"You can see me?"

Aaron smiled. "You're a bit blurred, but you look damn good to me."

Jackson couldn't believe it, everything he had been praying for had happened, Aaron could see. He got up from his chair and kissed Aaron with all the love he could muster, before pulling him into a bone crushing hug.

"Stop me breathing why don't ya," Aaron choked out laughing.

"Sorry," said Jackson pulling back, "I'm just so happy."

Aaron grinned like a Cheshire cat, "I can't explain what it felt like not being able to see, I know I was scared that it would be permanent even though the doctor had said that it wasn't. I don't like feeling scared, but as soon as I saw your face all that went away and I can't imagine fearing anything ever again," he kissed Jackson, "I know now that I never want to be apart from you again."

"Me either," Jackson said as he kissed his boyfriend again, he could never get enough of feeling the softness of Aaron's lips on his and the love he felt for the younger man kept getting stronger every day.

Jackson got up off the bed. "Where are you going?"

"I'd better go tell someone about you getting your sight back." He started to move away but Aaron grabbed his hand.

"I love you."

"Love you too."


"When will they get here?" asked Aaron, he really wanted to go home. He'd been given the all clear an hour ago by the doctor and he had been told he could go home, but he had to rest for a couple of days.

"They won't be much longer, be patient…pardon the pun."

Aaron looked at Jackson and laughed. "Joker this morning I see."

"I have my moments. Hey, I can't wait till your dad and my mum find out you can see."

"I know," Aaron said looking around still not believing he could see.

"How is it now?"

"Almost clear, it's amazing Jackson. All I want now is to go home."

It wasn't long before Paddy and Hazel walked into Aaron's room. Hazel was carrying a bag with a change of clothes for Aaron because the one's he had on yesterday were covered in blood.

"Morning!" said Paddy as he and Hazel walked over to the bed.

"Morning mum," said Jackson.

"Have a good night?" she asked.

"I think Aaron slept better than me, this chair's a bit hard." Hazel laughed.

Paddy was looking at his son noticing that he hadn't said anything, he touched his arm. "Are you alright Aaron?"

Aaron looked up at them and smiled. "You two are a sight for sore eyes."

It took a few seconds to realise what Aaron had said, still not believing it they looked at Jackson who nodded. Hazel screamed and they both grabbed hold of Aaron and hugged him.


Three days later and Aaron's sight was back to normal, after weeks of being in total darkness he now couldn't get enough of walking in the fields and taking everything in. He would take off on his own and just walk, the first time he did it Jackson went mad. He had panicked when he had come in and not found Aaron anywhere, Aaron of course took it in his stride telling Jackson not to get so wound up and that he was fine and nothing was going to happen to him. Jackson had reluctantly backed down and tried to be less over protective.

On this particular day Aaron had called off to see Adam and it was after five by the time he got home, walking upto the Smithy had saw a police car outside. "Not again," he thought, he'd seen enough cops to last him a lifetime.

Walking into the house he could hear voices coming from living room. "Hello," he shouts, he didn't want to just walk in on them. Jackson was there in seconds. "Aaron, the police have just arrived, come through." Jackson could see him hesitate, walking over to him he took his hand, "come on, let's get this over with." Aaron smiled and let Jackson lead him into the room.

The police officer rose as Aaron and Jackson entered. "This is Aaron," said Jackson, the officer held his hand out and Aaron shook it. They all sat.

"I was just telling your dad, that Mr Walsh will appear in court on Tuesday."

"Do we have to be there?" asked Aaron

The officer shook his head. "No, Mr Walsh is pleading guilty, so it will just be a matter of sentencing."

"Will he definitely go to jail?" asked Jackson, wanting his father as far away from Aaron as possible.

"He will get a minimum of six months, which is what we think he will get. They will take into consideration the fact that he had buried his son that day."

Jackson stood up glaring, "and I could be burying my boyfriend if we hadn't got here in time."

"Jackson!" said Paddy.

"No Paddy, that man is evil, he needs to be put away and I'm gonna be there at the court to watch." He turned and walked out of the room. Aaron who had watched everything that was happening in silence got up and followed him.

Paddy thanked the officer and showed him out. "Thanks for keeping us up to date with everything, and I'm sorry about Jackson, he just wants….both of them want to get on with their lives."

"I understand Mr Kirk and if you need anything else just give us a ring."


Jackson was stood looking out of the window when Aaron entered the bedroom, he walked up behind him and put his arms round his waist and rested his chin on Jackson's shoulder. Jackson relaxed against him and lent his head against Aaron's. "You could have died…twice," he said, "it just hit me when the policeman was talking about Jerry, you could have died and I wouldn't have been able to do anything about it. I was useless to you."

Aaron turned Jackson around. "You will never be useless to me Jackson, don't ever think that," he put his hands on either side of Jackson's face and brushed away the tears with his thumbs, "and I'm alright…look at me Jackson." Jackson brought his head up to look at Aaron. "Your dad and Matt can't hurt us anymore so after Tuesday hopefully we won't have to mention either of them again."

Jackson nodded. "You understand why I have to go to court, don't ya."

"Personally I don't ever want to see your dad again, but if your going to court then I'm going with you."

"You don't have to."

Aaron slid his hands down so he could take hold of Jackson's, he entwined his fingers with Jackson's and pulled him closer to him. "You are the most important person in my life along with my dad and your mum, you three are the only family I want and I would do anything for you all, so yes I'm coming with you because that is what a good boyfriend would do." Aaron leant in and kissed Jackson, they unlocked their hands and started to explore each other's bodies as Aaron pulled Jackson back towards the bed, stripping each other of their clothes along the way. They both needed this, they needed to feel each other in the most intimate way, they wanted to forget everything and just be there for each other.


