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Unexpected yet Surprisingly Pleasant

Chapter One

I sat staring out of the large nursery window, rocking slowly back and forth. The plains and hills of Rohan were turning to their autumn colors and it was always my favorite time of year in Edoras. It had been hard to adjust to the cold weather when I first came to Rohan, but I had come to love it.

I could hear a faint crying sound and sat patiently waiting for its source to appear. Within the next moment my oldest son, the three-year-old Eoman, appeared in the doorway. He came to my side, wiping the tears from his cheeks and his runny nose with his sleeve.

"I fell of the pony, mama," he whimpered.

Before I could respond my husband walked through the door. I reached out to stroke Yeoman's wet cheek as the baby was taken from my arms, gently.

"Come, Eoman, let's get you changed for nap," I murmured, taking my son's hand. We walked through the nursery door and into my bedroom and through another door that was Eoman's room. Both of our children were easily accessible in the middle of the night if it was necessary.

"What happened?" I asked as I slipped the dirty shirt over his head.

"Papa made the pony go faster and I couldn't hang on and I slid off," he said, muffled as I put a soft linen shirt on him.

I pulled his sleeping breeches over his little legs. "Perhaps next time you should hold on tighter, son." I kissed the top of his head.

He crawled into his large bed and I pulled the covers up around him, protecting him from the biting fall breezes that roamed through Meduseld. "Everyone falls off the horse once or twice, but you have to get back on." I kissed his forehead and each chubby cheek.

I shut the heavy oaken door behind so the breeze would not come in as strong. There was nothing more fatal to young ones in Rohan than the cold.

I came upon a sweet sight when I walked back into the nursery. Eomer was sitting in the rocker, cradling the small bundle that was his second son, slowly rocking back and forth. His deep voice rumbled out of his chest as he sang a Rohirric lullaby to our son. Quietly walking up behind the chair, I could see that the baby was asleep.

My first impression of Eomer when I met him was that he was rough and uncouth and even a little brutish, but after our sons were born my ideas quickly changed. Being the man that could wield a sword, shield, and ride a horse at the same I had been shocked when I had seen the gentleness he had assumed with his children. I kissed Eomer on his rough cheek and scooped the baby out of his strong arms and placed him in the cradle.

Eomer took my hand and pulled me into our room. "How's Eoman?" He asked, after closing the nursery door.

"He'll be alright."

"You know he didn't cry until he saw you," Eomer said quietly.

"And what's that say, Eomer? That he can't cry in front of you? You mustn't forget he is only three." I said gently. I sometimes thought that my husband wanted our eldest to be all grown up too soon.

"I know how old he is, Dera." Eomer sat on the bed.

"I didn't say you didn't. Just be patient with him is all I'm asking you to do," I said, sitting next to him and placing one of my hands on his strong thigh.

I leaned into him and rested my head on his shoulder. "They are exhausting," I yawned.

"Yes, but they could never have a better mother." Eomer kissed the top of my head and fell back onto the bed, pulling me with him.

With my head on his large chest I could hear and feel his heart beating and I realized that it beat at the same time as mine. We had been married five years and we had finally figured everything out. Our lives were as near to perfect as we could ever hope for them to be. We had to beautiful sons and Eomer was ruling well, the people adored him.

"Perhaps we should take a nap while they are," I suggested.

"I agree. I have everything taken care of that needs to be done before dinner." Eomer easily moved us to the top of the bed and pulled the covers over us. I snuggled into his side and he wrapped an arm around me. I never felt as safe anywhere else.

We slept for almost two hours and were awakened by Eoman trying, but not succeeding, to quietly crawl into our bed. I woke to grunts and sighs of exasperation as he struggled to climb onto the tall bed.

"Come here," I whispered, motioning for him to come around to my side. When he did I pulled him into the bed and laid him in between Eomer and I. I rolled onto my side and looked at him. He stared right back at me with his father's brown eyes.

"Did you have a good nap?" I asked quietly, so as not wake Eomer.

"Yes. I had a dream about dragons!" He exclaimed.

I quickly put a finger to my lips, indicating that his father was still sleeping.

"Were they nice dragons?" I asked with a smile.

"Oh yes. They let me ride around on them," Eoman whispered.

"That must have been wonderful!" I smiled.

Once again I could hear a faint crying, this time of an infant, through the heavy door. "Eohere is up. Stay here."

I gently got out of the bed and went into the nursery. The baby quieted as soon as I picked him up, but he was still a little fussy and obviously hungry. I propped myself up when I got back in the bed and unlaced the top of my dress.

Eomer rolled over and Eoman squealed as he was nearly buried by his father. Eomer's eyes shot open and he quickly moved away.

"It seems I wasn't alerted about the gathering in my bed." He sat up a little bit and smiled.

"It would seem that naptime is over," I said, nursing Eohere.

"So it would seem. Well then Eoman, we must get ready for dinner." Eomer got up and picked Eoman up and retreated into the bathroom.

I finished feeding my youngest son and barricaded him on the bed with pillows surrounding him so I could fix my mussed up hair. I brushed and pinned it and put on a new dress as well.

Eoman and Eomer came out of the bathroom and stood, impatiently waiting, for me to finish getting ready.

"Come on, Mama. We're hungry," Eomer, who was my biggest child, whined.

"Yes. I'm starved," Eoman intoned.

"Patience children," I chided as I finally finished getting ready.

I scooped Eohere into my arms and left the bedroom with my husband and sons.

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