Author's Notes: Hello to all! I gotta say, having Netflix and being able to relive my childhood has apparently done wonders for my muse. Never before have I been hit with such a desire to write a story. In one sitting I wrote over 20 pages, which hasn't happened to me in a long time. I take that as a very good sign :)

I have been marathoning the third season of MMPR and reliving my crushes on Adam Park and Rocky DeSantos. Little did I know, my slasher's heart was not the only one out there who was thinking the same thing I was: that these two are perfect for each other. Throughout the last few days I've had the luxury of reading some great slash fiction between Adam and Rocky, so I am throwing my hat into the ring and hoping that you all enjoy my story as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

For an idea of a timeline, this story takes place in the third season of MMPR just shortly after the episode called "The Potion Notion" in which a monster uses love potions to cause drama. It has nothing to do with the story, I just wanted to give you all an idea of what to picture around it.

Since this is my first MMPR fanfic I would really like all of your opinions on what you think of the premise, the writing, the characters, etc. Your reviews help me grow as a writer, which is always a helpful and welcome tool. :) Enjoy!

Lord Zedd's visible musculature tightened and relaxed as he stalked back and forth in front of the balcony overlooking the moon's surface. In the distance spun Earth, glowing brilliantly blue. He growled irritably at it, knocking his staff against the ground.

"These meddlesome rangers are getting on my last nerve. We have dealt with them long enough. Everything we have ever done has been foiled by them. There must be something we can do!"

"When you figure it out, let me know!" said Rita, voice shrill and demanding as always. She rolled her eyes in exasperation. "We've been trying forever, Zeddy, and they keep ruining everything! Even my numskull brother over here can't do anything about them!"

Rito's eyes flashed red. He stood up quickly. "Hey, not fair! I've done a great job messing with them so far, better than either of you two ever did! And I still got tricks up my sleeve, you'll see!"

"Oh yeah? Like what, peabrain!" Zedd balled his hand into a fist, shaking it in his brother-in-law's direction.

Rito paused. Ideas were not typically free floating in his head—he often had to grasp at straws. It hit him in an instant, however. He snapped his fingers.

"Hey, Rita, remember that time when dad got so tired of us arguing and fighting that he switched me with a parallel universe's version of me? That pushover mess that you nearly killed?"

Rita turned around quickly, making a face. "Yes, of course I do! He was a sniveling beast and I hated him!"

Zedd growled again. "What are you getting at, you fool? Spit it out!"

"What if we did that with the rangers? What if we created a monster that can access other worlds and use them to switch the power rangers for their alter egos?"

The room remained silent as Rita and Zedd stared at each other, mulling the idea around in their heads. They both looked at Rito simultaneously.

"Did you really just come up with that brilliant of an idea?" Zedd asked. "Where was that a week ago when we had Miss Chief running around spilling love potion on everyone? Oh, right, you were causing it!"

Rita squealed in delight. "Oh, Rito, what a wonderful idea! It will cause so much confusion, the Power Rangers won't know what to do with themselves!" She stepped down from the throne's platform, shrieking, "Finster! Finster, get in here!"

"Coming, mistress!"

Finster the monster-making magician appeared several moments later, offering a brief bow in greeting. His hands were covered in clay.

"Finster, I need you to create a monster capable of—"

"Hey, my idea, let me tell him!" Rito interrupted.

Rita glared daggers at her brother before continuing. "I need you to make a monster capable of accessing parallel universes. We are going to trap the rangers in another world!"

"How utterly devious, mistress!" Finster chuckled in glee. "I will get on it right away!"

Rita began to laugh. Shortly thereafter, Rito and Zedd joined her. The three of them shared a devious look, at which point Rita said gleefully, "Finally, we can say goodbye to those pesky Power Rangers!"

. . . . .

"I feel like we come to this park every day."

"Of course we do, Adam. We have to walk through it to get home, don't we? Duh!"

Aisha's quip made Adam snort. Leave it to her to give him a snarky comment. He playfully nudged her shoulder as they walked down the pathway, which sent her partially into the path of their close friend, Rocky. Rocky laughed and stepped quickly out of the way.

"Hey, guys, don't make me fall down, now. I have enough scars from falling as a kid. I don't need any more!"

When the weather was good, Adam liked taking the pathway through the park home. It was especially nice when his friends accompanied him, making the long walk much more bearable. Winter had officially kicked into gear, although the temperature seemed to suggest otherwise. The park lacked its usual luster from the lush greens and colorful flowers, but it remained beautiful nonetheless. Not a single cloud hung in the sky above.

