100 Days Of Dalton

Light (Julian/Logan)

"You know," Logan was lying on his bed staring at the ceiling. "A lot of famous couple are given names."

Julian looked up from where he was lying on the ground studying. "Oh really? I never knew that," His voice was dry and sarcastic. "Of course I know Lo. I kind of deal with a lot of celebrities if you hadn't noticed."

The prefect looked over at the primadonna. "I'm trying to be serious."

"Okay," Julian sat up and watched the blonde. "What exactly brought this on?"

"Well," Logan swung his legs over the edge of the bed. "If we were to think of that idea, what would ours be?"

"Depends, are we using first names or last names?"

"I don't know," Logan shrugged looking slightly uncomfortable. "Both?"

"Hmm," Julian stood up and sat beside his boyfriend. Logan placed his hand warmly over Julian's. "Our last names could be something like Light."

Logan only looked at him in confusion. Julian sighed and grabbed a sheet of paper. He quickly wrote out 'Larson' and 'Wright'. He crossed out the 'arson' and the 'W'. Logan watched his every move, green eyes intent.

"Get it now?" Julian teased.

"Yes I do," Logan pushed Julian down on the bed. "The only light I need to see is you." He kissed Julian, pushing him into the mattress. Julian gave a low moan and pressed against Logan. "I love you." Logan hummed softly. He shifted and lay beside Julian.