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Undercover in Unova

Chapter 1

Misty held the phone up to her ear, listening to the hum that seemed to ring on endlessly. She must be in the garden… She thought as she waited. Finally the ringing was cut short and the voice of a woman answered on the other end, sounding out of breath. "Hello?" Misty asked. "It's me, Misty."

"Oh hello Misty!" She activated the video function of the phone and- as Misty suspected- Delia had on a straw garden hat, work clothes and sweat was dripping from her forehead. "Wow, you sure have grown!"

"Y-yeah, I guess so," Misty said and scratched the back of her neck. She winced inwardly at this habit; she had developed it from Ash. "Working in the garden I see." She was determined to be polite and make small talk, although her heart yearned to ask what she had called for.

"Mm hmm. When the season's right, Mimey and I are always out in the garden." Mr. Mime appeared in the background at the mention of its name with a cheerful Mime Mime! "So what can I do for you Misty?" She asked with a friendly smile.

"Um, actually I was wondering if Ash has gotten home from Sinnoh yet," Misty asked, her heart pounding as she waited for a reply. There was a very small chance that he was home. Whenever he got home he seemed to be off again in a new region. There was no stopping the energetic Pokemon Master; what was the point of even trying?

"Yes actually," she began, making Misty's heart leap to her throat. "…But he already left to go to another region- Unova."

Misty sighed. She knew it; she had just missed him. "Alright, thank you," she said in a more cheerful tone to cover her disappointment.

"No problem Misty- and sorry that you missed him."

"That's alright. I'll let you get back to gardening. Bye."

"Bye, have a nice day," his mom answered and hung up.

Misty slowly set the phone down and stood there for a moment. Why did she even try contacting him? He never contacted her. He had the gym's number and there was a phone in every Pokemon Center. Yet he just… never did.

"Man little sis, you look bluer than the pool." The sudden voice breaking the silence made her jump and spin around.

"Daisy! You're home!" Misty said with a smile.

Her blonde sister took off her sunglasses that she was wearing and put them on her head.

"Yeah, I've got a bit of a break so I thought I'd drop in. You seem to be keeping the place up pretty good."

"Of course. I haven't given out a badge for quite a while; my Pokemon are pretty strong," she said proudly.

But Daisy didn't seem to be listening; she was looking Misty over, making her feel uneasy. "Are you alright? You look bummed."

"Bummed? What are you talking about? I'm fine- just tired."

Daisy leaned against the doorway with a knowing look in her eyes. "…I heard your conversation with Mrs. Ketchum," she informed her.

Misty's heart sank. Great, she'd never hear the end of this one. "I was just checking on him. I mean, I wanted to make sure he didn't die or anything."

Daisy still looked unconvinced. "Mm hmm…"

"He's my friend! Don't I have a right to call my friend every once in a while?" Misty challenged.

"Of course, that would be if he was 'just your friend'," Daisy said slyly with a shrug.

"He is! Why do you always think that he's something else?"

Daisy crossed the room to be at her sister's side. "Because I know you." She looked into her eyes. "Last time I was here you were moping around the gym like a zombie. I know you miss him."

Misty growled. "No I don't!"

"Then why did you go to his house to meet him when he came home, staying there for like a week?"

Misty blushed, how could she argue with that?

"And it seems you wanted to see if you could meet up with him again. Look Mist, there's nothing wrong with missing him."

"Yes there is!" Misty spat. "There's no point! I have my life and he has his! That's the way it is and should be! I'm too busy being a gym leader and he's too self-absorbed in Pokemon to…" She couldn't finish her sentence.

"Go to him," Daisy said after a few moments of silence.

"What?" Misty's head snapped up.

"Go visit him in Onionville or wherever his mom said he was."

"B-But what about the gym?" She couldn't believe her ears- but then again, this was probably going to be one of those teaser visits that only last a day or so.

"We'll take care of it; don't sweat it. After all, we're gym leaders too." Daisy replied with a wink.

"For how long?"

"You can stay for a while this time; we'll work something out."

Misty narrowed her eyes. "And you promise not to just give away badges?"

"I promise. We can't let the gym's rep plummet after all. As long as you leave me with some decent Pokemon."

Misty's heart was pounding with joy. She was actually going to see him again… and Brock, of course. "Thank you!" She couldn't contain her excitement and glomped her sister.

"Whoa, your welcome!" She said with a chuckle.

Misty broke away from the hug. "But what if he doesn't recognize me? He hasn't seen me in so long, maybe he's already forgotten about me."

Daisy thought for a moment before smirking. Without a reply she left the room. Misty followed in confusion as her sister went into her room and dug through her closet.

"If he may not recognize you then why not have some fun with it…?" She turned holding a large black jacket and a bowler hat. "…By going in disguise." She had the biggest grin on her face as she threw the outfit to Misty. "Try it."

Misty looked at it disdainfully. "I don't really like sleeves…" She lifted one sleeve up before dropping it. "…Or coats." She looked up. "Is all this really necessary?"

"Just try it! It'll make you look dark, mysterious…. And sexy."

Misty wanted to pound her head in for that remark.

"Look, just put it on and if you don't like it then I'll find you something else. But I guarantee that you'll love it!"

'Unlikely.' Misty thought but still went to put it on. She didn't have to change; it just slipped on over her clothes.

She loved it! Sure, she hated the sleeves and the fact that it was kind of stuffy but she felt like she was a secret agent- she felt young again. The jacket came down to about her knees but split open at a certain point, just showing her legs. The sleeves went all the way to her wrists and she wore gray gloves with them. And she wore the bowler's hat with her hair down- a factor that Misty complained that her sister was trying to push her way out of her comfort zone.

But as Misty looked at herself in Daisy's bedroom mirror, she could hardly recognize herself.

"See, you look great. Now go get him." She smiled.

Misty tried to ignore her remark. "Okay so I left you some Pokemon but I'm still taking Azurill, Staryu and Gyarados, I guess I'll catch the rest there."

"Alright alright, you told me already. Stop worrying so much, sis!" Daisy said and started hustling her out the door.

"Thanks again Daisy; I really appreciate it."

"No problem."

Misty turned to go but turned back as Daisy called her again. "Oh and Misty," she said. "Be sure to tell him."

"Tell him what?" Misty asked cautiously, knowing with a sense of dread what her sister was going to say.

"Tell him that you love him."

She just shot her sister a glare before walking towards Vermillion City to get her ticket to go to Unova; to see Ash again.