A New Dawn.

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A horrible accident leaves Herbie alone and to trying and cope with the Death of Maggie Payton. Herbie soon meets a young girl called 'Ace', and together they run from everything. But what will happen when they come across a Yellow Camaro and a Boy?

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Chapter Two: Decepticon Attack

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(Ace's POV)

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Herbie turned to the right, and almost colliding with another car.

He skidded and stopped just before hitting it, the other one doing the same.

I stared with wide eyes, then patting Herbie's steering wheel.

"That.. was close." I said after a paused.

I got out of the car, 'Well, most go say sorry before a fight breaks out or anything...' I thought, pouting.

I walked over to the tinted windows, but got distracted at the car that we almost hit.

"... Waah! Epic Camaro~!" I said, staring at it.

"Thanks." I heard a guys voice behind me.

I paused, and stood up, clearing my throat.

"Ehe, sorry." I said, giggling nervously.

"For what?" he blinked.

I paused, "For... almost hitting you and admiring your car?" I grinned sheepishly.

"Ooh." He chuckled.

"It's okay." he said after a paused, smiling.

I smiled back shyly, "So, uh- if you don't mind me asked, what's your name?" I blinked innocently.

"Sam, Sam Witwicky." he said, holding out his hand. "Yours?"

I took it shyly, "... Er, sorry." I paused, shaking my head, I grabbed his hand a shake it gently, "Phoenix Summers. Weird name, yeah I know. But you could just call me Ace." I grinned.

He blinked, "Alright, Ace." He grinned back.

"This is Bumblebee." He said, but frowned after a second.

I giggled, "You named your car?" I paused, "Or did he already come with a name?"

He paused, "Well, he came with that name." He smiled.

I whistled, "So did mine- er, yeah..." I blinked, then laughed.

"Oh? What's your cars name?"

"Herbie. He used to race." I grinned, patting Herbie's hood.

Sam's face faltered, and slowly watched as Herbie blinked and whirled in response.

His eye widened, "Your car talks!" he stared.

I blinked, then face palmed, "I know this might sound crazy, but- Uhh, he doesn't really talk, Or, he can't- Yeah..." I giggled, this time more nervously.

"..." Sam stared at Herbie and me with an un-readable expression.

I stood there and blinked, "Well..." I said a bit awkwardly.

"She's beautiful like that~

Like a Winter Rose, Snow on the ground.

I was Blessed the day I found her~

I'm one lucky man."

".. Uhh..." I stared with wide eyes. "Uhhmm... Ahaha... hah..."

"I'm sorry!" Sam said, whacking Bumblebee's radio. He laughed awkwardly, scratching his head.

"Is something wrong with your radio or something?" I asked.

"My Hearts a stereo~

It beats for you, so listen close,

Hear my thoughts in every note~

Make me your Radio,

Turn me up when you feel low,

This melody was meant for yo-"

"Hahaha!" Sam laughed loudly, kicking his car.

"So, Ace. What are you doing?"

"Huh? Er, traveling, I guess?" I replied, rubbing the back of my head sheepishly.

"Oh, I see. Is it fun?" Sam asked, smiling.

"Yeah, I guess." I nodded, shrugging. "So, what're you up to?" I asked, quickly changing the subject.

"Decepti - Con!" Sam's radio blasted as it switched from one station to another.

"Decepticon?" I asked in confusion. 'Wonder what those are...' I thought to myself.

"O- oh, nothing important..." He murmured.

I paused when Herbie honked his horn, and jolted forwards suddenly, nearly sending me backwards, but if it wasn't for his comfy seating, I'd be in a lot of pain.

"Watch out!" Sam cried as he pointed to somewhere behind Herbie and I.

I groaned, slowly turning around, waiting to find the abominable snowman or, or maybe the Witch from Oz or whatever.

But no, I was greeted with the site of a really huge giant robot thingy.

"Holy Shit!" I swore loudly, as it gazed at me with red glowing eyes. I stared as it reached down to pick Herbie and I up, but Herbie quickly dodged and sped around and behind the giant robot.

I could hear it growl and turn to grab us again, but this time I saw a blur of yellow fly past and tackle the big robot.

"JESSUUSSS!" I shouted. I quickly turned on my seat to look at Sam and his car, Bumblebee. But was only greeted with the sight of Sam. And no Bumblebee in sight. "W- where's your car?" I stuttered, staring at the young man.

"Umm..." He stared, but quickly looked up. "Bumblebee!" He screamed and ran from -what I was guessing- an oncoming rain of bullets or something...

I watched in slight horror as Sam managed to dodge the rain of bullets. (Big bullets...), and stumble a little.

"SAAMM!" I yelled as he was picked up and thrown at the wall. I cringed from hearing a sickening crack and closed my eyes shut tight.

"Oh my God..." I mumbled, "This isn't real..." I said, trying to comfort myself. I ignored the sound of metal slamming into metal and gun fire.

I spared a glance and saw what appeared to be another robot, only smaller than the evil crazy one that wants to kill us all. It was standing over the one with glowing red eyes, who was currently pinned underneath the yellow one's.. foot?

'Wait, yellow... black stripes... BUMBLEBEE!' I thought, and stared at -who i'm guessing- is Bumblebee, casually standing onto of the defeated robot.

Who really looked angry and pissed off.

Bumblebee charged up his weapon and shot the other robot's head off of it's body. The yellow robot ran over to Sam, and picked him up gently, and walked over to Herbie and I.

"I'm sorry." Bumblebee apologized, and transformed back into a car. Like he was before all this crazy shit happened.

"Uggh..." I groaned, before passing out after the car slash robot thingy said he was sorry to me.

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Songs used:

1. She's Beautiful - Darius Rucker

2. Stereo Hearts - Gym Class Hero's ft. Maroon Five (I think).

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