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Four Years Later

I sat in my study signing bills and letters and any other little thing that my advisors thought I should sign. I had begun to just let them put anything in front of me to sign, normally only briefly scanning over the pieces of parchment. Rohan didn't meet anything disastrous because of it and the process for me was numbing. Over and over again I heard the scratch of my quill over the parchment and my name appearing at the bottom of each page.

When I had told Dera that I couldn't be a King without her I hadn't been entirely wrong. I was still King of course and nothing terribly had happened in those four years, but I wasn't the King I had been. I took only a minimal interest in affairs of state and appeared only when absolutely necessary. I was slowly reverting back to the King I had been with my wife by my side, but it was a slow process.

As I sat at my large mahogany desk my ears perked up at the sound of little bare feet slapping the stone floor of the corridor. My door was cracked open and its heaviness only hindered my child for a second or two.

"Papa!" My daughter exclaimed, rushing toward me. Her blond, corkscrew curls bounced wildly and she held her arms out to me.

My face broke into an outrageously large grin and I stood, lifting her up over my head. She squealed with delight and wrapped her plump arms around my neck when I brought her back to my chest.

I looked at the little girl I held in my arms and my heart broke afresh at the same time that it was swelling with my love and adoration for her. As she had gotten older, my daughter had lost any trace of a resemblance to me. She didn't have my dark blond hair or brown eyes. Her nose wasn't large like mine, her chin didn't jut out proudly, and her cheekbones were high and defined, as different from mine as they could be. Every time I looked at the little girl the first thing I saw was Dera; the shocking blue eyes, the fine, blonde curls, and the delicate facial features. I knew I would devote her teenage years to defending her against any and all young men who would wish to be a part of her life. At the same time that she broke my heart with her mere presence, I would die to make her happy. I would do anything to keep the exact smile on her face that I grown to love on her mother.

"Eodera," the girl's nurse came in panting heavily. "You mustn't run away like that. Meduseld is so large."

Dera had not lived long enough to give me an opinion on her daughter's name. I had been too devastated for weeks after she was born to even think of a name and had actually returned to Rohan without her. I brought my sons home, but left the baby with a nurse and Tamina and told them I would send for them when I was ready. It had been nearly a month later when I sent for them and almost another month before they actually arrived. When I saw how the baby had grown and developed only word came to my mind. Her name would be Eodera and even though, at first, she made me terribly depressed I had grown to realize that she was a piece of my late wife that would be with me forever.

"You ran from your nurse?" I asked, sternly.

She looked away from me bashfully and I gently turned her head to look at me. Those piercing blue eyes met mine and it very nearly made my breath catch in my chest. She finally nodded.

"You mustn't do that anymore, do you understand?" I dismissed the nurse with a wave of my hand. "It is Gleowyn's job to look after you and how is she supposed to that if you are forever running away from her?"

"I only missed you, Papa," she whispered, resting her head on my shoulder.

My daughter, named for her beautiful mother, would never know that mother. She had known her mother's touch once and would never remember that one instant. She would never have a mother's influence in her life, would not have a mother to run to when she was confused or hurt, and she would only know my clumsy attempts at raising a daughter.

My advisors had told me to look for a new wife. They had expressed that Rohan could never enough prince's to secure the succession remained in my family. I had tried to listen to them. I had attempted to court a few noblewomen, but they were never what I wanted. The friends I had kept from days as Marshall, the few I trusted enough to keep near me during that dreadful time encouraged me to go to bed with a woman and I had, thought it had been a terrible experience. I had begun to enjoy it, but when I opened my eyes and Dera wasn't looking back up at me I had nearly sprinted from the room, without so much as an explanation to the poor woman.

"I missed you too, little one," I said. "Shall we walk through the palace?"

She nodded. "Can we see the painting?" She pleaded.

"Of course," I closed my study door and we began walking through the corridors. We wound through them until we near the main entrance. "There it is. Who is that?"

I stood, still holding my small daughter in my arms. She had remained small for her whole short life, similar to when she was born. She was healthy as a horse and could keep up with her brothers for hours, but she would always be small. Perhaps, I had thought, it wasn't because of her early birth, but again that she was just a part of her mother.

"Mama!" She exclaimed. Eodera was right. We stood in front of a painting I had sent for from Rhudaur. It was painted before we were married, but it was identical to the woman I had known. There was a glimmer in her blue eyes and her mouth barely turned up in a smile.

"That's exactly right. And where is she right now?" I asked, leaning my head gently against hers.

"Watching over us and making sure we're alright," she said expertly. We had gone through the same routine since the time she could understand what I was saying.

"And would she be proud of us?"

Eodera removed her head from mine and looked at the picture and then up at me. "I think so," she said honestly.

I nodded. "I think so too."

We stood in front of the portrait for a while longer. I finally gathered myself and spoke again. "Would you like to go riding while the boys are still in their lessons?"

Eodera looked as though her birthday had come early. "Yes!"

And so we walked into the bright sunlight and to the stables. In his old age, Firefoot had become much less spirited and he was so gentle with my daughter. I sat her on the saddle and handed her the reigns, leading the huge horse out into the paddock. He let Eodera "ride" alone for a while before I mounted before her and we went for a ride over the rolling hills of our home. That afternoon I knew that Dera was proud of us, wherever she was, and that she would look out for us for the rest of our lives until we it was deemed time to see her again.

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