TITLE: Baby Blues
FANDOM: Alex Delaware Mysteries
PAIRING: Milo/Rick
GENRE: Slash.
PROMPT: paternal urge from older_not_dead and 028. children from drabbles100
SUMMARY: The Doctor doesn't really like kids. The Cop, however...
NOTES: nothing.
DISCLAIMER: don't own, just burrow for a while, play with them and then carefully place it on canon again.

Milo was humming random "ladidada" rocking the minuscule human being from side to side and pacing the room as if he knew what he was doing. Though he probably did, being the youngest of five brothers, four of which started having kids too soon.

"Explain to me again how shaking the baby will make it better?" Rick asked, still watching from the farther end of the couch, not really wanting to get too close.

"It's a her, not an it." Milo explained, enthralled by the little thing. "And it's not shaking, it's softly rocking so she can feel better and fall asleep until her mummy comes and gets her."

As a doctor, Richard wasn't sure how "rocking" could be a suitable heal for "fever", but at least the little baby girl had stopped crying her lungs out and resumed to whining quietly in his partner's arms.

Rick tapped his feet on the carpet, not really aiming for any particular rhythm, and stared out the window. "What's taking her so long?"

"Line's probably endless. Everybody's getting this nasty flu." Then he turned to the baby girl. Dear God. "Did you know Uncle Rickie got the flu too, Becky? But Uncle Rickie is a big old baby when he's sick, and you, sweetheart, are adorable."

A little hand waved from the blankets to the sound of "dada", making Milo smile and Rick roll his eyes. "She's so cute."

"Hm-hm." Rick nodded, uncomfortable, fidgeting on his seat.

"We should get one of these." Milo said, and Rick knew he was only half-joking, so he thought it'd be better to just ignore that remark and resume to his tapping. It had only been forty minutes, how could he get attached in forty freaking minutes?

Little Rebeca was a cute baby, that was not up for debate. Big green eyes that had the vague curiosity of that age, a little bit of dark hair and grabbing hands that aimed for everything in sight. She yawned. Milo actually mumbled, "d'aww" and Rick really wished the neighbors would stop dropping their sick kids at the Doctor's House. The Doctor didn't even like kids all that much, it was the Cop that did. He really, really did. So much that his usually bad mood turned even more sour once they took away his new favorite toy and reminded him that, no, actually, having kids is not in the original contract, Big Guy, and we're not adding a new clause now. Sorry.

The door bell rang.

Here we go again.