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Chapter 15

The lights were repetitive and bright; a light perfect for the loud music that boomed from everywhere the boy turned. Bodies were all pressed against him as he tried to make his way through the rave. The bass vibrated the human and the dancing made his head spin. His jeans were too low, and his top rode up from those pair of claws that wouldn't leave him alone. He ran a hand through his messy hair. It was neat before they came, but those little claws wouldn't leave that alone, either. He was sweating, but it didn't bother him one bit. Just another typical night for the human boy.

For some reason, Zim's leaders thought that Earth was great potential as a nightclub planet. It seemed every Irken had arrived for the opening as soon as the organic sweep was over. The clubs were built in a matter of two days and had lines out the door to get inside. It was very popular with the usually-serious people on Irk. On rare occasions, the Almighty Tallests would show up themselves and be seen at the bar, sipping on sodas and observing the dirty dancing that went on around them.

Ever since Zim had conquered his planet, he had been respected more by everyone. His little mishap during Operation Impending Doom I had been forgotten and he was able to sit in retirement with the other conquerors. Dib had been marked as a 'slave', but the title was easily lost as they realized how smart he actually was. He caught on easily to their technology (thanks to Tak's ship) and was now someone of monetary value to the Irken Armada. Other Irken's took the chance to know who he was, and the Tallests have been keeping an eye on him.

Zim and Dib's love life hadn't changed much, either. Zim was a little more outgoing now that everyone accepted Dib. He would caress the boy, or just get plain dirty and put his little claws anywhere he pleased on the boy's body. The human was happy to be able to call the alien his and only his. Since life was so easy for them now, it was easy to just retreat from everyone and have steamy, passionate, sex anytime they wanted, which satisfied them both. One or the other would simply hook the others shirt, and drag them into the bedroom, closing and locking the door behind them. Life couldn't get any better.

Once again, in the dim lighting of the nightclub, those green claws grabbed at the boy and yanked him towards him.

"Be a little gentle, would you?" Dib whispered into Zim's lekku.

"You know I like it rough." He smiled, his zipper-teeth glinting in the darkness. He instantly returned to dancing, grinding on his partner. His claws returned to their places; rubbing dangerously low on the boy's body. It didn't matter who saw; everyone was doing it to some girl.

"Can't keep your hands off me, can you?" Dib smiled, feeling his heart race with excitement at how daring the Irken was.

"Nope," He whispered into the human's ear, his tongue swirling around the multiple piercings on it. The human turned the tables and pulled Zim in front of him. He wore an outfit similar to Dib's; some very tight jeans and a form-fitting long sleeve shirt that was the same shade of pink as his Invader uniform. Much easier access. Dib was now repeating the alien's movements on him. He had his hand almost completely down the Irken's pants, making him grin and run his claws through the boy's hair. They both were covered in sweat, making the light reflect off of them. No one seemed to notice, egging their erotic and teasing movements on even more.

The boy's mind drifted to all of the people that died just a few weeks ago. It gave him nightmares on night, but all he needed was to be assured that Zim was there to help him through it. It wasn't so bad, imagining all the people he could have saved. The only think that made his heart ache was thinking of his family and how much he missed them. He easily shook the thought away, though. They never treated him with respect! Gaz never cared much about him, while his father mocked his paranormal studies. It didn't matter anymore, they were all dead now. The human smiled at how he was probably dancing on their graves right now.

"Why don't we head home, Dib-love." The Irken suggested, scattering the human's thoughts. There was a mischievous glint in Zim's eyes.

"Its only two in the morning," The boy defended. "We'll have plenty of time for sex later."

"We can come back." The alien was done talking and was now dragging Dib through the club towards the exit. He couldn't help but grin wickedly at how nice this life was. He never wanted it to end. He got got awkward looks from some other Irkens, but most of them were approving looks; lots of people had heard about their love life. It seemed to be a hot topic; especially with the Almighty Tallests. They found the relationship interesting and unexpected. They never thought of someone like Zim to be capable of emotions. Finally, they pushed through the double doors and headed to Zim's reliable Voot Runner.

"You're so needy, Zim." Dib commented.

"And you aren't?" The alien retorted.

"I wouldn't drag you away if you were having a little fun."

"Then I won't drag you away." He smiled mischievously again. His claws easily tugged on the bottom of the humans shirt, pulling it all the way up.

"Wha-what are you doing? Someone might see!" Dib exclaimed.

"Let 'em look." The Irken pounced like a puma, taking his prey. Just another typical night for the human boy.

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