It had been 12 weeks since the accident and Paddy was itching to get the cast off of his leg and get his life back to normal. He'd had to call in a locum to cover the surgery which hadn't been easy and when she turned up Pearl wasn't the most welcoming to her. Kathy was a good vet though and he'd had nothing but good reports regarding her work which pleased him. Pearl had lightened up after Aaron took her to one side and asked her to please be nice as he didn't want Paddy upset while he was recovering, Pearl had agreed and for the last few weeks everything had been running smoothly.

Aaron and Jackson had taken care of everything in the house as well as going out to work, they had fetched Paddy's bed downstairs so he didn't have to go upstairs since they had a downstairs loo as well. It had been hard for them both but they didn't complain, they had been really tired at night and had usually gone to bed and straight to sleep which meant they hadn't had a lot of sex lately which they missed like crazy but they knew this situation wouldn't last for much longer so they satisfied themselves with the odd night they weren't too tired.

It was Friday morning and Paddy was woken by banging noises coming from the kitchen and that could mean only one thing, Aaron was up, Jackson never made that much noise, he would realise that someone was trying to sleep in the next room but not Aaron, he would have ran downstairs with one thing on his mind, food, that lad could eat like a horse and not put any weight on, it amazed Paddy how much he could eat, no inhale, at one sitting.

He shifted himself so he was sitting up and shouted into the kitchen, "Morning son,"

A sheepish Aaron looked round the door, "sorry, did I wake ya? I was trying to be quiet," he said with a smile.

Paddy just laughed, "what?" asked Aaron.

"Your never quiet Aaron, you wouldn't know how to be."

"Ha, ha, very funny, keep that up and I won't make you a drink," he said as he went back into the kitchen.

Paddy swung himself out of the bed and grabbed his crutches. He made his way slowly to the kitchen door. "Where's Jackson?"

Aaron turned round from what he was doing. "He went to work early so he could come with us this afternoon." Aaron took a bite of toast and turned round to finish making the tea. "Do you want some toast?"

"Please," Paddy sat at the table and made himself comfortable. "Jackson doesn't have to come, I'm only having my cast off, it's not life threatening," he said putting two spoons of sugar into the tea that Aaron had just placed in front of him.

Aaron sat opposite him, "he knows that dad, but he wants to come along with us." Aaron took a bite of his toast and got out of his seat remembering that he hadn't got paddy his favourite marmalade. Placing it on the table, Paddy smiled at him to say thank you.

A knock at the door brought in Pearl who had come to get the surgery keys so she could open up, she fussed over Paddy for a few minutes before leaving them too it.

"Thing's still OK with Pearl and Kathy?" asked Aaron, Paddy nodded, "seems to be, I think your little talk did the trick, Pearl even baked a Lemon Drizzle cake yesterday and offered Kathy a piece which is an improvement on a month ago when she wouldn't even make her a drink." Aaron laughed, "I'm glad," he said pushing his chair away from the table, "well I'd better get going or Cain won't let me skive off later." He put his plate and cup in the sink and headed towards the open door. "See you later, and dad, no overdoing it before you get that cast off, I don't want you falling over and breaking the other leg, I've had enough of housework and being your maid," he said with a smirk.

Paddy laughed, "get out of here before I chuck this mug at your thick skull." Aaron smiled and left shutting the door behind him.

It was just gone two when Jackson arrived back at Smithy cottage, the kitchen was empty so he checked the living room, that was empty as well, where was Paddy? Making his way back through the kitchen he made his way up the stairs to his and Aaron's bedroom, there he found Aaron laid on the bed with his headphones on and his eye's closed. He took off his work jacket and threw it on a chair and walked over to the bed, he looked down at his boyfriend and admired what he saw, he couldn't believe sometimes that he had fallen so heavily in love with someone who was such an apposite to him, but then again they do say that opposites attract and in this situation they were right. When he saw Aaron all he wanted to do was kiss and hold him and never let him go.

Aaron must have sensed someone in the room because he suddenly opened his eyes and looked up at Jackson and smiled. "Hi," he said as he took off the head phones, Jackson could hear Snow Patrol playing through them before Aaron turned off his i-pod. He sat down next to Aaron and leaned in and kissed him, "hi yourself", Aaron smiled and pulled Jackson towards him again and deepened the kiss wanting things to go further but Jackson pulled away, Aaron groaned with disappointment. "Aaron we haven't got time, we've got to be at the hospital for three," he said getting up from the bed and starting to take off his work clothes, "I'm gonna have a quick wash and get changed," he said as he made his way to the door, Aaron was watching him with what you could only say was lust in his eyes as he looked Jackson, who was only in his boxers, up and down and smiled.

As he opened the bedroom door, Jackson suddenly remembered Paddy. "Where's your dad, he's not downstairs."

Aaron got up off the bed, "he's in the surgery with Kathy, he's not doing anything, he's just sat in the corner observing," he passed Jackson at the door, "I'll go and get him, by the time I get him in the car you will be ready and we can get off, the sooner he get's that damn cast off the better." He kissed Jackson again and headed down stairs, Jackson smiled as he watched Aaron before he went into the bathroom.

Two weeks later and Paddy is doing just fine, he's still using a cane but he is getting around a lot better and they finally have their living room back after Aaron and Jackson moved Paddy's bed back upstairs. Paddy had returned to work full time but only in the surgery, Kathy was still on hand to help with the call out's, in fact Paddy was considering keeping her on as he could really do with the help as his practice was getting busier.

It was just gone five and Aaron had just arrived home from work, he was texting as he walking up stairs to his room.

Table booked at Indian 4 7, don't be late. A xx

He threw his phone on the bed, stripped off and went in the shower, when he got out he crossed the landing to his bedroom with just a towel wrapped around his waist and shut the door after him. He picked up his phone and saw that he had a message.

B abt half hour. Love you. J xxx

Aaron smiled and started getting dressed looking forward to his and Jackson's first night out in what seemed like months.

Twenty minutes later Aaron looked at himself in the mirror and decided that he looked okay, he had on the shirt that Jackson had bought him for his last birthday and a pair of black jeans and trainers. He wasn't one for getting dressed up but he wanted tonight to be special, he wanted Jackson to know how much he has appreciated everything he has done over the last couple of months.

He was halfway down the stairs when there was a knock at the door, he opened it and found a guy stood there with his hands in his pockets, Aaron looked him up and down, he was slim and looked to be in his late twenties, he also looked familiar to him but he didn't know why,

"Yes," said Aaron.

"I'm looking for Jackson Walsh," he said, Aaron immediately went on the defensive.


The guy didn't seem fazed, "does he live here?"

Aaron was about to answer him when he saw Jackson coming up the path, the stranger followed Aaron's gaze and turned around. When Jackson saw who it was he stopped dead in his tracks. "Matt!" he said with a shocked looked on his face.

The stranger smiled at him, "hello little brother."