When Giants Fall

Justinian I stepped into the auditorium. All around him, the talking ceased. The leader of The Dark Lands stared out into a sea of smiles and frowns, of friends and foes. Out of the corner of his eye, Alexander caught a glimpse of Isabella waving at him to get his attention. He quickly walked over and took a seat next to her. "Where have you been? The meeting is about to start!"

"Sorry, I had to deal with barbarians before I left." Before Isabella could reply, an attendant called out, "All stand for Secretary-General Washington!" Justinian clenched his teeth, 'I should be Secretary-General.' Washington looked around the assembly for a moment before waving his hand. Everyone sat down. Washington cleared his throat and began, "We are here today to prosecute Justinian I whose actions, which caused the Third East Terran War, have reached a point to where they will no longer be tolerated. His crimes against the entire world will be paid for now."

"WHAT!" Justinian thundered, "My actions? My actions? If I remember correctly, Secretary-General, it was the actions of America and its leaders that caused not just the Third East Terran War, but the others as well! The other two leaders of the American Trinity, President Roosevelt and King Lincoln, began to object but were quieted by Washington. The Secretary-General turned back to the accused leader, "I do not see how you can blame us. We have eyewitness accounts and photographs of what appears to be Byzantine warheads in Fall Out Valley. Fall Out Valley is what is left of Karakorum, the original capital of the Mongolian Civilization. You, Justinian I, are the man who persuaded Mongolia's leader, the honorable Genghis Kahn, that it was America who fired those ICBMs."

The auditorium exploded with sound as enraged leaders leaped up and began shouting curses and insults at both Justinian and Washington. Genghis Kahn leaped down to the floor, pulled his sword from its scabbard, and attacked Justinian, bent on taking revenge. From the shadows leaped Justinian's personal guard, Lloyd, who parried the Kahn's attack with his own blade and gave him a solid kick to the stomach. The Byzantine king walked over to his Mongolian opponent and took his sword. He sighed,"No chance of being Secretary-General now. Ah well…let's get out of here." All around, arguments have turned into fist fights, Washington shouting at everyone to calm down. No one noticed as Justinian and Lloyd slipped out of the room and made their way to Justinian's private jet.

One month later, the world's First World War began.

A/N: This was written last year when I had some free time during class. I based it on one random occurrence while playing civ 4 when one turn, we were all buddies, sitting in circles and singing Kumbya and all that stuff, and then in one turn, we were all at each other's throats like someone had flipped a kill switch or something. Anyway, if you're interested in seeing this little story continue, tell me and I'll try to cook something up.

Night ~ Alex