Me: Do I own anything? Does Amy know that I'm writing stuff about her on a random website?

Amy: Yes, I do

Me: Oh..um...then, I don't own anything either way.

"Hey Amy! Look at the link Jonah sent me!"

Amy rolled her eyes at her younger brother's antics. Putting her book down, she walked over to the computer. "What's up? It better be good, too, I was in the middle of reading A Christmas Carol."

"Ames, Uh, I hate to tell you, but it's the middle of June,"

"I know that! A good book doesn't have a schedule! You can read it anytime you want! This particular classic novel is a favorite at Christmas time, but is also popular all year long. It's one of the most heartwarming novels I've ev-"

Dan put his hands up in surrender. "OKay, Okay, save it for all your Ekat friends! I don't want to hear another lecture. Well, anyway, You know that book series the Janus made about the clue hunt? Apparently there were a lot of fans so they made this special website where they can write their own stories about us!"

"You mean fanfiction?" Amy asked.

"Yeah!" Dan said, a mischievous grin that Amy knew to be wary of creeping on to his face, "Most of the fans favorite book was The Sword Thief, where we journey to Korea,"

Amy's eyes widened as she grabbed for the mouse. "Give me that!"

Dan swatted her hand away as he clicked on some random authors profile. "MadriGal3432? Wow, these people even put themselves into branches!"

Amy won the battle for the mouse, and started to scroll down. "Favorite pairings," She read aloud, "Amian, Natan, and Hamead," She gulped, understanding what they were talking about. She'd read enough celebrity magazines in her day to know.


Amy was so bored. She had already read most of the books in the grand library and had nothing else to do.

She plopped down on the couch when her eyes fell on a magazine. Amy tentatively picked it up and flipped to a random page.

Three minutes later she had rushed to the bathroom, vowing to herself never to read any magazine again.

End Flashback

Dan squinted, confused. "What? Who in the world is Amian?" And Natan?

"Dan, that isn't one person. It's a mash up of two characters names to create a-a c-c-oup-ple," Amy stuttered.

Dan went back to the screen and he slowly smiled. "Amian! Amy and Ian!"

While Dan whooped with laughter, Amy blushed and looked back at the screen. "Look again, dweeb. Natan," She smirked.

His laughing subsided as he processed what it meant. Dan's eyes widened in horror. He fell on the floor, retching. "No...no, it can't be...WHAT IT WRONG WITH THE WORLD! JUST BEACUSE AMY IS MADLY IN LOVE..."

While he ranted about how disgusting and 'un-ninja like' it all was, and how they all must commit seppeku, Amy swiftly clicked on one of the stories.

Dan, sensing his doom, was on his feet in the blink of an eye. When he saw what she was doing, he tried to stop it, but it was too late.


"Hey, Amy what's Hamead?" Dan asked, attempting to take the subject off his love relationship with a certain Cobra.

Amy's face paled dramatically. She rubbed her eyes and read the name aloud over and over.

"Um, Amester, I hate to interrupt, but you're acting like mental person, but that would be an insult to mental people everywhere,"

"H-H-Hamil-l-t-ton a-and-"

"SINEAD!" Dan yelled, catching on.

The siblings looked at each other, each with a different thought.

Don't ever let Hamilton or Sinead see this website! Amy's eyes commanded.

I'm SO going to forward this link to him! Dan's eyes glinted.

Dan grabbed the mouse before his older sister could do anything and grinned.

Hammer was going to have nightmares tonight.

A/N: Hi guys! Arieda here. This was originally going to be a one-shot, but I found myself not being able to sleep without learning Hamilton and Sinead's reaction to this. So, yes, I will update this story.

I'm not so sure if the character's are IC. Could you give me some tips on that, and tell me of they are OOC? And feel free to point out any mistakes I have in grammar or punctuation. Thanks, and bye!