Hello everyone :) I've been watching the 30-sec spoiler video over and over again, and one of the scenes that just kills me is the one where *SPOILER ALERT* Caroline is in her underwear and jumps on Tyler, who is half naked on his (or her) bed. Apparently, Julie Plec said that at Elena's birthday party, Caroline gets jealous of Tyler's date and well, she literally "jumps" him. So, that's good news for us lol. At least it is for me. So, being inspired by that 1-second scene, I decided to write this story. It is based on those spoilers, and will be for about 3-4 chapters. If, after that, you guys still want me to continue, it will go AU (or partly) so we can have our Forwood romance :D So yeah, enough about this, it's a rather long A/N, I'll shut up now. Btw, it is a small chapter, partly just so I know if I should continue it, and partly because I felt it was a good place to break it. so on with the story :)

"I cannot believe how big this house is! God, why can't there be more people helping me?" Caroline said to no one in particular while counting the red plastic glasses Bonnie had bought for Elena's birthday party. She was all alone in one of the Salvatore boarding house's lower floor rooms, and it was full of party things. She couldn't believe how hot it was for September, even in a white tank top and beige short shorts she was way too hot. Turns out, being a vampire didn't let you escape you feeling the temperature, even if it was a little better. She noticed the hot weather affected her even more.

It's probably due to the colder-than-average skin, she thought. At least this house is perfect for parties. I can't believe Damon actually let me in charge of the preparations, but seeing as he would do anything for Elena, it was only normal I'd get my way eventually.

A little smile started forming on her face at this thought, which only made her think about something else, or better yet someone else she wanted to get her way with.

"Stop it Caroline. You can't think about that. It won't work! Of course it won't, I'll screw it up, like always and end up dead."

"Who are you talking to?"

She was so wrapped up in her thoughts; she hadn't even heard someone come in. Turning around, she found herself smiling in spite of her, because that's what always happened when HE came in.

"Oh, no one," Caroline told Tyler. "I was talking to myself actually. All of these preparations are making me crazy, even more than usual. What are you doing here? The party doesn't start till eight and it's…" she took a break to look at her cell phone. "Six thirty! Oh my god, this will never get done in time! Oh god Tyler, I am so sorry, I have so many things to finish."

Caroline started to walk past him, but he caught her arm, stopping her in her tracks.

"That's why I'm here, Forbes. Jeremy called me, said you guys could use a hand, and when I got here, Bonnie put me on "help-Caroline-duty" as she put it, so here I am. I'm all yours."

All the while when saying this, he got closer and closer to her, his grip loosening but not letting her go. Tyler saw her eyes widen, heard her breathing speed up a little bit, and couldn't help a small smile from appearing on his lips. Eventually, when she didn't say anything, he lightly cleared his throat and blinking slowly, words came pouring out of her mouth.

"Oh well, okay then. We have to finish counting these cups, there are supposed to be at least one hundred, then there are still a lot of balloons to be filled with helium, the house, or at least the places where people will be cleaned and the cake picked up from the bakery. There is also the beer that has to be brought from downstairs and the tables set in the parlor. Oh and the outside lights put up."

She was talking so fast through all of it, he only caught parts of it, but he couldn't help it, he was mesmerized by her.

Shaking his head he said "You know what? I didn't get half of that, but lead the way, and I'll help you in everything you need okay? I'm here to help you. This is Elena's day, and I know it has to be perfect."

Tyler's voice became softer at this last sentence, and Caroline couldn't help but smile. He is perfect, she thought. Obnoxious, arrogant, sometimes a dick who doesn't care about anyone, but still perfect.

"Okay then, follow me." Caroline didn't wait for him, just started walking ahead, swaying her hips lightly, knowing that he'll follow her.

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