Lindsay Pearce (Hurt and Pain) featuring Cameron Mitchell

READ : guys, don't like, don't read. This is just a fan made fic, I absolutely adore Cameron and Lindsay. So, no flames.

[L]indsay [P]earce

She was a girl. Black-headed. Blue, maybe green eyes. One gorgeous voice. She's beautiful.

But she feel fake.


She came to be a star. To embrace her beautiful voice. She wanted it to be known by others.

She wanted people to notice her.

Because she know she's good. She assure you, she's really good.

So, she made decisions. And sometimes, she made wrong decisions.


She kissed Cameron Mitchell. The blonde guy, who wears weird clothing and pretty comfortable with himself.

She liked that guy. Not like, like- but she's okay with him. He's cool. He can sing. He's a star too.

She should've known he had a girlfriend.


So, that kiss felt good. But maybe not to him. No, not to him.

She saw his face. It's full of confusion, shocked and maybe even, regret.

She made a bad turn, a wrong decision, a big mistake.

She like that guy- she never meant to hurt him

Now, she feel bad.


She never meant to hurt anybody but still...,

She was considered a bad person. Or annoying. Or mean.

But she's not. Okay, maybe a little annoying but...

... can't you see? She not


[L]indsay [P]earce

She was a girl. Black-headed. Blue, maybe green eyes. One gorgeous voice. She's beautiful.

Beautiful with a secret.

Hurt and pain.


Hold on, baby, you're losing it, The water's high, you're jumping into it and letting go...
and no one knows you cry, but you don't tell anyone
That you might not be the golden one and you're tied together with a smile
But you're coming undone...

Okay so yeah. Many people should stop bashing her! she's a great girl. and many people call her a stupid bitch or something. It's not right! She had feelings, too, you know. and yeah, I sort of ship DamianxLindsayxCameron, but whatever. It's just, I really like Lindsay Pearce and don't get me wrong, I personally want to shove a hammer down her throat when she talks but.., she's a girl with full-ambition, and strong-will, and knows what she want and many of you guys mistaken her for some ignorant, stuck up bitch. It's wrong... It's not right. Anyways, just another fic I created. I'm just saying my opinion. That's all. If I hurt any of your feeling, I'm sorry.

of course I own nothing and no one and no song

Taylor Swift- Tied Together With a Smile