"Six month's, six bloody month's," said Jackson as the four of them walked out of the courthouse.

"Come on Jackson, we had an inkling that it would be the minimum sentence. I know you were hoping for more, we all were," she said as she looked at Aaron & Paddy. "At least he didn't get off altogether."

Paddy agreed, he looked at Jackson then at his son, "Aaron, you alright?"

Aaron smiled. "I was just thinking that it's all over, we can get on with our lives without someone threatening us."

Jackson took his hand, "come on, let's go straight into town and book that holiday."

Aaron's face lit up. "Italy?"

"Anywhere you want babe," he looked at Paddy and his mum, "can you drop us off, we'll get the bus back when were done."

"Not a problem," said Paddy, glad to see Aaron with a big grin on his face, it had been along time since he had seen genuine happiness on his son's face.

"Now I'm jealous," said Hazel, "I could do with a holiday myself." Jackson put his arm around his mum. "Well you aren't tagging along with us," he said with a smirk.

"I wouldn't get in the way," she said trying to be all innocent and nice. Aaron moved to the other side of Hazel and put his arm around her as well. "Hazel, we love ya, but no way are you coming on our holiday."

"How will you cope without me?" she said laughing.

"Oh, we'll find a way," said Jackson


It was 5am in the morning and the house was hectic, Aaron and Jackson were trying their best to stay calm as Paddy and Hazel fussed round them.

"Have you got your passports?" asked Paddy, "I don't want to get to the airport and you haven't got them."

Aaron rolled his eyes. "Of course we have," then he leaned into Jackson and talked quietly to him, "please tell me you've got the passports." Jackson grinned, "of course I have," he said tapping his pocket, "and the tickets, so stop worrying." Jackson kissed Aaron. "It's not me, it's them," he said pointing at their parents, "it's the third time dad's asked me about the passport's." Jackson laughed

"Are you excited?"

"Can't wait," said Aaron, "two weeks on our own."

"Hey," said Hazel as she walked by them, "anyone would think that me and your dad are the worst people in the world the way you two keep going on about being away from here."

"You know we don't mean it like that Hazel, you and dad are brilliant and we never want to be without either of you, but we just need sometime on our own," he said as he and Jackson got up and followed her into the living room.

"I understand," she said as she put some freshly ironed t-shirts into the two open cases, "I've just been used to having you both around, it's going to be quiet in this house with just me and Paddy."

"It's only two weeks mum," said Jackson starting to close up his case whilst Aaron did the same with his, "we'll be back before you know it."


Leeds/Bradford airport was busy and Paddy parked in the nearest car park he could get, they could have just dropped the boys off and gone straight home but they wanted to stay with them until they boarded.

They checked in their cases and then they all went to the restaurant for something to eat, they had a full English which went down really well. You could see the planes landing from where they were sat and they just talked about anything until it was time for the boys to leave.

They were now on their way to the departure lounge. "Are you sure you have enough money?" asked Paddy as they walked.

"Yes, I'm sure. We'll be okay dad."

"Well, we've got to leave you here, promise me you'll phone if you need anything, I mean anything okay," he said as he pulled Aaron into a hug.

"Have a good time," said Hazel hugging Jackson.

"We will," he said smiling as his mum let him go, she then pulled Aaron into a hug as well, "take care kiddo."

"I will…we will," he said as he hugged her back.

"Come on, we'd better go," said Jackson.

Paddy and Hazel watched as their son's disappeared from view hoping that their holiday would get them both back on track.


They had been in Stresa for three days and they were having a great time, they had a really nice room in the Hotel Bristol and they had a brilliant view of Isola Bella and the two other islands on Lake Maggiore. They had a couple of trips booked, one to Zermatt in Switzerland to see the Matterhorn and the other, which was the next day, to Milan.

"Can't wait for tomorrow," said Aaron as he and Jackson walked along the lake front. It was 9pm and dark, they had just finished their evening meal at the hotel and were now on the way to the Irish bar in the centre of Stresa.

"Me too," Jackson said as he took Aaron's hand, "come on, theirs a seat over there, let's sit for a while." Aaron let Jackson lead him to the seat and they both sat down still holding hands. They sat there for a while not saying anything just looking out at the lake and the lights shining on it, it looked beautiful.

Aaron took a sideways look at Jackson and admired what he saw, his heart skipped a beat as Jackson turned to look at him and smiled. He knew with all his heart what he wanted but how did he say it, Jackson was the only bloke that Aaron wanted to be with and he knew that they were meant to be together.

"What?" asked Jackson as he saw the way the Aaron was studying him.

Aaron leant in and kissed him. "I love you Jackson Walsh," he said as he kissed him again. "I've got something to ask you…but I'm scared."

Jackson looked surprised. "I love you too Aaron, so much, and you should never be scared of asking me anything," he squeezed Aaron's hand in reassurance.

Aaron looked towards the lake and took a deep breath, he was going to do this, he had to do this. He knew what he wanted, and it was Jackson Walsh. "I've been thinking about this for a long time, but I don't know how to say it. I'm scared because I've had a lot of rejection in my life and I don't think I could handle anymore."

"Hey," said Jackson touching Aaron's face and turning it towards him till he was looking into his gorgeous blue eyes, "come on you can ask me anything."

Aaron looked at Jackson and knew it was the time, if he didn't do it now he never would. "I know how much I love you and I always want to be with you. I hate it when we're apart and my life would be empty without you," he took a deep breath, but before he could continue Jackson spoke.


Aaron looked puzzled. "Yes, what?"

Jackson smiled. "The answer to your question."

"I haven't asked you one yet."

"Well ask me," said Jackson, "but my answer will be yes."

Aaron smiled, his heart was beating so fast it felt like it would explode from his chest. He kissed Jackson then lent his forehead against his.

"Marry me?"

The end.

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