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Previously on WDTTL:

I grabbed the cold cuts and threw together a quick sandwich to go with my glass of milk before setting up my plate and cup on the kitchen table where I had left my weathered copy or Pride and Prejudice sitting earlier that morning. I flipped open the page to where I had left off and was just getting into it when I heard a noise coming from the front of the house.

It sounded like someone was wiggling the door handle, trying to find a way inside. Then there were three loud bangs as the doorknob continued to shake. Cautiously I got to my feet and stealthily made my way to the door, trying my hardest not to make a sound until I could peek through the view hole and see who was making all of the ruckus. To my surprise there was no one on the other side of the door, just a darkening street and the lone light pole down the block.

Shrugging, I turned to head back to the kitchen when I heard a deafening crash.

Chapter 25:

I could hear the shards of glass from what must have been the broken window hit the floor as someone jumped through it. After a moment of silence I heard the glass begin to crinkle- almost as if someone was walking on it. It couldn't have been human, no human that I know could throw themselves through a glass window without injuring themselves at least a little. No, this had to be someone supernatural and if they weren't using the front door then they must not be here for a pleasant chat…

My survival instincts kicked in and I lunged for the stairs, running as fast as I could away from the person or thing that had just broken in.

"Uh uh uh Bella, where do you think you're going?" A familiar voice said coldly from the top of the stairs.

"Alice? Alice! What are you doing? We need to go, someone just broke in…"

"She knows that Isabella," a voice spat from behind me. "She's the one that helped me find you…"

"What? Alice, what's going on?" I asked, unable to tear my eyes away from my friend who was unhappily sneering at me.

"I'm here to take you to Victoria. Mona here is going to make sure that no one follows us until it's too late for you."

"Mona? Mona from school? The girl that died?" I asked, turning and looking around the room until I came face to face with… Myself? "What is happening? Who are you?"

"What, you don't recognize me? No, I guess you wouldn't. I have changed a bit," the girl who looked exactly like I did said to me with an almost evil looking smile on her face.

"What….? How…?

"Not now Bella, you'll find out in due time. Now," Alice said, yanking me none too gently into her arms, "it's time for you to leave La Push. For good."

"You'll never get away with this! My imprint will KNOW you aren't me…" I said in a panic, struggling in vain to escape Alice's death grip

"Oh my god- just shut up Bella, I'm so tired of you always TALKING," Alice said before roughly hitting me on the back of the head. The last thing I saw was the smug smile on the girl that looked exactly like me before the whole world faded into black.

Paul POV-

I threw the car in park as soon as I pulled up to Sam's house and quickly ran as fast as I could to the front door. I didn't even bother knocking on the front door, I knew there was something wrong and Sam needed to know.

"Paul? Paul, are you ok? What's wrong?" A surprised Emily asked, scrambling up from her spot on the couch next to Sam.

"I really need to talk to Sam, Emily. It's important," I said, meeting Sam's gaze and motioning with my head that we needed to outside.

Sam placed a gentle kiss on Emily's forehead before detangling himself from his soon to be wife and meeting my by the front door. He followed me into the forest behind the house before finally asking, "What is so important, Paul? It couldn't have waited?"

"No, it really can't wait. You need to phase with me, it'll be better if I just show you…"

"Show me what?" He asked, stripping out of his clothes and leveling me with a hard glare.

"I need to show you what happened tonight on my date with Bella," I said gruffly, stepping out of my pants and quickly phasing. I looked up at my pack leader expectantly but he just rolled his eyes at me, shrugging out of his final piece of clothing.

"I swear to god Paul, if you pulled me out here to show me something dirty the two of you did in the back seat of your car or something…" Sam said, getting cut off by the vicious snarls that Paul couldn't control. Rolling his eyes, Sam leaped forward, phasing in midair and turning back towards his unsettled second in command.

"Is everything ok guys? What's wrong?" Embry asked from his spot on patrol miles away from where the two leaders of the pack had recently phased.

