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20 Reasons Why Jerome Loves Mara

The way she talks with her hands.

The way she twirls a strand of her curly hair around her finger when she's thinking.

Her chocolate brown eyes.

The way she makes him laugh and smile in the hardest times.

The way she blushes when she's embarrassed.

That she had picked him over that meathead Campbell after all.

That she always knew what to say, but on the rare occasion she didn't, a kiss said it all.

The moment he saw her, he knew that she was the one for him.

Her smile can light up the room.

She's the only girl to ever make him nervous (in the best way possible).

She's beautiful- whether she's wearing sweats or a dress.

She's modest, polite, and smart.

She may be a geek, but she's his geek.

She helped him get back in touch with his parents again… and never let go of his hand the whole time.

She still lets him hang out with the guys sometimes- which of course means girl time for her, but still.

He can be himself around her.

The way she fell asleep during movie night, so he would have to carry her up to bed.

She was his best friend.

When they kissed, sparks flew.

He was completely and utterly in love with her.

20 Reasons Why Mara Loves Jerome

How he always had a plan- crazy or not.

His sparkling blue eyes.

That look he only gives her.

His amazing poofy hair that she always plays with- even though he insists that it messes it up, he lets her anyway. [A/N: I mean come on, who wouldn't wanna touch his awesome hair?]

She wasn't afraid to be herself around him.

He was the sweetest boy ever- around her anyways. In public… not so much. But that was just another thing she loved about him, is that he was completely unpredictable, a mystery almost.

How he reunited with his parents, all because she begged him to.

The way he talks about their future as if it will go on forever: marriage, kids, the whole nine yards.

How he secretly loves Shakespeare.

When he watches those 'chick flicks' with her (after she begs of course), even though he claims it's 'not manly' and that the movies are 'stupid' (But he did cry at the end of Marley & Me, not to mention that she was just plain bawling).

That they're not afraid to tell each other their secrets.

How he runs his hand through his hair when he's nervous.

The way he never gave up on her- even when she was 'in love' with Mick (well, at least she thought that she was at the time…).

How he towers over her, so sometimes he'll pick her up to kiss her.

His laugh.

He may be a jokester, but he's her jokester.

He gives the best hugs

He wipes away her tears and makes her feel better when she's sad.

When they kissed, it was like fireworks were going off all around them and inside their heads.

She was completely and totally, head-over-heels in love with him.

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