Sinead rarely checked her email. She had enough work already without having to worry about spam and hackers. Heck, she doesn't even remember her password or her user name. She didn't even remember that she had an email. Unfortunately, that's not the type of things that Ned and Ted forget.

The chaos started when Sinead heard her brothers laughing uncontrollably about something and saying "Oh my god, Sinead is such and idiot,"

Just a tip for the future, my young Cahills. Never call an Ekat (especially a Starling) 'idiot'. They will be haunting you with their crazy inventions for the rest of their life. Not like I would know.

Sinead barrelled past the door and into their room.

Ned quickly stopped laughing when he saw his older sister with fury in her eyes, and Ted fumbled for the shut-down button on the computer screen. Thanks to her training, Sinead was quick to push past him before he could clear the history, and, determined to find out what was so embarrassing about her on the Internet that they would laugh about it.

Sinead quickly went to Google and typed in her name. Their weren't many hits at first, but one title caught her eye.

"Sinead's pairings?" she asked. "Is this what you were laughing about?" Before waiting for an answer, Sinead clicked on the link, only to find a bunch of gibberish. Taking her momentary confusion as a cue to start teasing her, Ned smirked.

"What? Can't figure out what those names mean, big sis? Why don't you go ask your boyfriend about it!" He laughed evilly, to add effect, causing his twins to question his sanity.

"Wait. My boyfriend? I don't have a boyfriend!" Sinead argued.

Ted did a face-palm. For an Ekaterina, their sister could be so clueless at times. No pun intended. "You, seriously have never heard of those mashing up names that fangirls do for celebrities?"

Thankful that she had watched some of Planet Hollywood, Sinead slowly nodded, before noticing what it could mean.

Her eyes widened in horror. "You mean this whole page is filled with mashups of my name and other guy's names? Oh, EW!" She turned back to the screen to inspect what level of mind corruption each pairing was.

"Sonah? What in the-OH MY GODS!" Sinead exclaimed in realization.

"I honestly cannot interpret what you would see in that Janus who calls himself a 'musician'," Ted genuinely told her.

"But it's fun to make fun of you for it!" Ned grinned.

"Sinan! But he's like, what, twelve? And Sined? EXCUSE ME, but I am NOT dating my own brother! And look at this, SINAIR! Who in their right mind would put me with Alistair or Vikram or Broderick or...EISENHOWER?"

Ted busted up, laughing, and Ned grinned a the irony...or poetic justice.

Sinead was now forever mentally scarred. She was about to get up and leave and never lay eyes on a computer screen again until she saw the last pairing. And it contained two names. One was of someone she never wanted to see again.

"HAMEAD?" That was the first time Sinead had fainted.

Sinead heard voices when she woke up, and she was sure they weren't the ones in her head.

"Don't ever let her near the computer again,"

"But it's funny!"

"I think she's waking up,"

She slowly opened her eyes to wear her brothers were sitting with fake innocent grins. Sinead groaned and turned over, trying to remember why exactly she blacked out in the first place. She gasped and scrambled off the couch and to her laptop.

Right smack in the middle was the dreaded word. It led to a link, so she clicked on it and opened up a new website.

"Fanfiction. Unleash Your Imagination. Sounds like some cheesy Janus thing,"

Sinead let the mouse waver before clicking on a story. Ned read the summary aloud.

"Hamilton Holt is the star quarterback for Jackson High. Sinead Starling is the loser nerd. Not to mention the Tomas and Ekat rivalry. Will Romeo and Juliet ever find love?" He started chuckling, which soon turned out to be full laughs.

Sinead didn't allow herself to blush. "Oh, shut up! How would you feel if you got paired up with Reagan or something?"

Ned stopped. "Don't eve mention that Sinead. Ever,"

Soon, Ted and Ned got hungry and went downstairs, probably to gorge themselves on Cheetos.

Sinead felt her stomach churning as she read the story. And when she got to the end, where they finally got together, Sinead found herself smiling. Then she caught herself.

Sinead was not one to usually lie to herself, so when she suspected that she was falling for a particular Tomas, the girl naturally denied it.

But even as she turned off the computer and stood up, Sinead felt and urge to be near him. Without stopping herself this time, her brain wandered off, thinking random thoughts of him. Then a horrible thought struck her.

Sinead quickly ran back to the computer and looked at the number of recipitents the email was sent too.

A cry of despair pierced the air that evening in Oak Bluffs.