All in all, it was a gorgeous day.

Adam stuffed his hands into the pockets of his jeans, staring in front of him at the pathway. There weren't as many people in the park today as he'd have expected—maybe they were waiting until later? He knew a lot of his fellow students had activities after school. That was probably part of it.

"How do you think you did on that chemistry test, Rocky?" Aisha asked. She gave him a side-grin.

"Better, after that incident with Mr. Wilton," Rocky said, laughing.

Adam laughed too. Watching his friend switch places with Mr. Wilton the science teacher and try to teach their chemistry class had been a complete disaster. But because of it, and because of what had happened with Mr. Wilton, Rocky was sure to have done a great job. After all, you had to pay attention to a man who had once been turned into a monster. It somehow made him more interesting, in a weird way.

Adam's eyes lingered on Rocky as they walked, but he soon tore them away and focused on the ground beneath him. His feelings toward the other ranger had been bubbling up worse than usual lately, making him somewhat quieter and more reserved than usual. He chalked it up to the approaching Christmas season and its inevitable reminder of family unity and love. After the incident with Miss Chief and her love potions, Adam had been on high alert to keep himself under wraps. Rocky had no idea how he felt, and he intended on keeping it that way.

But it was getting harder and harder each week. Adam could only fight for so long before he turned sour. It had happened once before…he really hoped it wouldn't happen again.

As the trio rounded a corner of shrubbery and entered a section of the pathway covered in a branch canopy, their walk was cut short. From out of thin air materialized a hideous looking monster clad in a morbidly tainted baseball uniform. He also wore a backwards baseball cap and cleats, which covered his oversize feet. In his beefy, misshapen arms he held a bat. His mouth was curled in an unnatural, smarmy grin.

"Rangers! Such a pleasure to run into you here at the park! Care for a game of ball?"

Before any of them could respond, the monster conjured up a baseball and smacked it with powerful force at the three of them. Adam, Rocky and Aisha dove out of the way just in time to avoid being hit by its explosion.

"Crap, can't we just have one decent day without some monster trying to ruin it!" Adam cried out.

"Never a boring day in this neighborhood!" Aisha threw down her book bag and quickly put herself into a fighting stance. Once Rocky and Adam had done the same, she said, "Ninja power or morph?"

"Morph!" the two boys agreed.

"All right, it's morphin' time!"

The trio brandished their morphers and called out their battle cries. In a flash of light they suited up, ready to fight.

Rocky turned on his communicator and brought it close to his helmet. "Alpha, we're under attack at the park! We need help, send the others!"

"Right away, Rocky!" Alpha's digitized voice replied.

The monster laughed egregiously. He pulled another baseball out of nowhere, aiming it right at the trio. It landed before they could escape, sending a rippling explosion through the ground that cracked the cement and sent them flying. All three cried out—Adam hitting a nearby tree; Aisha falling into the grass; and Rocky, collapsing into a flower bed.

Adam struggled to get up. He had hit the tree with enough force to knock the wind out of him. When he finally managed to rise to his feet, he saw glorious relief in blue, pink and white.

"Guys! Heard you could use some help!"

"Tommy!" Rocky called.

"Ew, who's that ugly thing?" Kimberly asked, pointing at the monster.

"Name's Switch-Hit, pretty thing. Didn't anyone ever tell you it's rude to call people names?" The monster prepared to bat another ball, but Aisha tackled him to the ground. He kicked her off of him and stumbled to his feet, yelling, "Six against one ain't fair! I'm evening the field!"

Without a cue, several Tenga materialized around him. The overgrown birds reeked of rotten fish, and their shrill caws filled the air, drowning out the sound of a plane flying overhead.

Chaos ensued. Each ranger engaged in combat with a Tenga, none of them able to reach Switch-Hit. He weaved in and out of the battle, landing low-blows and cheap shots to weaken the rangers. Though most of the Tenga were taken down, the Power Rangers nearly fell first. They regrouped a safe distance away, trying to figure out the next move.

"What do we do?" Kimberly cried. "We can't get anywhere close to him!"

"He's using the Tenga as a shield," Billy said. "We can fight them all we want, but he knows we have to focus on them and he's using it against us!"

The Tenga's cries made it hard to focus on their plan. Adam could tell Tommy was speaking, but could barely hear him.

"We need to distract him long enough to get an attack on him from behind!"

