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Time. Time is the enemy at hand. The seconds should go 'tick… tick… tick'. But instead, the steady rhythm has become diseased. Ill. False. Untrue!

Tick… No. Go faster. Why is it so loud? Why are these seconds like sirens of warning? Tock… Drive a knife through my temple. A chain saw to my neck. Light had thought to himself within the confines of the dark room. Any exquisitely painful death would be superb if it would just… happen. But time stands still in this room.

As of yesterday, no—the day before? How long has it been since the capture? Since the… I daresay…arrest. I cannot stand that fucking word. Well, whatever the case may be… My life has ended since I woke in this room. This stuffy, no good, dark, ticking room.

His sore mouth was dry and tasteless because of the gag. He couldn't swallow well, or even think about ripping off his useless tongue. Drowning in his own blood. The thought… seduced him. It played around the contours of his dark mind.

The door had banged open with an undesirable WHUMP! But to Light, that sweetly, loud, shocking sound was the noise of freedom. Getting outside that door, however, was impossible, unlikely, and sure as hell was a branch that even the optimists couldn't reach.

Such a flimsy, little, feeble branch… Once one reaches out, clings their unsure hand around it… They'll soon realize, that flying feeling isn't freedom, isn't sanctuary. You're falling to your death.

"Bathroom break," the guard grunted again, unhinging all the straps and cuffs on Light. "Why you even have bathroom breaks is a mystery. If I were the boss," The man's fat, hefty cheeks peeled into a smile which Light could not thankfully see, "I'd let you shit yourself."

If I could just—This fucking blindfold—I will kill this mother fuc—

"That's enough, 'Bob'." L. High and mighty, beautiful and clever, genius and cunning! L. Little fucking… Little fucking… There were truly no words inside Light's dark heart in which he could cast at L. For he hadn't exactly realized his love for him. His true love. He had disguised it as friendship, but no one can stay masked forever. Not even the great and powerful Kira.

Overachiever. That's what that bastard is.

They had resulted into calling all the guards a variant of Bob. Bobby. Bobby Joe. Childish, yes. But exceptionally effective. Even Light had tried distinguishing who was Bob and who was Bobbers. But… they switched every day.

He was truly thankful that he had showers daily, more than enough bathroom visits, three meals—though he was pretty sure people spat in his food—and clean clothes. But only one thing bothered him. L was everywhere. It unnerved him. He couldn't sleep. L was always, ALWAYS watching. Fear spread through Light, self-consciousness, and even… a blush whenever he talked.

It's simply childish. Inane! Why do I have these moments where my heart flutters fast? I am… intimidated by L? God, that must be it. Simply ridiculous. He may have won the battle. But I, sure as hell, will win this war.

Mark my words, L. You are dead.

Although Light Yagami was a killer, even if he planned on killing everyone in the building… The only person who he dare not kill, the only person he has ever spared… his weakness… he would never kill L.

Tomorrow, for sure…. I am breaking out. I have a plan.

Hello world. Kira is back. And he has a new found confidence.