Of Hospital Beds and Ice Cream Cones

Chapter 1

Hey Guys! I'm Ann, your author. This is just a little fanfic that I'm writing about Reed and Shane, my two favorite character's from CP Coulter's Dalton. This will be my first fanfic where I continue on with it, so bear with me. I don't expect this to get to much attention for this, but I would really love your reviews/criticisms/tips! Reed and Shane belong to CP Coulter, and Kurt and Blaine belong to Fox. With no further ado, I present to you: Of Hospital Beds and Ice Cream Cones! Enjoy!

"I was ridin' shot gun, with my hair undone, in the front seat of hiiiiiiiiis car. He's got a one hand feel on the steering wheel, the other on my heeeeeaaaart." Shane belted from the passenger seat, in a not-so-serious singing voice.

"Oh God no, please Shane, no Taylor Swift." Reed begged, but he kept his eyes on the road. Shane smiled at his boyfriend.

"I guess I'll stop, for you…" He said to his boyfriend. They were on their way to the restaurant where they had their first date back in High School, all the way in a little town by their School's town. Breadstick's was the restaurant's name. This night was the night he was going to do it. After five years of dating Reed and never quite getting out of the Honeymoon Phase, he was going to pop the question.

He thought back to while he was getting ready. He had asked Kurt for help with the outfit, called Blaine for tips on proposing (Blaine had proposed to Kurt about three months ago), he has combed his wild hair the best that he could, and recited his words over and over again. This night had to be perfect. Ever since Reed had basically been talking night and day about how jealous he was of Kurt who was planning his own wedding and how exciting it must be to be getting married, he knew it was time.

Reed, little oblivious Reed, of course had no idea what Shane was planning on doing. He hadn't been obsessing over Kurt's wedding trying to drop a hint. He was simply very excited for his friend. Who wouldn't be? His best friend was getting married, and had asked him to be the best man.

One thing didn't go unnoticed. Shane was acting extra jumpy. He was trying to cover it up by singing, or smirking in a friendly way, or simply just smiling, but none of it reached his eyes. Behind that mask of happiness, there were two anticipation-filled eyes. It was obvious that this night was special, but Reed didn't know why. He just thought it was because they were going back to the place of their first date. Lucky for Shane, Reed didn't catch on to what this night was really about, or the night would have been ruined because it no longer would have been a surprise. Little did Shane know, there are more than one ways that a night can be ruined.

As they were driving along, Shane was reciting what he was going to say. He wasn't really paying attention to Reed's driving, until he saw what was coming. As Reed was about to go across a busy intersection, another car ran the red light and came flying across the road.



A/N: Sorry for the cliffhanger there, guys, if anyone is even reading this. XD Reviews are greatly appreciated! The next chapter should be up soon, and they will start to be longer.