Samurai Jack, but how in the world am I going to perform the latter? Pay attention in the future chapters: you just may notice something.

And before I go, I would like to play a game. Throughout this story you are going to notice some unique little "add-ons" that will help you decide rather or not I am truly writing this story. What you are going to do is check every bit of detail that is going into this story, including artwork I make and the paragraphs within the story itself, and I want you to see if this entire thing is written entirely by me, or is there someone else taking over. Now here's the catch: Anything the characters say will not be allow in your score and you MUST keep this a secret to only yourself. I don't want to know it within PMs or reviews. I'll be happy to see you accepting the challenge, but from there… no peeping until a certain chapter is uploaded.

So for now I would like for you all to review, thank you very much. Coming up is the end to this mini introduction arc and the return of another old character, and more!

P.S: If you look up the moon from Soul Eater, don't. It'll be a bad thing to see that in real life… or a good thing, I don't know. I have yet to check out the tidal wave effect with that moon.