Unique by planet p

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Tuscany didn't think of herself as the class freak, and people never outright called her that, she just had the feeling that sometimes that was exactly what they thought of her... and she was good at feelings.

She couldn't remember exactly when her "talent" had first manifested itself, she just knew that somewhere along the lines it had, and that today, she trusted it implicitly. A sad side-effect of her talent was that she hadn't been very successful at holding onto friends... or at making them. She just hadn't believed in hanging around someone who just wanted to be your friend because that way they'd have someone around who made them look ten-times cooler, or who they could make stupid, lame jokes at the expense of, or because they wanted to make their other friends who'd recently kicked them out of their little "in" group jealous and wish they hadn't. And, somewhere along the lines, she'd given up on having a best friend. She wasn't awful to people, but she just didn't hang out and go to the movies or the mall or whatever with them, either.

Still, having time to spend alone had given her the time and opportunity to get good at the things she really enjoyed, like cooking, so she supposed it wasn't all that bad, not having friends. That way, if she ever did make any friends one day, they wouldn't end up laughing at her abominable culinary skills when she burnt the store-bought pizza in the oven.

The other good thing it had done was give her time to get her head around her talent, so she wouldn't lose her head when she suddenly found herself out in a crowd, or at school, and, over the years, she'd learnt to centre herself, go to her happy place if she needed to, and to control how her ability affected her. It didn't control her – she decided how and when to react to it. For her, it was an invaluable skill.

It didn't bother her nowadays what people thought of her; she knew what she was and wasn't, and she didn't think she was a freak at all. She'd never hurt anyone and she'd never used her talent out of meanness toward anyone, and, in her mind, that meant she was a good person, and definitely not a freak. Maybe she was different, but so was everyone, in one way or another, and people had another name for that: "unique".

She was unique, and she was glad to be.