Link had been bedridden for days after his suicide attempt. After a week, he was finally able to walk around his house. But that was the limit of his abilities. He had suffered a severe concussion when he hit that rock. The head injury hadn't affected his mind or speech, but his body was a different story. He had trouble standing for long periods of time. If he got up too fast or stood too long, he would black out. Recovering would be a long, hard task. But he was managing okay.

Two weeks after the incident, Link decided it was time to talk to Mido. Zelda had recommended it the previous day. Zelda had spent the entire two weeks with Link. Impa was surprised when Zelda told her that she was going to stay for a while. Instead of asking Impa for permission to stay, Zelda declared that she would stay. After all, she was a princess. She had to use her power sometime. Zelda was Impa's boss, anyways.

With the aid of a crutch, Link slowly walked to Mido's house. It was hard to keep his balance, but he persisted. Link knocked on the doorway. "Who's there?" asked Mido from inside.

"It's me, Link," he answered. "Can I come in?" He poked his head into the house.

"Sure, come in." Mido waved Link inside. "What do you want?" Mido asked. His tone of voice was different; it wasn't condescending. He talked to Link as if he were an equal. Link limped to a chair and sat down.

"I came to apologize," Link said. "I'm sorry for what I did to you. I wasn't myself. I know that's no excuse, but I couldn't control myself. I regret what I did so much. I didn't really want to hurt you. I'm sorry. I hope you'll accept my apology." Link hung his head, shameful of what he did.

"It's okay. I should probably apologize to you. I brought it on myself. I should've never talked to you like that. I'm sorry for all the times I was mean, and...cruel to you."

"I guess we were both wrong," Link said. Mido nodded.

"I never knew you had it in you," Mido said. "I guess I picked on you because I thought it would be easy because I thought you were too weak to fight back. I was wrong. I supposed I'll have to stop bothering you now that I know you can beat the tar out of me." Mido smiled. "You look like the one who took a beating, though."

"Yeah, I guess so," Link said. His injuries were far more severe than Mido's. Mido had gotten some bruises, a black eye, a broken nose, and lost a tooth. Link had suffered a concussion and barely avoided brain damage. The day after his suicide attempt, Link discovered that he'd also cracked a rib. That was really painful. All in all, they both ended up suffering many injuries.

"Why don't you go home and get some sleep?" Mido suggested. Link agreed; he needed to go back home. Even though he could walk around now, he was still very weak. Walking to Mido's house was exhausting. Link told Mido goodbye and walked back to his house. Because of his injuries, it was almost impossible for Link to climb the ladder to his tree house. So Saria had convinced some of the Kokiri to help her build stairs. Now Link only had to perform the simpler task of climbing a flight of stairs instead of a vertical ladder. Link couldn't thank Saria enough for helping.

Today, Zelda decided to go back home. She had things to do at the castle. She packed her things and prepared to leave. "Don't worry," Zelda said. "I'll come and visit you everyday."

"All right," Link said. "You need to go home. I have people to take care of me here." Link stood up and prepared to see Zelda off. She picked up her bag and smiled.

"I love you, Linkie-pooh," she said. "I'll come back tomorrow." She turned around to walk away, but Link grabbed her shoulder. She turned around and looked at him. Link decided to take the initiative. For the first time in his life, Link took the initiative and kissed Zelda.