100 Days Of Dalton

See (Dwight/Laura)

Dwight was stalking around the Dalton grounds, he had felt a disturbance in the court yard and he planned on checking it out. Cautiously he looked around, holding his spray bottle of holy water and rock salt in his hand.

Tripping over a rock he froze, cursing he wished he had brought his cross bow. He had only planned on scouting out and maybe try to capture the demon in a ring of rock salt. He saw a shadow flicker next to an old oak tree. He slowed his breathing and slowly crept to the tree.

When he was as close as he dared to be he raised the hand holding the spray bottle and he sprayed the air. Hearing a cry he grinned satisfied.

"Dwight, what the hell I can't see." A girl stumbled out from the trees shadow. Dwight felt his jaw drop.

"Laura, what are you doing here? Justin will kill you." He spoke sharply but quietly.

Laura just glared at him, "Justin doesn't control what I do. I can be where ever I want."

Dwight sighed exasperated, "Fine then he will kill me if someone thinks we are sneaking around in the dark." Hesitantly he looked around, "None of this was my idea. I better not get in trouble for you."

Rubbing her eyes she winced. "That hurts like hell. When you get it in your eyes."

"Sorry." Dwight grumbled, grabbing a cloth he dabbed at her eyes. "There that should be better. Stop creeping around here at night damn it."

Blinking Laura hugged him then ran off, leaving a very confused Dwight staring after her.