"Let me attack him!" Adam said. "My color is very close to the Tengas, he won't notice me. I'll blend in."

"All right, great, so Adam is going to attack. Kimberly, Aisha, do you two think you can distract him long enough? Billy, Rocky, you two and I will fight the Tengas."

"Got it!" the other rangers' voices rang in unison.

"Okay, break!"

Tommy, Billy and Rocky went for the remaining Tengas as planned. Kimberly and Aisha stepped in front of Switch-Hit, egging him on with a few choice words. While he attacked them, Adam disappeared behind a nearby tree. He could only hope that Switch-Hit hadn't seen, otherwise their whole plan was ruined.

He lay in wait for a few moments, stealing glances from behind the thick tree to see the exact moment when the monster would turn his back to him. He waited for what felt like ever until he saw his two friends draw Switch-Hit's attention far enough around that he finally revealed his back—his weak point. Adam pulled out his blaster, cocked it, and jumped out from behind the tree. He tried not to flinch when he saw Kimberly and Aisha take a nasty blow from one of the explosive baseballs.

Just as he set his forefinger on the trigger to blast Switch-Hit away, the monster turned around, brandishing his bat.

"Sneaking up behind isn't fair game, ranger! Foul ball! I'm gonna knock you into another dimension!"

Adam didn't have enough time to register what was happening until he felt a massive blow to his abdomen. He watched in horror through the tinted lens of his visor as the scene of the battle began to grow more and more distant. For a split second he felt his vision black out, but it quickly refocused and he saw the very park in which he had just been. He landed on the ground with a heavy thud, once again knocking the wind out of him.

He groaned, but knew there was no time to waste. Adam climbed to his feet and took a battle stance, only to realize that there was not a single bad guy anywhere around him. Nor, for that matter, was there a single ally. He stood alone in a large patch of open grass near the walkway upon which he'd just been battling.

This was weird…

Below his feet was a large blanket that he had dirtied with his boots. A basket lay open atop it, though no food he could see from inside it had been to be taken out.

He'd stumbled upon someone's picnic. How had they not seen this when they started fighting?

Adam furrowed his brow and looked around him. Where were the other rangers? Switch-Hit? The Tenga?

"Keep your hands to yourself, Skull! This is my doughnut!"

The grumbling voice of Bulk filled Adam's ears. He quickly searched for its origins, and saw Bulk and Skull through the branches of a nearby topiary wall. Slightly panicked, Adam turned, wincing through his abdominal pain, and ran behind yet another tree. He demorphed and hastily pocketed his morpher, stepping out from behind the tree just in time to catch the two thugs walking by. He watched curiously, not noticing anything different. Yet, within, he felt something strange, as if it weren't quite right.

"Adam? Hey, Adam, where are you?"

The sound of Rocky's voice caught Adam's attention. Relief washed over him, and he looked around him, trying to find his best friend. He saw Rocky, fully demorphed, coming out of the brick building that housed the rest rooms. That was unexpected.

"Rock? Rocky, hey!"

Adam hurried over to the other, his bafflement written across his face. "Rocky, where'd Switch-Hit go? Where are the others? Is everyone okay?"

Rocky blinked, raising an eyebrow in obvious confusion. "Switch-Hit? The others? What are you talking about, man?"

"You know, the others! We were fighting that monster and I got hit, then the next thing I know, they're all gone!"

"What the hell are you talking about, Adam?" Rocky folded his arms over his chest. "Did you hit your head or something while you were out here alone? Are you okay?"

"Rocky, seriously, quit fooling around…"

Adam ran a hand through his short, curly hair. His heart was beating fast. This didn't feel right. What was going on?

"Where's Aisha? Tommy? Any of them!"

Rocky snorted.

"Adam, babe, why in the world would any of them be here on our date?"

. . . . .


Rocky's voice rang through the air as the black ranger flew into a swirling vortex. It was short-lived—not but a moment later he came tumbling right back out. Now, however, he was demorphed. Rocky instantly worried that Switch-Hit had the ability to knock the power right out of them.

"Watch out for his bat!" he shouted.

He landed a firm kick right in the chest of a Tenga, sending it flying into Switch-Hit. Though the monster stumbled back, he did not fall. Rocky noticed nearby that Adam did not grab his morpher and attempt to rejoin the battle. He simply stared, clearly dumbfounded by all that was going on.

Switch-Hit and the Tenga regrouped quickly, and without so much as a single word, teleported up and out of the canopied pathway.

