When Darkness Turns To Light

Hi everyone!My name is Adrian and this is my first story on ! Please review! Stephenie Meyer owns all of these characters, I just like to pretend that dirty talking Paul is mine =D

The La Push forest is a pretty scary place when you're lost and alone, especially on a cold and rainy night (though I suppose the weather tonight is not much different than any other night in my small town). The bright lightening and the crashes of thunder overhead were frightening as I tried to run through the darkened woods to save myself. It seemed pointless, her being so much faster and stronger than I was, but I felt the need to try to protect myself. Honestly, I probably should have handed myself over to her but I knew it was an instant death sentence. I ran because my imprint begged me to and because he deserved better than a life alone.

I could see flashes of red through the trees as I stumbled through the underbrush; the path I had been following had faded away and all I could see was darkness as I pushed myself past what I thought was my limit. Every few seconds the lightening lights up the forest and I can see, but mostly I am running blindly. The trees seem to be getting thinner the farther into the darkness I run. After what seems like hours of running I finally see what looks to be a light shining through the trees not too far ahead. I run towards it, hoping to find shelter from the crazy woman chasing me or at least find a way to throw her off my scent. I could hear violent growls from the woman pursuing me coming from somewhere in the trees when suddenly something grabs my arm and I stumble backwards into a tree. A branch to my left snaps. Turning, I come face to face with a pair of glowing red eyes.

"You don't know how long I have wanted to do this," Victoria hissed, grabbing me by the neck and lifting me from the ground. "I have lived in misery for over a year because of what your precious Edward did to me, taking away the only thing I have ever loved. He has wronged me and now it's my turn to take away the only thing he has ever loved." I tried to speak, struggling in her arms, but the more I tried to speak the tighter her grip became.

Suddenly there was an ear-piercing howl followed by the sound of something huge racing towards us. Victoria's head snapped in the direction of the noise and the next thing I knew she had thrown me on her back and we were speeding through the trees at a breakneck pace. Panicked, I kept my mouth shut and silently prayed that whatever had scared Victoria was there to save me and not to hurt me like she was obviously planning to do.

We ran for what seemed like hours until Victoria came to an abrupt stop at the edge of the forest. Through my panic I could just barely make out the cliffs edge that I had jumped from just a few weeks before. Victoria grabbed me from her back and lifted me by my neck again, dangling me over the side of the cliff. My feet were dangling over the edge and I could feel the spray from the water hitting the rocks below. My heart hammering, I held on to her arm for dear life.

"Hello dog," Victoria said, facing the shadowy figure stalking towards us from the forest. "I know you want to kill me and save the girl. I just want revenge for the loss of my mate and I will do whatever it takes to get it. Unfortunately for you, that means you have a choice to make." The horse-size silver wolf stalked forward, growling viciously and showing it's terrifying teeth. "Now, I don't care if I live or die- I have nothing to live for after killing this one anyway. You, however, have a choice to make. Save the girl you love," she said, squeezing my neck harder, "or kill the vampire that has been attacking your tribe. The choice is yours, but choose quickly."

The growling increased from the silver wolf. Off in the distance I could hear the rest of the pack thundering up the hill but who knows how long it would take for them to reach us. Panicked, I locked eyes with the gray wolf and took in what I was sure would be the last memory I would ever have of the love of my life.

"Times up," Victoria said before releasing her grip on my neck and throwing me off the edge of the cliff. There was a loud, thunderous crash from up above and then everything went black.