Our Real Selves

A/N: A poem for Soi Fon X Yoruichi.

We both see

our real selves,

We both see

our real selves

Have you ever seen

the real me?

My real face

or my eyes?

Have you ever heard

the real me?

My real voice

or my amused chuckle?

You said forever

in that faded memory,

You made that promise

under those sakura trees

You've never seen

the real me,

My real frown

or my tears

You've never heard

the real me,

My real cry

or my pleading voice

I'm hurting you

trying to make the pain disappear,

I'm really the only one

who feels the pain though

And now your back

my scars showing,

And now that your back

my pain has faded

Now do you see

the real me?

My real smile

or my softened face?

Now do you hear

the real me?

My happy laugh

or my longing voice?

I hope that you

finally feel the real me,

I hope that while were close,

you feel my heart pounding

I know you realize

who the real me is,

I know that you realize

my love never faded

I need to realize

you feel the same way,

I need to realize

our love only grew stronger over time

I still wonder

whether you know your name,

I still wonder

my Goddess

You still wonder

whether I know my name,

You still wonder

for your little bee

We both see

our real selves,

We both see

our real selves

For the very first time.

A/N: Nonsense? Yes. A mindless Soi X Yoruichi poem my over tired brain thought up. I don't own Bleach, or Soi Fon and Yoruichi would be getting the majority of screen time. :3 Anyways, hope you like.