"What in the world just happened?" Kimberly said pointedly. She stood up and shook her head. "Where'd they go?"

"Disappeared," Tommy said. "Weird."

"Adam, you all right?" Aisha called to her friend, stepping over toward him.

"Oh my God!" Adam shouted. "Th-The Y-Yellow Ranger! Wow!"

"Yellow Ranger?"

Rocky stepped forward, as well, only to stop when he saw Adam tense up. He was acting awfully strange. Was he okay?

"Are you okay?" Aisha repeated.

Adam chanted Oh my God several times, backing up and covering his mouth. He let out a nervous laugh that sent an uneasy wave through Rocky's body. What was going on with him?

Before he got an answer, his Asian friend's eyes rolled into the back of his head, and he promptly collapsed on the grass, passing out.

"We need to get him to the Command Center," Billy ordered. "He's obviously not well. Rocky, Aisha, can you two carry him and teleport him with you?"

"Billy's right," Tommy said. "We can have Alpha and Billy figure out what happened there."

"Zordon, we're coming back to the Command Center," Tommy said into his communicator. "Something's wrong with Adam."

"Understood, Tommy," came Zordon's booming reply. "Please hurry."

Rocky reached down and gripped one of Adam's arms, lifting him up with the help of Aisha. Together, the two of them teleported him back to the Command Center, carefully easing him onto the chaise that Alpha had brought into the center chamber. Adam looked pale as a sheet—almost as if he'd seen a ghost. When Rocky pulled off his helmet, he couldn't help but notice just how much worse the pallor was without the tint of his visor.

"What happened, Zordon?" Aisha asked worriedly.

"Aiyiyiyiyi!" Alpha worked swiftly to check over Adam, assessing his current state.

"The monster you battled is known as Switch-Hit," Zordon explained. His expression hardened slightly. "He is a dangerous creation of Rita and Lord Zedd designed to send you all into an alternate reality."

"Wait, how does he do that?" Rocky asked. He looked briefly to Adam. "Is that what he did to Adam?"

"I am afraid so," Zordon said. "His bat is capable of creating tears in the space-time continuum which in turn opens portals to parallel universes."

"You mean those actually exist?" Kimberly scoffed in disbelief. "And here I thought they were just sci-fi."

"They are not only real, Kimberly, they can be devastating. Creating tears in the continuum can throw entire worlds off balance, causing instability, and eventually, destruction."

Aisha rubbed her neck and worried her lip. "But if Adam was thrown into a parallel universe, Zordon, how is he here with us?"

"This isn't our Adam," Billy replied quickly. He frowned.

Zordon said, "Billy is correct. This Adam was inadvertently brought into our universe through the very portal Switch-Hit opened."

"Is that even possible?" Tommy inquired.

"Yes, but the chances are very minimal. This Adam must have been in the exact location where our Adam was thrown into the rift, causing him to be sucked through."

"So if he's from an alternate reality, or parallel universe, or whatever…" Kimberly sighed. "How do we know we can trust him?"

Rocky said without hesitation, "We can always trust Adam!"

"But what if we can't?" Kimberly said again. Her words, though true, caused Rocky's skin to flush. He didn't like the accusation that this Adam could be dangerous to them. How could he? It was Adam!

"We must take caution," Zordon stated. "This Adam must be watched over. He will remain here with Alpha and me while you all go after Switch-Hit. He must not be allowed to create another portal. With each one he opens, the stability of our universe disintegrates."

"Great, so no pressure," Aisha muttered under her breath.

Rocky knew they would be in rough waters without Adam to help them. They had been through tough situations before and had somehow managed to get out all right, but something about this didn't sit right with him. Then a thought dawned on him—one upon which they had yet to shed light.

"Wait, Zordon, is he a Power Ranger?"

"I am afraid not," Zordon said. "Each of you possesses a unique aura that reveals your identity as the chosen fighters of good. This Adam does not have such an aura."

"So he's in danger being in our world," Tommy said. "Right?"


"You know, we should have guessed," Aisha said. "He called me 'Yellow Ranger' and then fainted. That should have been our first clue."

"Yeah, well, when your best friend flies through a vortex and pops back out again, you can't expect everything to be dandelions," Rocky replied.

"We'll watch him, rangers, don't worry," Alpha said. "We'll also try and find Adam in whatever universe he might be in."

"How many are there?" Tommy asked.

Zordon said, "An infinite amount. Each choice someone makes can lead to the creation of a separate reality."

"Great," Rocky grumbled. "This is gonna be just great."