"What's this all about Paul? What was so important," Sam asked, unamused at what he thought might have been another of Emmett Cullen's pranks.

"You know Bella and I had a date in the city tonight, right?"

"Oh yeah! How did that go," Embry asked, not quite getting that this wasn't purely a social outing for the back brothers.

"Terrible. People were pissing me off all night, I even stormed out of the restaurant and phased in the woods nearby when I couldn't handle it anymore…"

"Did someone see you phase, Paul? Is that what this is all about?" Sam growled, glaring down at me from a few feet away.

"No. When I was in the forest Bella followed me. Apparently Pixie Cullen 'happened' to be in the city and found us. She clamed to be scared that I had hurt my imprint or something…"

"Why would she think that? You could never hurt Bella," Embry said, confusion leeching into my thoughts.

"Of COURSE I would never hurt my imprint!"

"Embry and I know that Paul. So Alice Cullen followed you into the city? Is that what has you all shaken up?"

"That's not it Sam," I said, beginning to pace the forest floor before me as I felt myself becoming more and more agitated by the unending disruptions. "She said she had business in the city and 'happened' to get a vision. That's not the weird thing though- she smelled like vampires."

Sam chuckled, rolling his eyes at me. "Of course she would smell like vampires, she's living with the soldier and the trouble maker in their house right now…"

"You don't think I know what those two smell like? No, that chick smelt exactly like the vampire we have been tracking. I don't think Alice is on our side- I'm pretty sure she is working with the enemy," I said, replaying the entire encounter for them in my mind for the two shocked werewolves in my head.

Before I had even finished showing them all that had happened Sam threw his head back and let out a piercing howl, calling all of the pack members to join us in the forest to spread the news of what had happened. One by one the pack members phased, filling my head with a dozen confused and worried voices of my pack brothers.

"Paul you need to get to the Clearwater house right now and protect Bella. If what you just told me is true then Alice knows you found her out and chances are she won't hesitate to grab Bella now that the pack is all together and she is unprotected," Sam snapped at me, nudging me with his nose to go get my girl.

Sam didn't have to tell me twice: I ignored the shouting of my pack in my head as I pushed myself as fast as I could go in the direction of the Clearwater house. I was maybe 100 yards away from the house when I picked up a sickly sweet scent from the forest. Letting out a strangled growl I made a quick lap around the house, stopping dead in my tracks when I came to the shattered window. I cautiously stepped forward, trying to avoid the broken shards of glass that littered the ground outside the house.

After moments of searching for a clear way in I finally felt like I couldn't wait any longer and leapt in through the broken window. I didn't care about the shards of glass that were currently cutting into my paw or the blood I felt trickling down my leg, all I cared about was the brunette tied to the chair not far from me.

She was ok! My imprint was ok! I barreled towards her, ripping through the pieces of fabric holding her down with my teeth and nuzzling into her side with my snout. Bella giggled, reaching out for me and wrapping her slightly chilled arms through my overheated fur.

"I knew you would find me," the girl said, placing gentle kisses into my fur and roughly crushing me to her. I was so glad my girl was all right but something seemed… Off. I took a few steps away and phased so I could hold her in my arms, not letting myself think to hard about the overwhelming stench of vampire that filled the room.

"Baby are you ok? What happened, did they hurt you? I should have never left you here by yourself," I said, pulling my sobbing girl into my arms and pressing kisses onto her freezing cold forehead. I held her close to me, listening for her rapid heartbeat and froze in place when I heard nothing but my own heartbeat and our combined heavy breathing. I took another quiet sniff of the woman's hair before it hit me: this was not my imprint. I had been so blinded with joy when I saw that she was alright that I had missed the blatantly obvious signs that screamed vampire.

Before she could even react I grabbed the imposer in my hands, throwing her to the ground and standing over her shivering body, growling at the woman that had tried to trick me. "Who the hell are you and where the hell is my imprint?"

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